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  • This show is both idiotic and extremely smart. "How do they do THAT?" you might ask...

    This show is full of splastick, fart humor, and cynicism. It's also full of references to history, mythology, and obscure movies, books, and other shows. You really have to have been around to get all of the jokes in this show. It's enjoyable either way, but every episode has one or more subplots that poke fun at figures from history or mythology. Eris, who appears in several episodes, is a good example of this. As the Greek goddess of discord she pops up with her golden apple to wreak a little havoc now and then. With the Grim Reaper around, and a friend whose mummy is a mummy, Billy and Mandy are always running into folk from other realms. Add to this the writers' wonderfully bizarre sense of humor and you've got my favorite cartoon.
  • It is so idiotic.And thats why I love it.

    This show is so idiotic sand usually I do not like shows like that.But billy and mandy is such a funny show I dont really care.So this show is great.Its about these weird kids.Billy:a boy with a overlysized nose and one of the most dumbest charctars.Mandy:the evil girl who is always having a grouchy smile.grim:the grimreaper with the sythe who has to do what billy and mandy says for some what reason in any episode.The story mainly revolves around those characters.Something wacky usually happens in each episode.But sometimes a episode can be real boring.But sometimes it could be real funny.So see ya.
  • One of me favorite cartoon

    The grim adventure of billy and mandy is one of my favorite cartoon, I like its story a lot and it makes me really laugh. The story is really funny especially its characters. I like Billy a lot he make me laugh all the time, I also like his pet milkshake. I even named my pet Milkshake too. While Mandy, is really angry all the time. Grim is a n awesome character because he can do anything he want except being the best friend of billy and mandy. The villain is also funny, especially Aries. Because she got a missing front tooth, which makes me laugh all the time when I can see her.
  • grim reaper redecued to this...

    This show started out as Grim & Evil which combined The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy with Evil Con Carne. In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, we meet an idiot named Billy and the snotty bad mannered but smart girl named Mandy, who apparently won a bet with the Grim Reaper over a sick hamster, making him have to be their best friend forever! These adventures show how much they drive him crazy! Even though it was a bet to be his friend, mandy treats him as if she owns him, and apparently the grim reaper isnt as tough as he appears so he usually doesnt talk bak...
  • A reaper is tricked by 2 kids and becomes there best friend forever.

    The reaper's name is Grim he tries to reap a hamster named Mr. Snuggles but then 2 kids named Billy and Mandy stop it from happening so then Grim loses and becomes there best friend forever. This show is a trendsetter it seemed average at first but then it started getting good. I like this show it ashames me that is probably cancelled I hope not it's probably one of the only shows worth watching these days but since it gets cancelled i'll probably try getting into Chowder which is made by the writer of the show and the voice of FredFred Burger and I give this a 8.2 out of 10.
  • Amazingly Funny

    I grew up with this show, and man even my sister loves it. The Fact that the grim reaper loses a bet to a Evil little girl, and a Idiot is just the beginning. The show gets better. I mean I love this show. They go on adventures to the Under world. Billy picks his nose, they Battle Martains, Billy Picks his Nose..You see what i mean!? This show is funny because its stupid. And because its stupid is funny, and i make no sence. Anyway I love this show. and I bet you do too, if you like stupid, funny, Shows.
  • From all Cartoon Network Cartoons that I have seen, "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" is the best.

    From all Cartoon Network Cartoons that I have seen, "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" is the best. I love this TV show. Its dark theme is such a nice alternative from all the other cartoons on Cartoon Network. The series follows Billy and Mandy as they torment the Grim Reaper. The idea of taking something as harrowing as death itself and turning it into a kids cartoon is a really good one and works extremely well. The fact that this show could so easily have been chilling really benefits it. If the theme was taken the other way and told darker this show would make a great film.
  • This show was so hilarious!

