The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Meet the Reaper / Skeletons in the Water Closet
    Meet the Reaper:
    As Billy plays with his action figures, Mandy approaches and requests to see Mr. Snuggles. It's his birthday, and in hamster years has grown pretty old - in fact, to old to go on, so proven by the appearance of the Grim Reaper. But they won't let him have him! So he makes a bet with them. They play a game of limbo. If he wins, he gets the hamster. And if he loses, they keep the hamster and him too.

    Skeletons in the Water Closet:
    When Billy's Mom starts to notice Grim, she starts to get panic surges. Not before long its a raging battle between a mom and the ruler of the dead. What will happen?moreless
  • Opposite Day / Look Alive!
    Opposite Day: Billy and Mandy tell Grim it's opposite day and have him do chores for them. Look Alive!: Grim tries to get a job as a swimsuit model, but they won't take him. So Billy and Mandy try to help by giving him a makeover.
  • Mortal Dilemma / Get Out of My Head
    Mortal Dilemma: Grim was left alone for a whole day, but he cannot reaping while Billy and Mandy leaves for school. Grim decided to take a change of pace by doing good deeds. Get Out of My Head: Billy gets Grim to teach him how to jump into people's heads and tries his new ability on Mandy. Then people are looking at who they think is Mandy in confusion of all the silly stuff she's doing.moreless
  • 10/5/01
    Fiend is Like Friend Without the "R": While playing with his Dinobonoids action toys, Billy ends up in an old lot. The place where he was last to be known of by any mortal before he was pulled into the center of the earth. When Grim and Mandy look for him, they get pulled down too. The creature who pulled them down was Nergal. He is apparently lonely in his home in the center of the earth, so he wants to keep Billy and Mandy as friends. Billy and Mandy are kidnapped, and Grim isn't lifting one boney finger to safe them! He ran way, but back at home he see that he was wrong and returns to save them.moreless
  • Recipe for Disaster
    Recipe for Disaster: The Boy and Girl scouts are selling cookies, but Billy eats all of them. Grim knows a secret recipe from a relative and replaces the eaten cookies. Everyone loves his cookies, and they sell the most cookies. At the end, it is revealed that the recipe had bugs, ticks, and nightcrawlers in it.moreless
  • A Dumb Wish
    A Dumb Wish
    Episode 6
    A Dumb Wish: While "spring cleaning" one month of November, Billy discover an old lamp in Grim's old trunk. When he gives it a rub, he releases the "curse" Grim had warned them about; his mother! Billy wastes his wish by wishing to know what to wish for. Grim never gets to make his wish because Mandy wishes he and Billy would "shut up". So Mandy decides to make her wish to whoever makes her the happiest.moreless
  • Grim vs. Mom / Tastes Like Chicken
    Grim vs. Mom: Billy's Mom returns back home. She does battle with Grim. Tastes Like Chicken: Billy looks for his Mom, Dad, and/or Irwin. He thinks Mandy is a cannibal.
  • Grim or Gregory / Something Stupid This Way Comes
    Grim or Gregory: It's Halloween and Billy, Grim and Mandy go trick-or-treating. While Billy and Mandy are at a house, Grim mistakes a boy's mother for Atrocia, the host of the all-night Halloween Marathon on TV. Gregory is mistaken to be Grim by Billy, and Grim is mistaken as Gregory by Gregory's mother. In the end, everything is back to normal. Something Stupid This Way Comes: Nergal creates a carnival to make friends, Billy teaches Nergal how to make friends, with the 5 'Cs'. In the end, Nergal asks how Grim has Billy and Mandy as friends, in which Grim tells him that he is forced to be their friends. So Nergal goes around electrocuting everyone, making them his friends, and turning them black and evil-looking in the process. In the end he zaps the 'camera'.moreless
  • A Grim Surprise / Beast and Barbarians
    A Grim Surprise: Billy gets Grim to help prepare a surprise birthday party for Mandy Beast and Barbarians: Grim puts Billy and Irwin inside an actual video game to try to stop their video game addiction.
  • Grim For A Day/Chickenball Z/Max Courage
  • Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator / To Eris Human
    Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator: Grim, Billy, and Mandy go on a field trip to the museum. But the Spectral Bounty Hunter sees Grim, and thinks that he is going to kill Billy and Mandy. Later, the parinormalist figures out that Grim is their hostage. To Eris Human: While Billy grocery shops for socks at the mall Grim spots Eris the Goddess of chaos. Grim wants to go out with her, but she doesn`t like him. Mandy and Eris play pranks on people, but then Eris does a prank on Mandy. That makes both Grim and Mandy mad so they do a prank on Eris.moreless
  • Billy's Growth Spurt/Hoss Delgado:Spectral
  • Meet the Reaper
    Episode 1.1
    Billy and Mandy, two neighbor kids, play a game with the Grim Reaper for the soul of a sick hamster.
