The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Toadblatt's School of Socery: Grim saves Billy and Mandy from a summer of torture by sending them to Toadblatt's School of Sorcery. Once there, Billy and Mandy are sorted into a house Toadblatt hates, while Grim becomes a teacher from the more respectable Gunderstank. Billy and Mandy team up with Nigel Planter to sabotage Gunderstank. Educating Grim: Billy and Mandy drag Grim to school with them. On his first day, Grim is taken advantage of by Mindy, Mandy's arch rival who wants to see Mandy without a friend. It's Hokey Mon!: Billy and Irwin become obssessed with a trading card game called Hokey Monsters. Grim brings one to life to make them more interesting. Billy and Irwin ask for their whole decks brought to life witch prompt other kids to want their cards brought to life as well. Soon, Hokey Monsters are destroying Endsville!moreless
  • Night of the Living Grim / Brown Evil / Brown Evil Part 2
    Night of the Living Grim: Grim catches Approaching Doom Syndrome. Billy and Mandy take him to the underworld hospital, but are unable to help: Grim is now alive! Now Grim is having problems just staying around the house. Brown Evil: After Mandy destroys his Bob the Baker game, Billy bakes some brownies. However, when he mistakes Grim's Evil Powder as salt, he unwillingly brings life to evreything that has ever died! Now how are they going to defeat all these zombies? Brown Evil Part Two: It's up to Billy to stop the zombies from rampaging. Hoss Delgado comes to the rescue and exterminates the undead. Billy, Mandy, and Hoss find out what's causing the zombies to rise. Grim was hiding the brownies inside his head to whole time. Hoss and Grim fight like from one of the Star Wars movies. Grim sliced Hoss's hand off, but he punches Grim's head off with his left hand. After the giant zombie ate the brownies out of Grim's head, everything went back to normal.moreless
  • Mandy the Merciless: On one boring summer day, Billy, Mandy, Grim and Irwin decide to look into the future for fun. In the future, Mandy rules the earth as an immortal half-breed half-worm demon half-human dictator. Grim is still her best friend, and her idiotic Billy clones keep her company. Mandy's source of power is cinnamon, and lies to Billy about cinnamon's only weakness. Grim leads Billy into the team of rebellions against Mandy, and Billy tells them the fake weakness, leading them out and getting arrested by Mandy. Who told her they were coming? Well, let's say she has her sources. Creating Chaos: Eris hires Billy to help her create chaos. Unfortunately, Billy's idiotic antics lead her to go positively insane. The Really Odd Couple: Billy accidently releases his EXTREMELY POWERFUL new stinkbomb in Mandy's house, and now she has to stay with Billy until her house is clean. Unfortunately, Billy and Mandy can't be in the same room without there being utter disaster.moreless
  • 7/4/03
    Who Killed Who?: After excluding Mandy from their game, Billy and Irwin mistakenly throw their dice into the backyard of a haunted house. They dare Mandy to go get them, who accepts. Inside the house, she meets an old woman, and there may be more to her than meets the eye.

    Tween Wolf: Annoyed by Grim's attempts to pull a werewolf out of the hat, Mandy throws his magical hat out the window. The Werewolf from the hat bites Irwin, turning him into a werewolf. Billy mistakes the werewolf Irwin for a puppy and adopts him as a pet. When Billy enters his new puppy in the Endsville dog show, Mandy enters Saliva, ordering Grim to help her win.moreless
  • Grim in Love: Grim falls in love with a Gothic woman named Malaria, who also falls for Grim not knowing that he is the real thing. Will Grim admit who or what he really is and will Malaria accept him?Crushed: Mandy becomes desperate when realizing that she felt in love by the new kid in school, a goth boy named Piff. Love is Evol Spelled Backwards: It is Valentine's day. Nergal, still desperate for companionship, tries to court Billy's poor loveless and depressed Aunt Sis for companionship (and maybe true love). Billy on the other hand, tries to stop Nergal on his deed. Will Billy succeed from not getting related to Nergal?moreless
  • Crawling Niceness: Mandy tells Billy to get a soda. Billy goes in Grim's trunk. But in the trunk, a huge spider named Jeff comes out and thinks Billy is his dad. Billy get very scared of him and tries to squish him, but Jeff just wants to help his "dad".

    Smarten Up: Billy isn't smart enough to take the test. So Grim gives him a bookworm, which will make him much smarter, but Milkshakes, Billy's Cat eats the worm by mistake and Milkshakes is forced to tutor him.

