The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Toys Will Be Toys
    Toys Will Be Toys
    Episode 16.2
    Grim brings the Dinobonoids to life so Billy can say his final goodbye, but the toys aren't ready to be outgrown.
  • That's My Mummy
    Episode 16.1
    Billy is plagued by the curse of the mummy.
  • Chocolate Sailor
    Episode 15.1
    Billy gets a job selling chocolate sailors and becomes his own best customer.
  • Just the Two of Pus
    Just the Two of Pus
    Episode 14.2
    Sperg's face breaks out and the only cure is the touch of Grim's arm. But getting to Grim means being nice to Billy.
  • 10/29/04
    When Billy displeases Mandy, she replaces him with Bobby, a kid with his own issues.
  • Complete and Udder Chaos
    Eris has vowed to give up chaos, leading Billy, Mandy and Grim into temptation.
  • Attack of the Clowns
    Episode 13.1
    Grim and Mandy plan an intervention to break Billy of his fear of clowns, but they don't know how justified that fear is.
  • A Kick in the Asgard
    A Kick in the Asgard
    Episode 11.2
    An inadvertent interdimensional exchange program takes Billy to Valhalla while Grim and Mandy meet someone even more obnoxious than Billy is.
  • Test of Time
    Episode 11.1
    Billy and Mandy research their history reports firsthand, changing the course of history forever.
  • The Nerve
    The Nerve
    Episode 10.2
    Billy steals Mandy's nerve to confront Sperg and Mandy learns that inner strength comes from within.
  • Bearded Billy
    Episode 10.1
    Billy discovers that too much of a good thing can have a scary side effects when he takes Grim's special hair tonic.
  • Sickly Sweet
    Sickly Sweet
    Episode 9.2
    Billy and Grim use the Mask of the Beast to teach Mandy how to be sweet and loving, with disastrous consequences.
  • Super Zeros
    Episode 9.1
    Billy becomes a super hero, leaving Grim to deal with Billy's inept father.
  • Substitute Teacher
    Substitute Teacher
    Episode 8.2
    Nergal Jr. starts school with Billy and Mandy and falls prey to Sperg's bullying. When the teacher won't protect him, Nergal Jr. steps up and teaches Sperg a lesson in respect.
  • Which Came First?
    Episode 8.1
    When a school field trip leads to the discovery of a failed Cold War government experiment with superchickens, Grim and Mandy must rescue Billy from becoming chicken feed.
  • Here Thar Be Dwarves
    Here Thar Be Dwarves
    Episode 7.2
    Billy goes on a picnic and ends up resolving an old dispute between the Dwarves and the Elves over control of the cookie and mushroom businesses.
  • Bully Boogie
    Episode 7.1
    Grim's old nemesis, the Boogie Man, attempts to take over Grim's job, reigniting an old rivalry that culminates in a showdown for supremacy.
  • Circus of Fear
    Circus of Fear
    Episode 6.2
    Grim takes Billy and Mandy to the underworld's Circus of Fear, where they become the main attraction.
  • Nigel Planter is accompanied to Toadblatt's School of Sorcery by Grim, Billy and Mandy to protect him from Lord Moldybutt.
  • My Peeps
    My Peeps
    Episode 5.2
    Sitting too close to the TV costs Billy his sight, and his fear of the eye doctor sends him to Grim for a cure that has him seeing the future.
  • Nursery Crimes
    Episode 5.1
    Billy can't sleep and demands fairy tales from Mandy and Grim. Grim's supernatural stories go awry when Billy befriends Pinocchio.
  • Mandy Bites Dog
    Mandy Bites Dog
    Episode 4.3
    Mindy mocks Mandy's lame dog, so Mandy adopts Grim's scary hound, making Mindy sorry she opened her big fat mouth.
  • A Grim Prophecy
    A Grim Prophecy
    Episode 4.2
    As a young reaper, Grim learns his fate from his first customer.
  • House of Pain
    Episode 4.1
    Lord Pain comes from the Plane of Eternal Suffering to serve Grim, who turns out not to be worthy.
  • Skarred For Life
    Skarred For Life
    Episode 3.2
    General Skarr gets much more than he bargained for when he moves into Billy and Mandy's neighborhood in search of a simple life.
  • Li'l Porkchop
    Episode 3.1
    Billy's pet fish has big problems that bring out Grim's soft side. Meanwhile, Billy's Dad bonds with his absent son.
  • No Body Loves Grim
    No Body Loves Grim
    Episode 2.2
    Grim's body and head get separated. His body lives it up while his head ends up down and out.
  • Dumb Luck
    Episode 2.1
    Billy does something stupid and ends up with a streak of bad luck thanks to an unwelcome guest.
  • 11/12/04
    That's My Mummy: During his visit at Irwin's house, Billy thinks he's encountered a mummy. Irwin's dad tells Billy he's under a mysterious Mummy's Curse! Convinced that the mummy that he saw was actually Irwin's mom, Billy has a hard time getting Grim and Mandy to believe him. Is Billy really under a horrible curse? Can Mandy find a logical explanation to all of this?

