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  • Cool show.

    Original and creative
  • I like it because its very original

    I just wish Grim could be a little more strict and more scary, he is death, needs to be better.
  • I love this show to death!

    Funny characters, cute animation and perfect show. My favorite characters are: Billy, Mandy, Grim, Irwin, Fred Fred Burger and Billy's Dad. The one thing funny about this show is they always break the fourth wall. Richard Horvitz was the voice of both: Billy and Billy's Dad, he also voiced Zim from "Invader Zim". It's pretty obvious that the critics and the fans (including myself) compared Mandy with Gaz, since neither of them ever smile and they always show a dark side. Well it is kinda scary that Mandy only smiled in a few episodes, lol. I still love the show, and wish it was never canceled.
  • Cartoon Network's answer to Invader Zim, and a really good answer.

    God, I miss this show, at least it's still on Cartoon Planet. The show's premise is basically a girl named Mandy who never smiles and a boy named Billy with a huge pink nose who acts dumb in a funny way, who are friends with the grim reaper. The shows humor is basicslly dark evilish humor combined with toilet humor and sometimes even adult jokes. I agree with fosterfan123, this show is one of the few shows that do toilet humor and it's actually funny. Everything about this show was great!! The voice acting, art, humor, graphics and just, everything about this show was great and it never failed to make me laugh. This was absolutley one of the most greatest and funniest shows Cartoon Netwirk ever made. It would've been good to see this to go on for a couple more years because I think great cartoons should last longer, unlike Johnny Test which has been around for nine years and still hasn't been canceled. Oh well, at least I can still watch reruns on Cartoon Planet.
  • This show was GREAT!!!

    This show relies on butt and fart jokes, it can get reeealy mean spirited, most of it's humour is sick and twisted and the show even has a lot of adult jokes. But for some strange reason, I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE THE CHARACTERS, I LOVE THE ANIMATION, I LOVE THE ADULT JOKES AND REFERENCES AND I CAN'T BELEIVE I'M SAYING THIS, BUT I LOVE THE TOILET HUMOUR AS WELL! This show, along with ren and stimpy (and maybe flapjack) , are the only shows that does toilet humour and actually does it right. But the show does have some teeny tiny flaws.

    1. The show can go overboard (only rarely) with the mean spirited jokes.

    2. The character fred fredburger I think is a huge rip off of cheese from foster's.

    But other than that, I find nothing wrong with this show. The show, in my opinion, is not as good as foster's and dexter's lab, but it was a LOT better than all the other crap CN was showing at the same time like my gym partner's a monkey, squirrel boy, krypto the superdog, chop socky chooks and out of jimmy's head. And I know I'm gonna get some hate for this, but I think this show is better than ren and stimpy as well. I recommend this show to everyone. It's one of CN's best!

    Oh, and I think that giving the grim reaper a jamaican accent was pure GENIUS!

    Gosh, I fucking miss CN's CLASSIC shows. Now, we're stuck with shitty shows. CN should consider showing reruns!!!
  • This was awesome.

    I loved this show. I loved how sick, twisted and nasty it could get. It was awesome.
  • My favourite cartoon

    This cartoon is my favourite cartoon out of the new and old cartoons. I miss watching this show and it is one of the many cartoons I have grew up watching. There has not been an episode of this show I have hated. And I hope a new series of this show will be made.
  • Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows

    This show is in my top 10 cartoonetwork shows because The Hilarious Humility of the grim reeper having to live with a stupid kid name billy and go adventures with him and his none sense of humor evil friend mandy I really like this show because like i said it makes you feel warm and cozy on winter days and nights with it's Holiday Speacial Billy and Mandy did seem different from what I remember like 3 years ago from now when I watch the show Im kind of less interested in because I remembered it being different Thank You Maxwell Atoms
  • A truely entertaining show worth watching each afternoon.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy may not be as good as the original Cartoon Cartoons that thrived in Cartoon Network during its "Golden Age" but man this show was spectacular for the network. I have watched Billy and Mandy ever since it first premiered on Grim&Evil alongside Evil Con Carne and I never was displeased with the episodes that ran. Okay so Billy was incredibly stupid and his toilet humor got old after a while, but hey, you have to admit it was pretty entertaining right? Along with that Mandy's evil nature really glued us to the screen, and I must admit I actually found it funny at times. That's how great this show was, it found new ways to make you laugh and get entertained, and even when you got bored with the characters after the first few seasons, more were added to the series like FredFred Burger and General Skarr (You know, the general from Evil Con Carne who's obsessed with his garden in the series.) I hear some people say that this show got incredibly stupid in the newer seasons, but hey, it's better than Cartoon Network today am I right? And for that reason maybe that's because even the haters of this show even miss it nowadays.
  • Great show, but went downhill in it's last season.