    I remember when this show first came out. It was okay, but I like the newer episodes better. This show is hilarious in its own dark, evil way. I also like the idea of two psycho kids enslaving the grim reaper into being their best friend. Mandy and Grim really make the show interesting with their sarcastic humour and Grim's Caribbean accent. Irwin is also funny when he acts like a stereotypical black and tries to flirt with Mandy. The episode plots are so funny in a stupid way, which is what I enjoy. I love comedy in a show that gets me laughing my guts out, no matter how dark and cynical it may be. I wish they hadn't taken it off the air, because it's one of the few shows on Cartoon Network that's actually good.
  • One of my favorite cartoons on cartoon network... ^^)

    One of my favorite cartoons on cartoon network... ^^)I always watch The grim adventures of billy and Mandy everyday on cartoon network. It really makes me laugh, you know what im saying.... ^^. I really like Billy he really makes me laugh all the way. I also like Mandy. My most favorite episode of the cartoon was when Billy swallowed a gum. And started to make him sick. It was really funny that when I imagine it it would make me laugh again. I hope there would be a movie of this cartoon or a comics. It would be really cool.^^)
  • this show is awsome

    ever since the show ever started ive been watching this show alot its an excelent show and i recomend that everyone watches it people like cartoonetowrk fans and stuff billy is a very funny charcter so is grim and fred fred burger (forgot name) this show has a lot of silly parts and all the speicals and movies of this movie is awsome this show is like a comedy and i love comedys and i also think that all people who LOVE comedy should watch this show mandy is funny at some points and also irewn was funny at the movies of this show. So i think everyone should try this show i give this show a 10/10 !
  • It's okay

    I gave this show a 6.2 because it's not horrible, but it's not the best show ever.

    This show has goods and bads

    Good: It's entertaining, humorus, and it has it's moments. It has action and even though the plots don't really make sense, they can be funny.

    Bad: It can be gross, especially all that snot (at least it's better than My Gym Partner's a Monkey) It can be stupid, not funny stupid, it's I want to punch the character who's being stupid stupid. BBA (Big Boogey Adventure) was the best episode, and Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon was funny too.

    The only thing I would change about this show is for Mandy to be more emotional, and change the grossness level.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy , we meet the idiot named Billy and the snotty girl named Mandy, who apparently win a bet with the Grim Reaper over a sick hamster, making him have to be their best friend forever!

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is some how adictively funny. Billy, the retarded one is hilarious! He's the funniest.Mandy, the devil child who never smiles. She is agreesively annoyed by Billy's stupidy and always abusing him the best way she can.Grim, a supernatural skeleton that is forced to be best friends with the Billy and Many for all internity. He also has his moments when he is complaining or just acting awkward. Especially, Billy's dad. He is what you call a special character of the show. Everything he does makes you bust out laughing.He is also one of my favorite characters. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is a A++.
  • I love this show!

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network. It's so cool because it is so dark and grim. I guess that is one of the reasons I love the show so much. Anyways all of the episodes are always great and fun and so entertaining to watch. My favorite characters are definitely Grim and Mandy. However, Billy is okay too though. I think this show is funny without having to try to be funny. It's just so great on its on. Anyways The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is an awesome show!
  • the death the idiot and the evil

    the Death is mean ,evil ,bad ,strong,dark,is the god of all evil and grim thing in the worl but is to the guy that take care of a 2 bad kid.Billy ,fool idiot,stiupit,nasty ,freak and geek boy.Mandy the evil,dominat ,sarcastic,ironic selfish and crazy girl. the deat had to care them .it is a very difficult work specialy went the kid are the representation of the problems in the si work.ha ha ha ha ha lo lol i live thoes jokes they are so funny specialy went mandy is hitting billy or went she is sarcastic it is a good show. In fact is one of the best in the art of comedy .