    Toys Will Be Toys: When Mandy convinces Billy that he's too old to play with his Dinobonoids action figures. He allows Grim to kill his toys. Before Billy bids his Dinobonoids a final farewell, Grim uses his supernatural powers to bring Billy's figures to life, and shrinks Billy down to doll size so he can play with his action figures one last time. Surviving peril after peril, can Billy and his toys survive a doll's life? Can Grim stop Billy's "bad-guy" Dinobonoids figures, the Jurassic Creeps, from stealing his scythe?moreless
  • Chocolate Sailor: Billy reads the man-eating comics and finds an advertisement for the Chocolate Sailor. Billy applies and receives his starter kit in 5 seconds. He eats all the chocolates and has to get more. He keeps doing it until he is what he eats... literally.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Toothless: Billy is too busy with his loose tooth to go to the movies. Sperg helps by knocking out Billy's tooth. He ends up knocking out Billy as well. Then he wakes up in a town where Grim and Mandy are cowboys, and he is the local town boob. Outlaw Sperg has stolen Billy's tooth and sold it to the Tooth Fairy, and Grim, Billy and Mandy try to get it back.moreless
  • Whatever Happen to Billy Whatsisname? / Just the Two of Pus
    Whatever Happened to Billy Whatsisname?: When Billy thought Mandy was being ungrateful, he leaves her. So Mandy finds another kid to take Billy's place. Billy becomes jealous of Bobby, the new Billy. Will Billy win back his position to serve Mandy again?

    Just the Two of Pus: Sperg has a bunch of pimples on his face. When he visits the gypsy, she informs Sperg to find the bones of the Grim Reaper, and rub them on his face to cure them. That's when he desperately befriends Billy and Grim. Except Mandy, she doesn't trust him at all.moreless
  • Attack of the Clowns / Complete and Utter Chaos
    Attack of the Clowns: Grim and Mandy dress up as clowns to get Billy over his fear of clowns. But they scared him enough over him to kill clowns.

    Complete and Utter Chaos: Eris plays a trick on Grim, Billy, and Mandy about quitting chaos. She gives them the Apple of Discord to watch over for her.moreless
  • Five o'clock Shadows
    Billy sees his shadow and wants to know where they come from. So Grim brings Billy and Mandy to the Shadow World, which their shadows are the opposite of each other. Mandy sees her clone as very childish. Billy's shadow clone is stupider than Billy. Mandy tells her shadow to toughen up, and Billy opens a door that unleashes millions of Billies from other universes to the Shadow World.moreless
  • Tricycle of Terror
    Episode 1.2
    A kid in a supernatural Porta Pottie gives Billy a new tricycle that loves him too much.
  • Test of Time / A Kick in the Asgard
    Test of Time: Billy uses the time remote to catch up on his homework.

    A Kick in the Asgard: Billy gets teleported to another place after a thunderstorm.
  • Spider's Little Lady
    Spider's Little Lady
    Episode 1.1
    Billy learns about the joys of fatherhood from his eight-legged son, Jeff.
  • 10/8/04
    Bearded Billy: Billy takes Grim's hair tonic. As he apply the formula upon himself, hairs all over his body began to grow until he looks like a "sasquatch." Hoss Delgado has returned from Australia after hunting down vampire koalas. Mandy tries to rescue Billy from being turned in for the money. Will Grim and Mandy save Billy from being a hairy stalker?

    The Nerve: Billy steals Mandy's nerve to confront Sperg. After he swallowed the raw nerve, Billy's evil self has taking over. Mandy had to find the way to receive her nerve back. Will she ever be brave and scary once again?moreless
  • 10/1/04
    Super Zero: Billy wants to be a superhero and fight the Evil Empire.