    Just like PPG, it went downhill.

    Plot: Billy and Mandy, two kids who are best friends. Billy is a kid with mental issues, while Mandy is an diabolical, sinister, dark girl. They live in the city called "Endsville" a city full of super naturals, and celestial beings. One night, was supposed to be a simple night for them, until Grim Reaper, came into Billy's (along with Mandy) house for a stop. Now, Grim, thinks that those kids can be scared of him, but he's wrong. He can't take those kids around, because of Billy's stupidity that it can foil Grim's schemes, and Mandy, is too smart for Grim. Now, they took him as their best friend and sometimes, a butler.

    Characters: They are nice, quirky, and crazy in a good way. They really move in places that you don't know, they are unpredictable. Until the last season of course, they went too simple. And simplified their agendas. Voice acting is nice, and the dialogues are also nice.

    Humor: Dark, creepy humor is always used in older seasons, and they can use it well and gives out good laughs! In the last season, overused gross jokes, they went with fart jokes, and yo-momma jokes. And some jokes, plots are reused from the old episodes.

    Art: In the 1st season, the quality of art and animation is good, they made it better afterwards. Their improvement really gone well, it hit the nail on the head. No mistakes in the last season was made in art.

    Overall: 8.5. This show would get a 10 or 9.5 if it wasn't ruined and sunk in the last season.
  • What's so good about this show?!

    It's amazing why everyone likes this show, because it's nothing but fart jokes, potty jokes, and retarted jokes rolled into one. Two kids, one smart, the other a complete retard owning the grim reaper. Is that even possible!? I mean if I was Grim I would chop the head off of those kids. It's amazing not even Grey Delisle playing Mandy could make this show good. This show is a completely offensive to classic movie monster fans, they made Dracula look like a crack head! And they made a lame excuse of the wolf man. There are most show's that make me sick, The Grim Adventures of Stupid and Mandy or one of those shows. CN should just give up.

    me and my granda LOVE this show best CN show ever better than any other CN show out there <3 i cant belive they ended it IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE BOMB
  • da show rules

    This show is so amazing its so funny the real character i like the most is billy when you see him it well make ya laugh.The characters are billy,mandy,grim,snird and many more.This show was first shown at 2001 the first episode is Meet the grim reaper.da damn freakin show rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Billy and Mandy is a great show. People underistimate this show and I'm hating it. I think Billy and Mandy will run for years to come. If you don't mind , try to appreciate this show.

    Like I said in my summary , Billy and Mandy is a great show. Who cares if Billy is stupid! That is what makes this show funny. After all tv rates it under comedy. I hate it when people underestimate this show.

    Like I said above , I hate it when people underestimate this show. So what if the show shows gross things like Billy's ass? It makes it funny . Face it.

    Billy and Mandy have been very funny lately. I'll be surprised that anyone around here notices this. It the ep "DUCK" , a duck follows everyone "Making them fart!", excellent example of being funny.

    I think I have said enough.
    - Brad Merryman-
  • An excellent cartoon with a somewhat darker tone.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is one of those shows with a darker tone, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It centers around a boy named Billy, who is an absolute idiot, similar to Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents in the sense that his idiocy can be funny, yet also gross (this show, like Codename: Kids Next Door, uses too many boogers) and his friend Mandy, a sour cynical girl who never smiles. They win a bet with the Grim Reaper, and thus, the Grim Reaper is forced to be their best friend for eternity. The plot is pretty original, and is carried out good throughout. The first several seasons were excellent, though it started to go downhill from there. The humor was also pretty good, though in the newer episodes, it started to rely on toilet humor. Toilet humor is not necessarily bad, but when overused, it just gets gross and annoying. Billy, Mandy, Grim, and the other characters are all good as well, and ultimately deliver their job.

