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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 5 Episode 6

Prank Call of Cthulu

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Prank Call of Cthulu
Billy and Irwin got jobs to make prank calls.

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  • Hee...

    This episode was great. I loved Billy's prank calls. "Well, howdy there Mr. Grim! I am a member of the national stupid-head ugly-butt comete. And, we just nomenated you for president!" Well, all were good. I especaly love the song.

    "It looks like it's endsville of Endsville,The Endsville we all know is a fluke.We have tentacles, sharp teeth and, big, big gills,but, the sushi in this town taste like puke.

    It looks live the endsville of Endville,the Endsville folks have really lost the fight.

    We have something to the world, a big, big, goop,

    so flush it down and, don't forget to wipe! The endmoreless
  • Waste of an episode.

    I don't know about everyone else, but to me, this is one of the worst episodes of Billy and Mandy ever made, this episode is only about caller ID and trying to prank call people. Not to mention, this episode gets off topic alot and whenever it does, its for some reason that doesn't even make since. Its also been like this for most of the new season episodes. Also, most of their episode titles have names that don't have anything to do with the episode's plot, just like Billy Ocean, it has nothing to do with the ocean at all despite that one musical that was underwater. A better plotted episode that would stay on topic would have been nicer than this, and I'm also speaking for most of the other new episodes too. So to conclude, this ep SUCKS!moreless
  • LOL!

    Man, this episode was pretty funny! My favorite part was when Billy's dad called him when he was sucked into the Haunted Phone, then:

    Billy: Hi papa! *changes voice* I mean hi!

    Billy's Dad: Billy, is that you?

    Billy: No, this is Kelly Clarkson!

    Then the other part I liked was when Mandy used the Haunted Phone, and the ugly dude picked it up and talked with subtitles, then:

    Grim: He said if you're talking about the new interns, try the cafeteria

    Mandy: You understood what he said?

    Grim: No, but I'm pretty good at reading subtitles backwards.moreless
  • Prank Calls Backfire

    Caller IDs are the thing of the past. They prevent prank callers. Billy and Irwin wanted to prank people really badly, so they found a mystical telephone. But it only sucked them into another dimension. Grim and Mandy had to save him as usual. Anyone who picks up the phone and gets pranked become mutants with tentacles. The ending was great. Grim smashed the phone, trapping Billy, Mandy, and Irwin in Cthulu's world. I think it was a great idea that Grim should leave those brats in another universe. Who knows what will happen to them next?moreless
Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

Hoss Delgado / Caddy #2 / Narrator

Guest Star

Greg Eagles

Greg Eagles


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Voice on Phone

Recurring Role

Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Right after the song of the mutated Endsvile citizens, we can see that Mandy has three toes on her left foot and four on her right foot.

    • Mandy's line after the opening titles is played backwards. She's said, "Cartoons will rot your mind."

    • When Grim and Mandy enter the world of Cthulu, they found Billy. But, after the commercial break, they're walking around looking for him.

      Correction: That's because, as Mandy mentions, Billy ran off after Grim freaked out.

    • Cthulhu is green in all of the pictures of what he might look like in all of the H.P. Lovecraft books, but he's purple and has a chubby humanoid body in this episode.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (Billy Calls dad)
      Billy's dad: Hello?
      : Hi, papa! Do'h! Wait I mean, (lower voice) Hello?
      Billy's dad: Is that you Billy?
      : Who's Billy? This is Kelly Clarkson.
      Billy's dad: No way! What can I do for ya Kelly?
      : Do you have your television on?
      Billy's dad: Yes! Yes I do have my television on!
      : So how does it fit? (Back to normal voice, starts laughing)
      Billy's dad: (Zooms out to show he actually have a television on) Actually, it's a little snug. I'm starting to chaffe.

    • James Silverman: (Beep-boxing)
      Mandy: Hi. Is this Cthulu?
      James Silverman: (Beep-boxing) No. This is James Silverman!
      Mandy: Uh, how about two kids that came through reasently?
      James Silverman
      : (Beep-boxing) You mean the new interns? They were last seen at the lunch hall. (Spits in Grims's face).
      : Say it. Don't spray it!

    • Billy's dad: (Phone rings) Hello?
      Billy: Hello, Mr. Dad. This is your doctor. I'm calling to tell you that your brain is broken and, needs to be removed.
      Billy's dad: Billy, I know it's you!
      Billy: Billy? Who's Billy?
      Billy's dad: It says so on the caller I.D.