    The best is went mandy take the control of the wapon of grim and take the control of the situation she don't care what is happenif or was giong on she just do want she want and no noe can say that she can't including that death, i just love wacth suffer the poor death that allways try to run away but a path is a path and he can't do eniditng for it.that happen went you try to challenge to a person that you don't now well specialy if they are a gang og mad kids.
  • Great to Watch with Friends.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is now on reruns on cartoon network. Everything about this show was great in the beginning and now its even better on a nightly basis at a time where you can sit down with friends and laugh at some crazy shiat.
    The blessed wonder of Billy and Many is that so much creative stuff could spring from such a relatively small amount of subject matter. Instead of like some shows saying ok...fantasy, or science fiction, B&M went slightly narrower and said "Ok, how about Death? and can we make that a kids show?"
    I love it because it does so much.
  • This show is freakin awesome!

    Who couldn't love this show? It's funny, adventurous, and it has Richard Horvitz, what more could you possibly ask for?

    Every show has to have an idiot, right? Well for this show, Billy wins the grand award, he's always getting the gang into some hilarious and entertaining adventure.

    But every show needs a bit a of a downer who also makes the show complete. This is where Mandy comes in, there is no episode or movie where she doesn't beat the hell out of billy for being stupid.

    And this brings me to Grim, the Grim Reaper himself, he is forced to play with Billy and Mandy for enternity because he lost a limbo compition to them in where else but?, Limbo.

    So thats the characters of the show, I highly advise you tune into this show, it's very good! Plus, it has Richard Horvitz, who doesn't like Richard Horvitz?
  • This is about an idiot named Billy and his friends

    This show is funny, but also gross. Billy eats his toenails and smells his putrid feet that is disgusting. I don't no why I bother but I like it. The storylines are sometimes not as good. A word about Billy, what is this guys problem. He is the biggest idiot of all. He goes in there with Spongebob and Cosmo. Grim has this cool shyke that I'd give anything for, even my own gut. There were some parts in the episodes where it was just crap and sometimes parts were I couldn't help but laugh at. A good show that needs a little improvement.
  • The only show where I'd watch the reruns 'til my wisdom teeth start going in the right direction (AKA 'til the end of time).

    There's not really anything I can say that hasn't already been said in the past reviews, but I will anyway.

    First off, the overall plot. Two kids befriend the Grim Reaper, and by "befriend" I mean "tricked into being a slave forever". It's basically the good, the bad, and the ugly as only anyone with the last name Burton can come up with (And it wasn't Tim this time, believe it or not). The characters are all unique and for the most part do reflect your average kids (nerdy kids, bullies, shallow preps), which gives some parts a small feel of realism, though most of the show is absolute fiction at its best.

    Personally, I love this show. I hope the reruns keep on going and going until judgment day itself, 'cause otherwise what else would I watch to spend the time? Mr. Meaty? (NO! PLEASE! NOT THAT!!!) And for those of you who don't like it, frickin' watch something else and quit wasting our time!

    Another great factor to this amazing show: the actors themselves. First off, Grey DeLisle. Enough said. Second, Richard Horvitz. Okay, say what you want about how annoying Billy is, but if anyone says that whoever plays Billy can't act, obviously he or she has no idea who he (or she) is talking about (I honestly don't think anyone that actually teaches acting would be a bad actor). And last but not least, Greg Eagles. Okay, I don't know a lot about Greg Eagles, but anyone that thinks "Hey, maybe I should give the Grim Reaper a Jamaican accent" must have a very open mind... in a good way (Yeah, that's right: Maxwell Atoms wasn't planning on Grim to have a Jamaican accent in the first place. Next time, some of you should do a little research before reviewing).

    Okay, I admit the toilet humor and et cetera do get a little out of hand at times, but exactly how is it different from any of the other shows that kids watch nowadays? I know kids half my age who watch South Park (scary, huh?) and there's worse crap for kids on there.

    There's a lot more I could say, but I guess I've said enough. But I did see a few comments that said that no one with a brain should watch this show. Let's see... I've been on the honor roll every semester thus far throughout high school, and for all I know you could be a high school dropout.

    Check and mate.