    Ultimately, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy delivers as a good show, with an original plot, somewhat decent humor, and excellent characters.
  • Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

    This is probably one of the most hilarious and clever cartoons to ever hit the airwaves of Cartoon Network. It's sad that there aren't any more new Grim Adventures of billy and mandy episodes. I love these guys! Sometimes I just check out their episodes here.
  • Great show,but has a few flaws


    The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy was one of the best shows Cartoon Network has made. The show is about two kids named Billy and Mandy,who make a bet with the Grim Reaper to save Billy's hamster,but he loses causing him to get controlled by the two of them. Now,I loved this show. The monsters from the underworld were awesome,and were hilrailous like the black Dracula or Fred fred Burger. The other characters were hilrailous. Billy was just a dumb kid,but just like Cosmo,he was stupid in a funny way,but he disgusted me at times. Mandy was just gothic,and never is happy,which I like about her. She is like the other version of Gaz from Invader Zim. Grim was dark,but funny,and makes funny wisecracks. This was a great show,but the problem is how the humor flows. I mean,the show is funny. But 1.It relies on toilet humor in the newer episodes,and like I said,I'm not a fan of fart jokes or crude humor. And 2.The show also relies on gangsta stuff and yo mama jokes,which is just stupid and pointless. Also,some of the plots in the newer episodes were just boring,like Grim telling tall tales how he saw it. Boring! So yeah,the newer episodes suck,but it still doesn't make this a bad show. Overall,this is a great show. Besides the cruddy toilet humor,and those immature gangsta jokes,it's a great show. Please,watch the OLD episodes,not the new ones.

  • Cartoon Network Classic

    This show is about 2 kids, Billy and Mandy, who win a bet with the Grim Reaper, and he becomes their slave, and many adventures follow. I enjoyed this show from day 1, and loved it 'till the last episode. I can usually stomach gross gags, so that's how I was able to enjoy this more than others. There were some pretty original adventures, like they stop Jack the pumpkinhead from taking over the world, but most of the time, it was about the at home adventures. The only things I didn't really like were 1. no real continuity overall, and 2. Mandy was far too mean of a character to a good main character. Overall, a classic example of good cartoons, and one of the last great CN shows. 9/10 A-
  • Cartoon Network's Best Show!

    Its Invader Zim like done right. I say that because of some of the humor that is in this show. But its very original. The old episodes were good and the new ones were just Fantastic. You rarely see that. Plus there's an episode where they collaborated with KND. It was perfect. This show will forever be in my top 5 best show's list. Each character is unique. My favorite character is Billy. He's so funny every time he does something like stupid and Mandy knows when its him i just laugh so hard. The effects they use for this show to show like hardcore moments are great.
  • Grim, Billy and Mandy. A dark comedy with some gross humor too


    Grim Reaper is forced to be friends forever with the Cynical Mandy and idiot Billy. The show's comedy really leave me in stitches. I love this show more than Scooby Doo Where are You and the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. I love this show more than most Anime! One of my favorite Cartoon Cartoons. I wish the entire series was available on DVD. It deserves a DVD release like the Powerpuff Girls.

    This show contains parodies of Harry Potter, Pokemon and some pop culture references too.

    It also features General Skarr who happens to be a character from Evil Con Carne too.

    The zany adventures and fourth wall breaks make this show my absolute favorite cartoon show of all time! I don't care for much of the gross out humor but I love the Dark Comedy aspect of this show more than anything.