  • Billy's Growth Spurt / Billy and the Bully
    Billy's Growth Spurt: Billy eats too much junk food, So Grim gets some medicine. But Grim's medicine makes a growth start to spawn out on Billy.

    Billy and the Bully: Billy has trouble with a local bully at school.
  • Skeletons in the Water Closet
    Billy's overprotective mom discovers the Grim Reaper sleeping in her son's room.
  • Big Trouble in Billy's Basement / Tickle Me Mandy
    Big Trouble in Billy's Basement: Billy steals Grims Bad book and turns evil. Then Grim and Mandy call Hoss Delgado to help get Billy back to normal. Tickle Me Mandy: Mandy is going away for the day, and Billy is lonely. So Grim makes a fake Mandy for him to play with. Billy gets annoyed by the fake Mandy. Then the next day Mandy comes back and destroys the fake Mandy.moreless
  • Little Rock of Horror / Dream a Little Dream
    Little Rock of Horror: Billy befriends an alien meteor that eats everybody's brain. Dream a Little Dream: After Billy, Mandy, and Grim ate bad pizza, they have nightmares. Except Mandy while dreaming about being ruler of the demons.
  • Opposite Day
    Opposite Day
    Episode 2.1
    Grim's impatience and sanity are put to the test as he is forced to deal with an unconventional holiday where everything means the reverse of what it normally does.
  • Mortal Dilemma
    Mortal Dilemma
    Episode 3.1
    Grim misses his job and goes out on the town hoping to recapture some of the glory of his past. After rescuing a doomed skateboarder, Grim begins to question his purpose in the universe.
  • Get Out of My Head!
    Episode 3.2
    Grim teaches Billy to take control of someone else's body. Billy, unfortunately, makes the mistake of trying his new skill out on Mandy.
  • Grim Vs. Mom
    Grim Vs. Mom
    Episode 7.1
    Billy's mom returns, bent on taking vengeance on Grim.
  • Tastes Like Chicken
    Tastes Like Chicken
    Episode 7.2
    After some shoddy detective work, Billy and Grim deduce that Mandy is a cannibal and has eaten everyone in the neighborhood. Billy decides to confront Mandy before she eats him too!
  • Grim or Gregory?
    Episode 8.1
    While on a Halloween excursion, Grim finds himself mistaken for a young boy named Gregory. Now it's up to Billy and Mandy to return Gregory to his mom and retrieve their wayward Grim.
  • 9/21/01
    Nergal returns, trying to win friends, using a giant carnival. Billy takes up his cause, revealing to Nergal the five C's of friendship.
  • A Grim Surprise
    A Grim Surprise
    Episode 9.1
    Billy and Grim plan a surprise birthday party for Mandy, only to succumb to a surprise of their own.
  • Beasts and Barbarians
    Beasts and Barbarians
    Episode 9.2
    When Billy and Irwin get addicted to the video game "Beasts & Barbarians," Mandy and Grim cure them by venturing to another dimension to give Billy and Irwin a taste of "the real thing."
  • Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator
    Grim must evade extermination at the hands of Hoss Delgado, Spectral Exterminator.
  • To Eris Human
    To Eris Human
    Episode 10.2
    Eris, the goddess of chaos, arrives at the Endsville Mall. She takes Mandy under her wing while Grim pines over his unrequited love for Eris.
  • Billy's Growth Spurt
    Episode 11.1
    After eating too much junk food, Billy grows an evil pint-sized version of himself on his back! Can Mandy and Grim get rid of the evil growth before it terrorizes the neighborhood.
  • Billy and the Bully
    Episode 11.2
    Billy runs afoul of Sperg, the school bully. With the help of Mandy and Grim, will Billy get Sperg to leave him alone?
  • Big Trouble in Billy's Basement
    Billy steals Grim's "bad book" and accidentally brings about the beginning of an apocalypse. Hoss Delgado returns to lend a hand as Grim and Mandy try to stop Billy from bringing existence to an end.
  • Tickle Me Mandy
    Tickle Me Mandy
    Episode 12.2
    Billy is a wreck when Mandy goes away for the weekend. So Grim makes Billy a new Mandy out of old toys. But his new Mandy is not all she's cracked up to be.
  • Little Rock of Horrors
    Little Rock of Horrors
    Episode 13.1
    Billy befriends a giant brain-eating meteor in his backyard.
  • Dream a Little Dream
    Dream a Little Dream
    Episode 13.2
    After eating a moldy pizza, the trio have nightmares, except Mandy.