    • (Grim is at Billy's house ordering pizza)
      Pizza Guy: Highland Pizza.
      Grim: Hello, I'd like to order a large pizza with everything on it.
      Pizza Guy: Uh huh.
      Grim: And with that crust that's got cheese on it.
      Pizza Guy: Yeah.
      Grim: And can I get pineapples on it?
      Pizza Guy: Uh-huh.
      Grim: Is that an extra charge?
      (pizza guy laughs diabolically)
      Grim: Uh huh, okay, then, forget it. Also can you include a diet soda?
      Pizza Guy: Oh, that's extra. (shrieking noises)
      Grim: Hello, HELLO?
      (Grim is then pulled through the phone by tentacles of Cthulu, Grim yells)

    • Billy's Dad: Come on, baby, give me a big wet one on me.
      (Mandy sprays him with hose)
      Billy's Dad: Now thats what I'm talking about.

    • Mutated Endsville People: It looks like it's Endsville for Endsville,
      The Endsville we all love was just a fluke
      We have tentacles, sharp teeth,
      And great big gills,
      But the sushi in this town all tastes like puke.
      It looks like it's Endsville for Endsville
      The Endsville folk have really lost the fight
      We have sunk into some
      Weird amebic ooze
      So, flush it down and don't forget to wipe.

    • Billy: Curse you, caller ID. Curse you to heck!

    • Billy: (yelling) I hate caller ID so much! It's ruining my life, Grim! My life! My life!!!! (Grim hangs up while Billy continues to scream, and then he strangely teleports himself into the bathtub) Grim, you gotta tell me how I can beat caller ID!
      Grim: I'm sorry, Billy. But every now and then, most phones are equipped with one. Now go away, I have more important matters to attend to. (unplugs the tub and sends Billy down the drain)

    • Grim: Save the human race? Bah! What do I care about the human race? I just want to watch soap operas.

    • Grim: It's no use, Mandy. We've searched for hours and havn't found any signs of Billy and Irwin. I say we just forget about it and go back back home. Come on, I'll drive.
      Mandy: First of all, we got sucked through the phone. And secondly, we've only been here for five minutes.
      Grim: But let's face reality, Mandy. We'll never find him. We can look, and look, and look, and look, and look! But it's pointless, all right? Billy is nowhere to be found, so we might as well head on home, and call it a day. (to Billy) Oh, hey, Billy. (to Mandy again) 'Cause you're making me miss my favorite shows! (witnessing Billy's transformation on the nose) AAAAAIIIEEE!!!
      Billy: Yeah, I love that show!
      Narrator: To be Continued…
      Billy: What happened to my nose?!

    • Grim: Oh, no! They didn't! (looks at the phone of Cthulu on the ground) They did! N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!! (sobbing loudly)
      Mandy: All right. What's all the screaming about?
      Grim: Mandy, you'll never believe what happened! Billy and...and...his ugly friend, they made a phone call during the week. And I only have a limited amount of weekday minutes. That's so evil, mon! And I know evil. I'm the Grim Reaper!!
      Mandy: Get ahold of yourself. They were probably playing around with your phone making phony phone calls. Where are they, anyway?
      Grim: Oh, I don't know. They probably got sucked through the phone into another dimension beyond time and space. Yada, yada, yada. And we're all doomed if he awakens the Great Cthulu, 'cause he'll probably come up and destroy the universe. Let's go watch television.
      Mandy: (picks up Billy's shoes) Why didn't their shoes go, too?
      Grim: Shoes can't fit through the phone, silly. They're way too big.
      Mandy: (smacks Grim with Billy's shoes) We better go in after them.
      Grim: Do we have to? I mean the world is already doomed. Why can't we watch TV instead?
      Mandy: Because "The Grim Adventures of Mandy" doesn't sound as good as "Billy and Mandy".
      Grim: Oh, I guess you're right.

    • Billy's Dad: (face punched through the back) Hey! Why didn't anyone tell me my butt was so big?