    Sickly Sweet: Grim and Billy place the Mask of the Beast on Mandy's face.
  • Which Came First?: After the school bus had a flat tire, the class had to take their field trip outside the desert. As Grim, Billy, and Mandy journey to the cave entrance, they found themselves sounded by a Giant Chicken. Billy gets caught by the chicken's foot. Grim and Mandy must rescue the idiot before he's chicken feed. The two found out where the giant poultry came from. Will they ever escape out of the cave alive or get eaten by the mutant birds? Substitute Teacher: Nergal Junior, Billy's cousin, becomes a teacher to get revenge on Sperg for bullying him on his first day.moreless
  • 7/23/04
    Bully Boogie: When the Boogie Man came to visit Grim, he kidnapped Billy. Grim has had it with Boogie for intimidating him. He was going to seek revenge against the demon. Mandy went with him. Grim challenged the Boogie Man to a scare-off. Whoever scared the kid most wins. Here Thar Be Dwarves!: As Billy was walking in the woods to have a picnic, Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo came to steal his basket. Billy escaped from the two bears into the cave. He stumbled upon a giant door, which led him into the mushroom lair of the dwarves. King Beardbottom, the leader of the dwarves, used Billy to infiltrate into the Elves' cookie factory to help out the Dwarves in a war against the elves.moreless
  • Nigel Planter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets: When Billy and Mandy tag along with Grim for a day of golfing, they encounter boy wizard Nigel Planter again, who's hiding from the dark wizard Lord Moldybutt. They head back to Dean Toadblatt's School of Sorcery, and discover that Nigel will have to soon leave the school to keep it safe from the dark wizard. When Billy accompanies Nigel to wizard school, the boy wizard keeps on running into Moldybutt, who warns him to stay away from the Chamber Pot of Secrets hidden in Toadblott's office. What secrets does the Chamber Pot hold? Mandy and grim discover Dean Toadblott has a few secrets of his own. Circus of Fear: When Grim is tired of Billy and Mandy's boring antics, he takes them to the sinister and spooky Underworld Circus of Fear. To prevent the circus from being shut down, the greedy vampire ringleader, Dr. Fear, kidnaps Billy and Mandy in hopes to attract demonic customers with real humans. While the two kids are being trained for their first circus show, Billy's mom is determined to get her son back in time for dinner. It's up to Grim, the one who hates Billy and Mandy the most, to get them back.moreless
  • 7/9/04
    Nursery Crimes: Billy eats 19 Atomic Frenzy Cakes at 3:00am and can't sleep. He wants Mandy and Grim to tell him a story. Grim uses a magic story book to turn Billy and Mandy into Hansel and Gretal, and send them into Fairy Tale Land. Worst of all, Billy has been captured and wants to be eaten by Pinnochio! My Peeps: Billy needs laser eye surgery. Unfortunately, he doesn't want it. So Grim tries to fix Billy's eyes himself. Weird things happen.moreless
  • House of Pain:
    Lord Pain from the Plain of Eternal Suffering comes to serve his idol, the Grim Reaper. When Grim grows tired of being a slave to Billy and Mandy, he asks Lord Pain to kill them. When Pain comes to finish Mandy off, she convinces him that she's the one in control, and starts serving her instead.

    A Grim Prophecy:
    Back in the Stone Age, young Grim sets out on his first night as the Grim Reaper. When he comes across an old Witch Doctor he's supposed to kill, she has foreseen his prophecy, and lets little Grim see into the future, where he becomes a servant to two annoying kids.

    Mandy Bites Dog:
    After Mindy and her chiuaua, Little Delicious, mock Mandy's cowardly dog, Saliva, Mandy is convinced that she needs another dog. So she enlists the aid of Grim's three-headed dog from the underworld, Cerberus. Realizing that he's not wanted anymore, Saliva leaves Mandy and her new dog, Cerberus, to scare Mindy and her dog. Little does Saliva know that he has one thing Little Delicious and Cerberus don't have, loyalty to their masters.moreless
  • 6/25/04
    Lil' Porkchop: Billy gets a small fish. Grim grows it and the little fish becomes giant. It begs for water but Billy drags him to the wrong places, causing him pure agony!

    Skarred For Life: After Bunny Island from Evil ConCarne is bought out by executives who don't want to deal with the competition, General Skarr (now known as Mr. Skarr) buys a home in Endsville. He meets up with Billy. The idiot boy tells Skarr about Grim's scythe, which contains ultimate power. Can Skarr contain himself?moreless
  • 6/18/04
    Dumb Luck: Billy seems to be having an unusual amount of bad luck, and Grim is curious as to why. It turns out that when Grim told Billy to throw salt over his shoulder for good luck, and he threw pepper instead, the bad luck snail crept into his brain, making sure that Billy suffers bad luck forever. When Grim and Mandy try to get the snail out, it won't let Billy near them. No Body Loves Grim: Billy accidentally loses Grim's body at the beach, and takes his detached head home by mistake. While Billy and Mandy search for Grim's body, Grim is mistaken for a bowling ball, a vase, and even a spittoon! Meanwhile, Grim's body is adopted by Endsville's wealthiest family, and becomes popular with upper-class citizens. When Grim finally finds his body, it won't return to him, claiming that it was illy treated under Grim's control.moreless
  • Spider's Little Daddy / Tricycle of Terror
    Spider's Little Daddy: It's Father's Day, and Jeff the Spider pays Billy a visit, wanting to be loved. But Billy still hates spiders, so Jeff asks Mandy to teach him how to be mean so he can force Billy to love him. But it is harder than Mandy thought. She tried talking to Jeff what to do over the microphone, but that also doesn't work. Mandy gives up. But when Mandy went out of the room leaving Grim to do her chores. Grim talks about Mandy and Jeff is listening to him over the microphone. Grim's talking hits him in the right spot - he goes nuts and decides that "there is no more Mr. Nice Spider".

    Tricycle of Terror: Billy gets his bike broken and he wants new one. He get a cursed tricycle that attacks people who talks bad about it.moreless