    10/10, and if you don't like it and are going to make a huge deal about it, why don't you go ahead and go up against the almost 600 people thus far that said they thought this show is perfect just the way it is.
  • The Grim Advenutures of Billy and Mandy.

    the grim adventures of billy and mandy is a um...very interesting show.:p its unlike any other cartoon iv'e ever seen.the animation (exept for the first few extremly different from most cartoons and is actally well done.the cretures, monsters and the other things like that are really creepy and very original.(well exept for the dragula and some others.but for the most part they are all original.they jokes are really really funny.Billy's really really stupid.Mandy is mean and bosses grim around.grim is the slave of billy and mandy.i am sad that this show is going to end. i like this show, its really funny that why i like this show.
  • This just crosses the line in humor, and I mean in a bad way.

    What happened to this show? It used to be original and clean. I used to enjoy this cartoon, because it was actually easy to watch. But not anymore. Now, the humor just goes too far. It involves brutal and/or gory violence, semi-sexual references, and disgusting humor. It revolves around someone getting hurt or having horrible misfortune. Seriously, not an episode has gone by without someone getting hurt in the face or beaten by an animal. They claim this is a kids' show with a rating of TV-Y7, but the humor is better suited for ages above 12! They even considered pushing up the rating and moving the show to another channel, but, out of all stupidity, they changed their minds! Also, it just gets old seeing the same characters getting picked on, especially Billy's friend Erwin. I'm just so tired of mindless violence and dirty humor. If this showed lightened up on the crudeness, I just might enjoy it. I like the characters and most plots and all, but the gross content is a major turn-off. If you enjoy crude, brutal, profound content, you will love this, but if not, you will have nightmares.
  • The Grim Reaper is forced to be best friends with a dumb boy and a mean girl.

    I've watched this show from the first time it came on Cartoon Network, and I've enjoyed it since. After Grim loses a game of limbo to Billy and Mandy, he has to stay with them and be their friend. When the show was on with Evil Con Carne, it was pretty good, but now that it's on by itself, I think it's more entertaining. Billy's and Mandy's characters aren't exactly original: The boy is very stupid and can be disgusting; and the girl hates everyone and everything. But it's combination of Grim with these two characters that I really love. And when you throw in Billy's parents, it's just better--although they aren't major characters. I find the show to be very funny, even though it can be a bit gross sometimes.
  • Two kids Billy and Mandy won a bet with the Grim Reaper so they get him as their new best friend forever.

    This show originaly was called 'Grim & Evil' along with 'Evil Con Carne'. It was already good when I began watching it in that form. And then it was seperated into 2 different shows, but only this one made it. The main characters are: Billy - an idiot with no brains, he just eventually gets dumder and dumber all of the time. Mandy - a dark and evil girl bent on ruling the world, even her parents are afraid of her. Grim is their "slave", the ahnd of everything, or "servant" as Mandy prefer to call him. There are other characters too, like Billy's dad - a thousand times dumber than Billy, Irwin - a nerd who is in love with Mandy, and various others, it would be too long if I tell all of them. All I can say is that this show is incredible! I never got tired of it. Best Cartoon Network show ever, any cartoon fans should see it.
  • Hurray for the Cartoon Cartoons!

    I remember when this show was on the Big Pick and Grim and Evil.
    It's always been awesome.It's been getting a little less funny, but it's still good! ^^
    The early episodes are classic and I'm thrilled that CN has acted wisely and is releasing the first season on DVD.This show deserves it!
    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy has a wonderfuly weird sense of humor that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh some more.It's one of the few cartoons that are still funny.Every Halloween I have to see the Halloween episode because it became like a classic to me the first time I saw it.This is a classic cartoon and it deserves a place in the...uh...Cartoon Hall of Fame!
  • Great Show.

    You can watch this show, anytime on Cartoon Network Video
    Every week more Shorts amd full episodes. I like when there is TOTAL DESTRUCTION. This is my kind of show. Whoever thinks of this show being cancelled shall burn in heck. F o r E t e r n i t y. Crazy stuff happens all the time in Endsville. Billy is afraid of spiders, yet he has one as a son. CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    Total Destruction, Chaos, and Insanity all around. Pud'n Sperg, and Ms. Butterbean. Billy shall never graduate from college. How many times has he been held back to the 2nd grade?
  • Damn, why can't the government rating just go to 9 already?!!?