    • Irwin: (to Mandy after Billy gets captured by the real Cthulu) Now, that I'm the last boy in this crazy place, and you are the last girl, you have no choice but to go out with me! (Mandy throws her cell phone in Irwin's face)

    • Grim: Billy, what are you doing? Stay away from that phone!
      Billy: But, Grim, I just wanted to see if that phone has caller I.D.
      Grim:Billy, that is the most dangerous phone in the universe!
      Billy: But, Grim, phones are our friends. They take us to magical places. Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, Greenland, Iceland...
      Billy's Dad: (reading the phone bill) Alaska, Guatemala, Jamaica, Korea?! Hey, who's been calling all these places?!
      Grim: This is the phone of Cthulu, an ancient and terrible being that can drive men mad by just speaking to them. If anyone ever made a call on that phone, it would awaken the ancient slumbering creature known as Cthulu. And if he is awakened, he will rise from the murky depths, and destroy this world!
      (Grim's eyes start flaming)
      Billy: Uh, Grim, you're eyes are still on fire.
      Grim: Aah! Aah! Help me, Billy! Help me! Quick, give me something to put my eyes out with! (Billy gives Grim coffee and he pours it on his face) AAAH!!! Give me something else, quick!!! (Billy gives Grim the bottle of hot sauce and he pours it on his face) AAAAH!!!!
      Billy: (hands Grim a drum of acid) Here, Grim! Try this.
      Grim: (puts a drum of acid on his head) It burns!! It burns!!!
      Billy: Here, Grim! Douse it with this.
      Grim: (takes a tank of rocket fuel, pours it on his head, fire grew bigger, he screams in pain) AAAAHH! AAAAAHH!! AAAAAHH!!! (he rushes to the restroom, tosses Billy's Dad outside, and puts his head in the toilet water) Ahhh! Much better.
      Billy's Dad: Hey, I wasn't done in there!

    • Billy: (looking in Grim's trunk) Let's see...a jar of pickled pixies, a shrunken head, invisible underwear, a dragon snout, and scroll of magic missile. Aagh! There's nothing here that'll help me defeat caller I.D.! (something glows behind Billy) I said nothing! (glowing again) I said, nothing will... (looking at the magical skull phone)

    • Billy: Go get the door, Irwin.
      Irwin: Okay, but I still want to breathe real heavy into Mandy's phone.

    • Mandy: Your nose looks like some sort of cuttlefish.
      Billy: Chicks dig cuttlefish.
      Mandy: And your mouth looks like a big, disgusting sucker.
      Billy: Chicks dig-
      Grim: Don't go there!

  • NOTES (16)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • When the people of Endsville were singing the song. One of the monsters looked like Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy in a monster verson

    • Episode Title: Prank Call of Cthulu

      It is a parody on the Metallica insturmental The Call Of Cthulu. The song having no words is mirrored in Cthulu communicating only with various squeaks and sounds.

    • Character Name: Cthulu

      It is also the name of Invader Zim's Infinite Energy Absorbing Blob that killed two of the Tallests in the unmade script "The Trial" of Invader ZIM, and the title of the book Dib is reading in the also unmade script "Day of Da Spookies" is "Cthulu Badness".

    • Grim: (on the phone) Oh, and can I have the pizza with the crust full of cheese?

      This could be a reference to Pizza Hut's cheesy crust pizza.

    • Billy: "...and a scroll of Magic missile."
      Magic missile is a spell found in the popular gaming franchise Dungeons and Dragons.

    • Character Name: James Silverman

      It is the name of the production coordinator for the show.

    • Billy's Dad: Is this Billy?
      Billy: Who's Billy? It's Kelly Clarkson.

      This a parody of the famous phony phone call made on the Howard Stern Radio Show which was made by High Pitch Eric to Eric the Midget. Where Eric the Midget recognizes High Pitch Eric voice and says "This is High Pitch" Where High Pitch responds with "Who's High Pitch? It's Kelly Clarkson".

    • It was parody of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Cthulu's gaze could turn you into stone, and Mandy used a small mirror so she would not look directly at him, just like the 'Harry Potter' character Hermione Granger did with the basilisk.

    • The episode is a parody of the classic horror story "The Call of Cthulhu" by H.P. Lovecraft.

    • Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer. More Info

    • The Prank Call of Cthulu: The title is a spoof of the H.P. Lovecraft tale "The Call of Cthulhu". The story's title was spoofed before as there is an episode of The Real Ghostbusters entitled The Collect Call of Cathulhu. More info