The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 4 Episode 11

Runaway Pants / Scythe 2.0

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Runaway Pants / Scythe 2.0
Runaway Pants: Nergal Juinor transforms into a pair of pants.

Scythe 2.0: Grim's scythe becomes dull, so he goes to get a new one.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Nothing happened in the first part, but that's the good thing! Pretty good episode.

    Well in the first part this guy tells a story. A story about how Billy wants to be able to run fast and uses Nergal Jr. to transform and become a magic pair of pants to run fast. But, he cannot stop running, and keeps running across the world. What I really liked about this episode though is that in the end it is not real, and all the characters beat him up. When Mandy closed the camera, that was awesome. Now, in the next part this guy offers Grim a new scythe and he trys it out. But the scythe trys to take out Billy and Mandy so Grim ends up saving them and getting his old scythe back. Pretty great episode altogether.moreless
  • 'Scythe 2.0' is just so funny!

    I like the episode 'Scythe 2.0' because it's so funny! The best part of this episode is hearing the phrase 'piece of crud'. You hear that phrase 7 times in this episode: 5 by Billy, 1 by Grim, and 1 by F. I so love the part when Billy and Grim argue about Grim's old scythe being a 'piece of crud'. Then, at the end when F was using Scythe 2.0 to shave his leg, he said, "This new razor is a piece of crud!" That was a good part of this episode. The 'piece of crud' parts were the best parts ever! I really think that Scythe 2.0 is a piece of crud!moreless
  • Actually pretty good

    It was actually pretty good, I expected way better for this episode since the title caught my attention, but still, it was pretty good. There were some parts which I thought, "Yawn." In Runaway Pants, Junior becomes a pair of pants for Billy. But Billy runs out of control and runs all around the world - but it appears the narrator was just making crud up. In Scythe 2.0, Grim gets a new scythe. But once Grim, Billy, and Mandy get too carried away, Scythe 2.0 decides to kill them.moreless
William Daniels

William Daniels

Scythe 2.0

Guest Star

Ian Abercrombie

Ian Abercrombie


Guest Star

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Abraham Lincoln

Guest Star

Debi Derryberry

Debi Derryberry

Nergal Jr.

Recurring Role

Martin Jarvis

Martin Jarvis


Recurring Role

Jane Carr (II)

Jane Carr (II)


Recurring Role

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    • (Grim is sharpening his scythe, then Billy walks in)
      Billy: (referring to Grim's scythe) Of course, you're spending your time sharpening that piece of crud.
      Grim: Why, you little--
      (lights go out and Grim's scythe busts)

    • Mandy: So what happened to Scythe 2.0?
      Grim: Let's just say I had him re-assigned.
      (F shaving his leg with a tiny-looking Scythe 2.0)
      F: Ouch! Ouch! This new razor is a piece of crud!

    • (Scythe 2.0 is following the kids to school)
      Scythe 2.0: You won't get away so easy this time!
      Billy: Did you ever get the feeling that you were being followed by something scary and menacing?

    • F: Introducing Scythe 2.0!
      Scythe 2.0: Hello Mr. Reaper, I am Scythe 2.0.

    • Mandy: Smile. Tomorrow will be worse.

    • Grim: (shaking his fist outraged) You're all pathetic! The whole lot of you. If you were half the mutant Junior is, maybe you all would have done better.
      Mandy: That's tellin' 'em, Grim.
      Grim: You, Mandy! You're the worst of them all!
      Mandy: (getting in his face) I don't do exercise. Understand?
      Grim: (turning to Billy) You, Billy! You're the worst of them all!
      Billy: Not the worst!

    • Scythe 2.0: I was never meant to be used as a hedge trimmer, a drain cleaner or a depilatory aid! I was meant to carve a swath of despair and destruction through the world of men, to blacken the skies and redden the seas, leaving nothing behind but entropy and uncomfortable silence...
      Grim: (interrupting) Yeah, yeah. Be quiet, one of these guys is gonna win a million dollars for milking a goat with his mouth!

    • (Billy and Mandy are cornered by Scythe 2.0)
      Billy: Scythe 2.0!
      (Scythe 2.0 tries to slice Billy but misses)
      Billy: And I think he's lost his head!
      Scythe 2.0: A fortuitous metaphor, Billy. But I'm not the one who's losing his head.
      Billy: Let me re-phrase that...
      (Meanwhile, Grim drives up with the Doom Buggy)
      Grim: I won't tolerate any freelancing in my territory! So, you may as well come quietly.
      Scythe 2.0: You're no match for me without your scythe, Reaper. (shoots lasers at the Doom Buggy)
      Grim: I'll take that as a negative.

    • Narrator: And so, Billy and Junior kept on running. Some say that they ran to this day around the world to the end of time. One person alone can't make a difference. He just needed a good pair of pants beside him. And what became of Grim and Mandy you ask?
      Mandy: Um, Excuse me? Who are you?
      Narrator: Well, I'm the narrator. I tell the story.
      Mandy: Well, stop making crud up. This stuff never happened.
      Billy: Yeah, you're a dirty, dirty liar!

    • Billy: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
      Scythe 2.0: Ha, ha! Wretched children! That stupid old Grim Reaper can't protect you now. I am fully-automated, I lack compassion, and I will have your heads.
      Grim: (driving the Doom Buggy towards Scythe 2.0) You keep away from those kids! If anyone's going to have their heads, it's going to be me!

    • Billy: (continues running while being on TV) I hate my pants!

    • Billy: (running continuous) Are you happy now, presidents? My thighs are chafing!

    • Mandy: Time to put that freeloader to work. I want you two to hoe the garden, trim the bushes, edge the lawn, spread some manure, unclog the toilet, pluck the chickens, wash the car, carve the totem pole, scrape my grandmother's bunion, gut the trout, julienne the carrots, sheer the sheep, trim my toenails, exfoliate Billy's nose, cut the cheese, engrave my commemorative plaque, and build me a monument to my hatred of things small and furry. Chop-chop, or they'll be no videogames.

    • Billy: Grim! Your crummy scythe is a piece of crud!
      Grim: How dare you?! My crummy scythe is not...I mean, me scythe is not a piece of crud!
      Billy: Is too!
      Grim: Is not!
      Billy: Is too!
      Grim: Is not!
      Billy: Is too!
      Grim: All she needs is a good sharping and then she'll be good as new.

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