    Okay, I love this show. It had it's own movie, it's funny, it's genius, it's awesome, it's touching, it's scary, it's well-thought-out... Alot of things describe this show.
    This show is about to reach 90 episodes, and it's popular. First off, this show is Cartoon Network's example of their Family Guy/Simpsons. Billy and Mandy is one of the fair amount shows I actually like to watch. This show has many fans for a REASON. It's as funny as a TV-14 rated animated sitcom. This show might be rated TV-PG one day because it's violence is rather heavy... really. Overall, this is a superb animated series. I love it.
  • a show that makes no sense.

    I like this show but I don't. I don't think the creator knows that his show is raciest. Ok, here's why, two Caucasian kid enslave a Jamaican sounding person. What does that say to you. My friend also believes Maxwell Atoms hates blacks because Irwin is so stereotypic. The show's funny. But they tech kids the wrong message. I think it's be funny of it was on Adult Swim. Than they could do anything they wanted. And that's cool. But Billy's funny. Mandy's smiled more than once. And Grim is the only normal one in the show. But you can still watch it and have a good time.
  •…weird. XD But it’s an alright show.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is interesting show. :P It’s unlike any other cartoon I’ve ever seen. The animation (except for the first few episodes) is extremely different from most cartoons and is actually very well done. The creatures, monsters, and other things like that are really creepy and very original. (Well, except for Dracula and some of the others. But for the most part they’re all original.) Some of the jokes and puns are so stupid and ridiculous I can’t help but laugh. So whenever I’m bored or stressed out, I’ll turn on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy to help me clear my mind. So although it's, it's a pretty good show.
  • An Awesome show. All about... well click on the continue to see.

    This is one of the best show I've ever seen. It's all about two kids - Billy and Mandy and how they meet the GRIM REAPER and they force him to be their friend. Season one was terrible, but the others were great. They were so funny I could choke. Billy gets stupider and more ignorant by the second, Grim and Mandy on the other hand are normal. Well as normal as possible. Mandy is the brains of the show, Grim is the "do-er" and Billy is the biggest idiot in the history of ... everything. That's all I can say for this show and keep watching.fosterscheese
  • The best cartoon on Cartoon Network.

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is the best cartoon on Cartoon Network not counting anime, and one of the only reasons I turn on the channel. Also I think it was bad for late teenagers and adults.

    It has a great concept two annoying kicks beat the Grim Reaper and he becomes their friend/slave forever. There's Billy a compete idiot, nothing really effects him and always causes problems for Grim and Mandy. There's Mandy the emotion less girl who always has to clean up Billy's mess. There have been many great episodes, Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator / To Eris Human, Toadblatt's School of Sorcery / Educating Grim / It's Hokey Mon!, The Crawling Niceness / Smarten Up / The Grim Show, Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween, Spider's Little Daddy / Tricycle of Terror, Nigel Planter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets / Circus of Fear, Bully Boogie / Here Thar Be Dwarves!, The Secret Snake Club, Wishbones, and that's just seasons 1-4. There are many more, perhaps my favorite episode is My Fair Mandy. It's the episode where Mandy enters a beauty pageant to beat Mindy and the only way to win is to smile, and the ending is the best as Billy, Mandy and Grim end up as the powerful Girls. When I first saw it, it made me fall out of my chair laughing.

    A true classic.
  • The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy is a childs version of Family Guy, King Of The Hill, or The Simpsons. It offers everything you need to have a good laugh, yet it still being interesting.

    The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy is a childs version of Family Guy, King Of The Hill, or The Simpsons. It offers everything you need to have a good laugh, yet it still being interesting. This show is possibly the best currently running show on Cartoon Network. It combines laughs, interesting plots, and great voice acting put in one show. The plot is really original, the characters are original (Well billy isnt excatly the most original character)Anyway they add new charcters all the time and also make characters that only show up in a few episodes. Overall I highly reccomend this show to any cartoon lover.
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