  • IT starts out beautifully, but toward the end, TGAoBaM became as lifeless as a graveyard.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is the first of its kind. By that I mean a show that was split from another show called Grim and Evil and I never heard of a show doing that before. I will go into detail about Evil Con Carne in a future review, but let's take a look at TGAoBaM. The show is about two kids named Billy, a complete brain dead moron, and Mandy, a dark sinister girl who is cool and calm and menacing. They one day meet the Grim Reaper and just as he's about to take away Billy's hamster they make a bet. If they win in a game against the Grim Reaper, they have him as their best friend forever, but if they lose, Grim takes the hamster. In the end, Grim loses and now has to put up with Billy and Mandy. Together, they have weird adventures involving the supernatural. The show has a great premise going into it, and it seems to do it no wrong, but it only went so far, and I will get to that later. The artwork in this show is really great. While I do find it weird that Mandy is the only one with no nose (they even make a joke about it in the show) and Billy and his dad have big noses (again another joke made in the show), for the most part I like how the characters and set designs on Earth and the Underworld are really creative. The animation is very smooth in this show and scene animations are never used twice. The humor in this show had excellent some pretty dark humor in it, but nothing that dark and the jokes and gags in this show were creative and hilarious. The stories were also very creative and did a great job doing satires on supernatural things such as magic and making fun of the Harry Potter series, I thought they were brilliant. The first few specials it did were also rather creative and were just as funny and some of the later seasons ones were great as well. However, like most good shows, it reached a point where it went way down hill. Around season 6 is where the show officially went down and would never recover. While the new episodes weren't God awful bad, the show's originality went down. A few of the plots were other plots from this show. For example Wishbones was just basically the episode Just a Dumb Wish from the first season. Now there were some funny episodes such as Dracula must die, but the new episodes were not as funny as before. The characters were also dumbned down. Billy was stupid, but funny, but now he is more annoying than funny. Grim is no longer that funny at all. Mandy is still evil and sinister, but not as funny and sinister as before. The humor also changed drastically. It stopped being dark and moved more into potty, farting, and other crude humor. Now I have no real issue with crude humor, but in the earlier seasons, there was crude an dark humor combined, and now there is too much crude humor in this show. Even the jokes and gags they do come off very weak. They even had to resort of all things to gangsta jokes like "Yo mama is so...." I really could have done without those. Also some of the specials such as Wrath of the Spider Queen were rather weak and not as creative and funny as before. Thankfully, before this show went further down, Maxwell Atoms must have realized that his show was going down and ended it before it got worse. In the end, TGAoBaM started out strong and was a great show while it lasted, but in it's last few years, it ended on a rather low note and was pretty disappointing. I give seasons 1-5 a 10 out of 10, and season 6 and 7, a 1.5 out of 10. Again, this show was fun while it lasted, but it been put to rest, and maybe that was for the best of this show.
  • a show about two children who are granted the grim reaper as they win in a jump rope contest! funny!!

    this show has brought it for years! the lovable jamaican reaper, the idiot boy, and the emo deppressed girl make a wonderful team! what can i say my favorite part of the series is- FRED FRED BURGER! i love that guy and so does my entire family, he was awesome in underfist. he so deserves his own spin-off!!!! my favorite episode is the keeper of the reaper , but i also like underfist and the big boogey adventure! erwin is also hilarious and entertaining- it was so sad when it ended. the crossover was just-o.k. a great show for everyone!
  • It didn't suck at the beginning, only midway into the 5th season when it was clearly obvious that they ran out of jokes.

    I'm sorry, Billy and Mandy fans-I loved this show. It had a death-centric plotline that none ventured into before, lampshading like a pinata, and awesome characters like Nergal and Mandy, and they should have kept rolling with the stuff from the first couple of seasons which made it unique. Midway into the 5th season and entering into the sixth, I'd noticed a change--Billy became MUCH stupider, Mandy was okay, but not as cruelly hilarious as she started out, and Grim--Grim is now just filler so it won't be "the Adventures of Billy and Mandy", instead of the scarily hilarious skeleton we all know and loved. I'd also noticed a rise in Yo Momma jokes, as well as gross humor. Sure, they built most of the show around it, but by the time Chamber Pot of Secrets came along, I couldn't take it-but I kept watching to see if the show would improve and go back to its original plotline-centered jokes-but it slowly grew worse, with Goodbling and the Hip-Hoppotamus episode finally nailing the coffin for me. The repetition of Yo Momma jokes, and the fact that it was clear to me that the writers couldn't come up with any other supernaturally-themed plot other than Goodvibes being transformed into a rapper-wannabe, finally made me just puke a little in my mouth, then turn the channel and watch Evil Con Carne on Youtube.