    The Grim Show: Grim goes to the TV station furious that his favorite show got cancelled, and decides to make his own show. But, Mandy gets tired of Grim's popular show. Will Mandy cancel "The Grim Show"?moreless
  • Son of Nergal: Junior (Nergal's son: Billy's cousin) is on a trip to winter camp. But, as a field trip, so are Billy and Mandy. Junior wants friends. He kidnapped everyone in the camp, except Billy and Mandy. Will Billy and Mandy be Junior's friends or be kidnapped? Sister Grim: Grim gets a paint can on his head and they think he's a nun. Will Grim tell them the truth about himself and still be loved by the other nuns? Go Kart 3000!: Billy and Irwin build a go-kart and Mandy and Grim get mad 'cause they can't help them. So they build their own go-kart and enter the race. Who will win? Billy and Irwin, Grim and Mandy, Mindy, Sperg, or the mystery racer in the wagon?moreless
  • Terror of the Black Night / Battle of the Bands / The Halls of Time
    Terror of the Black Night: Billy has Grim get him a cool suit of armor at a medieval fair, but he can't get it off until he beats someone in a competition. Battle of the Bands: Grim joins the band. Billy and his dad set out to beat them in the Endsville Battle of the Bands. The Halls of Time: Billy, Mandy, Irwin, and Grim visit the Halls of Time.moreless
  • Grim for a Day / Chicken Ball Z
    Grim for a Day: When Billy and Grim get into an argument over who has it harder, Mandy suggest they switch places for a day. However, they soon regret it, as they find themselves transforming into each other. Chicken Ball Z: Grim's refusal to help Mandy win a martial arts tournament leads her to a curio shop, where the shopkeeper gives her the chicken ball that makes her the best fighter on Earth.moreless
  • 10/1/03
    While out trick-or-treating, Grim tells Billy and Mandy the story of a power hungry practical jokester named Jack O'Lantern. Grim tells how Jack managed to escape death, but at the cost of losing his head. Dressed as the Grim Reaper and armed with Grim's real scythe, Billy stumbles upon Jack O'Lantern's doorstep Halloween night. Jack manages to steal Grim's scythe, hoping to use its power to seek his revenge. It's up to Mandy to come up with a scheme to save the entire universe and Grim's neck.moreless
  • 6/13/02
    Grim gets Billy and Mandy into Toadblatt's Summer School of Sorcery, where they join Nigel Planter's infamous Weaselthorpe House to compete against Gunderstank House.
  • Educating Grim
    Educating Grim
    Episode 1.2
    Mandy's arch-nemesis, Mindy, befriends Grim. But is Mindy all that she seems?
  • It's Hokey Mon!
    It's Hokey Mon!
    Episode 1.3
    Grim magically brings Billy and Irwin's monster cards to life.
  • 6/20/02
    An illness makes Grim so sick he actually becomes alive.
  • Brownievil, Part 1
    Brownievil, Part 1
    Episode 2.2
    Billy, Mandy and Grim are trapped in their house by brownie-loving zombies!
  • Brownievil, Part 2
    Brownievil, Part 2
    Episode 2.3
    Hoss Delgado lends a hand to the kids as they battle the brownie-loving zombies!
  • Mandy the Merciless
    Episode 3.1
    In a future time, in a future place, Mandy rules the world. But not everyone is happy about it.
  • Creating Chaos
    Creating Chaos
    Episode 3.2
    Eris returns! This time, she's enlisting Billy's help to spread chaos throughout the world.
  • The Really Odd Couple
    The Really Odd Couple
    Episode 3.3
    Life is anything but a dream when Billy and Mandy are forced to share the same room.
  • Who Killed Who?
    Episode 4.1
    Mandy visits the old haunted house down the street, which nobody has emerged from in years. Will Mandy make it out alive?
  • Tween Wolf
    Tween Wolf
    Episode 4.2
    When Irwin turns into a werewolf, Billy enters him in the dog show.
  • Grim in Love
    Episode 5.1
    Grim falls in love with a Goth woman.
  • Crushed
    Episode 5.2
    Mandy becomes desperate when realizing that she felt in love with a new boy in school.
  • Love is Evol Spelled Backwards
    Nergal falls in love with Billy's aunt, Sis.
  • The Crawling Niceness
    Episode 6.1
    Billy hatches a giant, talking spider from an egg in Grim's secret trunk. Despite the spider's overwhelming fondness for Billy, Billy hates all bugs ans wants it dead.
  • Smarten Up!
    Smarten Up!
    Episode 6.2
    To help Billy pass a test, Grim gives Billy a bookworm to eat in order to smarten up. Unfortunately, the cat gets to the bookworm first.
  • The Grim Show
    The Grim Show
    Episode 6.3
    While trying to stop his favorite show from being canceled, Grim inadvertently becomes its new host.
  • Son of Nergal
    Episode 7.1
    Billy and Mandy go to Winter Camp and must contend with snowy weather, a freezing cabin and the mysterious Nergal, Jr.
  • Sister Grim
    Sister Grim
    Episode 7.2
    Grim is mistaken for "Sister Big Mama" and gets adopted by a convent of loving, bell-ringing nuns. It's up to Billy and Mandy to set them straight.
  • Go-Kart 3000!
    Go-Kart 3000!
    Episode 7.3
    Grim and the kids enter the annual Endsville Go Kart Competition.
  • 8/22/03
    Billy tries to show off at the Renaissance Festival in a suit of cursed knight's armor conjured by Grim!
  • Battle of the Bands
    Episode 8.2
    Grim becomes the lead singer of a goth metal band, Purple Fifth. Billy is jealous, and recruits his dad to teach him how to compete in the "Battle of the Bands" competition.
  • Halls of Time
    Halls of Time
    Episode 8.3
    Grim takes Billy and Mandy on a field trip to the Halls of Time, where the past, present, future are monitored.
  • Grim for a Day
    Episode 9.1
    Billy and Grim trade places for a day to see what it's like in each other's shoes.
  • Chicken Ball Z
    Chicken Ball Z
    Episode 9.2
    With the help of a mysterious chicken ball, Mandy enters the local karate championship. Now, she's out of control, and it's up to Billy top stop her!