    All in all, it was fresh and original back in its heyday, but now it became a staggering skeleton of its former glory.
  • I'd Rather get ran over by a bus rather then watching this Sick-o Trash.

    My 89th review after: "The Naked Brothers band"

    This is worse then Codename KND! How can a Kid Like this Gross *beep*? It Literally smells WORSE then a Goat's rear. Maybe a Rhino's or even a Dinosaur's!!! This is about 2 Kids and a Grim Reaper, One is Smart (Mandy) and one is just a Stupid fool. (Billy) How is that Possible to be friends with the Grim Reaper?! If I was him, I would chop those Idiots into a Billion bits. I cannot stand this show. Is this the stuff we are suppose to let our Kids watch? being Nasty, Gross, and Scary?! No we should NOT! If you want to watch Good Vilonce, make them watch Spongebob or even the Fairly Oddparents! Do not let him watch, Danny Phanthom, Mr. Meaty, Naked Brothers band, My gym partner's a Monkey, Out of Jimmy's Head, Squrriel boy, Codename KND and Surly NOT this. No wonder why this show good ratings that's so good taht they are going to reach their score to go get up to a 9.0! Maybe even a 100% chance to get a 10.0!! This is one of the worse cartoons ever made on Cartoon Network. This and Evil Con Corne are on #7 on My top 10 worst cartoon network shows ever. I'm Sorry to be Grumpy but this show deserves an F. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: F 3.0/10.0 Stupid and Annoying and Ear-bleeding.

    Animation: D-- 4.0/10.0 Very poor, Lacked with Gross Bright Colors and it's very Blurry. It's like a Hacked Nelvana Cartoon of Max and Ruby.

    Graphics: E+ 3.5/10.0 Very bad. Sound: F-- 1.0/10.0 AAAAHHH! Help me Mommy and Daddy!!!! Help me!!!! I'm scared of this MUSIC!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.5/10.0 Totally Nothing good. It's all stupid and Non-sense of.

    Lasting Appeal: F- 2.0/10.0 Terrible. This cartoon sucks Dinosaur's *beep*!!!!

    Overall: F 3.3/10.0 What a Dumb Excuse for a Cartoon! it's even stupider then Sabrina the Animated Series! Cancel this show NOW!
  • This show needs a trainload of improvement.

    This show was brilliant from the start, but now its starting to lose alot of progress with each newcoming season. Billy and Mandy is a show about a idiot boy named Billy, and a rude, cynical girl named Mandy who have won a bet against the Grim Reaper for Billy's old sick hamster, Mr. Snuggles. Since Grim lost the bet, he now has to serve the two "little monsters" for all of eternity, and he hates them more than anything else and wants to kill them. If he hates them so much, then why doesn't he just kill them as he wishes? He's the Evil Grim Reaper for crying out loud!!! Thats one of the things I don't understand. Here's another thing, how come Billy lets Mandy treat him so nasty, and how come that brat Mandy always has to get her way all the time, she's never disciplined, and she treats other people like low level trash. She's greedy for control, power, and prestige. How come Irwin likes Mandy even though Mandy said that she doesn't love him and she mistreats him? Honestly, I hope Grim comes to his senses one day and disposes of her once and for all.Why is The Grim Reaper Jamaican? And how come Grim is afraid of dying or being injured, he's already dead! I have so many questions about this show, I can't list all of them, it'll take me milleniums to list them all. This show isn't the funny Billy and Mandy it once was before, its now imbecilic, uncivilized, disgusting, and the laughter of it is forced. Billy and Mandy is going to need a new direction if planning to stay on television.
  • I actually used to love ths show, but then I realized how dumb it is. I fail to understand what is so intimidating about a stupid little girl who has no nose and never smiles. OOOH, SO SCARY! Since when can two kids take the Grim Reaper hostage? Please.

    I would like to apologize for any errors I might make in my review of this God-awful pathetic excuse for a show.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy used to be part of another show, which later became known as Evil Con Carne. Unfortunately, that show was ended. That was just for those of you who did not know. I know that they are both nonsensical shows, but COME ON! Even Evil Con Carne makes more sense than The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It is the dumbest piece of TRASH I have ever seen in my life. What kind of idiot came up with that idea? I mentioned that it, along with Evil Con Carne , was part of one show. Referring back to that, I shall explain to you how the Grim Reaper was taken hostage, just in case whoever reads this does not know:

    Billy and Mandy are hanging out, and many viewers noticed the hamster, or gerbil (whatever it was) in the back was sick. Shortly afterwards, the Grim Reaper makes his entrance - pay attention now, here comes the good part - to reap the soul of the HAMSTER/GERBIL. I thought that the Grim Reaper only took the souls of humans to the afterlife. But anyway, the two imbeciles are unwilling to let their pet be taken away. They make a bet (to play a game) with the Grim Reaper, and the stipulations were that if Grim won, he would take the pet away, and if he lost, he would have to be their best friend forever. Anyway, he was cheated of his victory, and he had no choice but to be their best friend.

    ..... What kind of NONSENSE???!!! Why did he even make the bet in the first place? He is a supernatural force that has all the powers of the underworld and can take the soul of any living thing, and he stoops down to the level of two idiotic CHILDREN? It makes no sense, and is totally idiotic. And another thing, who does Mandy think she is? Does she think she is scary in any way? She is just a little girl, and everyone is intimidated of her. The show is a joke. If I could make any addition to that show, I would introduce a new character just for the series finale, and I would then kill her off. Just before she actually dies, a Parental Advisory Warning would appear, which would warn children of the graphic, bloody, and gory death that is yet to occur. Congratulaiton, Cartoon Network, for all your wonderful shows, and yet another accomplishment! The dumbest, most RIDICULOUS character ever created.

    All that aside, my seemingly endless review must continue. The show was pretty good and had its moments, but now it seems as if the writers are running out of ideas. I feel as if the show is going downhill.

    If you are educated in any way, DO NOT waste your time with this awful show.
  • This show follows the adventures of a boy and girl who have the Grim Reaper as their friend.

    Two words: ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! It's absolutely crud to me! Whenever I watch it, all I see is a poorly scripted plot-line, sarcastic, bitter characters that aren't even funny in the process, and possibly THE WORST illustrations and animation I have ever seen in a cartoon!

    I first saw this show back in the summer of 2000, then called Grim and Evil. I didn't care for it much back then, and I hate it even more now than I did back then!

    I've seen a few episodes, and they're all right, but they're just stupid. Nothing but potty jokes, cheap gags, slap-stick, bad animation, and poor script all over the place. Please, people get a life. This is just a prime example of the rotten garbage that they put on TV these days.

    This could have been a good show, but the writers approached it the wrong way. We could have nice, attractive animation instead of preschooler's scribbling (seriously, that's what a lot of it looks like). We could have had strong plot-lines and better, more rounded characters that don't have to be so bitter and sarcastic all the time. But instead...we have this filth.

    If you want to watch a show with intelligent humor that has correctly handled slapstick and potty jokes? Try King of the Hill or The Simpsons. Those shows do the latter correctly. This show is not a classic and will never be a classic. Looking back 50 years from now, our descendants will just brush this aside and have nostalgia for shows like The Simpsons.

    BAD SHOW! I hate it and hope it goes off the air as soon as possible.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is awesome!

    Anybody, and I mean anybody would watch The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! It's funny, funny, really funny, and funny. Maxwell Atoms should be proud of his excellent creation.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy'll sure be a show on for a long time, I hope. My favorite character so far is Fred Fredburger, a character even funnier than Billy! Long live Fred Fredburger & The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!... and nachos!

  • Best Show Ever

    weird. but it is, in a good kind of way. I watched it and it is really funny, both parts of the show are really funny. I kind of like it better than the Powerpuff Girls. I hope the show becomes more popular \'cause it is one of the best new cartoons. I have to admit that there is some gross stuff like the bear\'s butt. That is mostly why its so funny. Don\'t listen to some people who say it sucks because it dosn\'t. There is no cheesy animation it has a clever plot. Those few people just don\'t have a really good sense of humor. So if you\'ve never watched it before, WATCH IT!! If you like to laugh this cartoon show is for you.

    P.S. The spooky droning gibberish played in the end credits in a creepy voice is Maxwell Atoms talking backwards saying: "Now, now, this is the end of the show. You're watching it backwards!"
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