The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 4

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 2/21/05
    It's school club day. Irwin joins a macrame club, Billy finds a Junior CIA club, and Mandy finds the Secret Snake Club, which turns out to be just three nerds who want to eliminate all the cool kids.
  • The Firebird Sweet: Billy buys a brand new kind of breakfast cereal, which comes with a Phoenix.

    The Bubble with Billy: Grim gives Billy special underworld gum, and warns him not to swallow the gum.
  • 6/27/05
    Zip Your Fly: Mandy accidentally zips a fly's head to her head, and her head to a fly head.

    Puddle Jumping: Billy jumps in the small pool that transported him into another dimension.
  • 6/28/05
    Runaway Pants: Nergal Juinor transforms into a pair of pants.

    Scythe 2.0: Grim's scythe becomes dull, so he goes to get a new one.
  • 6/24/05
    Jeffy's Web: Jeff the spider laid a thousand eggs, but he wanted Billy to take care for them. The tumbling giant teacup with Billy inside turns this episode into a chase scene.

    Irwin Gets a Clue: Irwin becomes Hoss Delgado's sidekick.
  • Wishbones
    Episode 6
    A skull contains nine wishes, and needs someone to make a wish in order to be free.
  • Duck!: A ghost duck goes around Endsville following various people, while making farting noises.

    Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me?: Billy befriends the chupacabra that came out of the TV.
  • He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot: Billy is instructed by Mindy to take care of Fluffy Cat which doubles as the Endsville's school's mascot. Unfortunately, the cat breaks everything that it can get its claws upon so Billy's mom throws the cat into the basement where it digs itself into Grim's magical trunk, somehow mutating itself into a gigantic cat monster. Unable to let Mindy know that something has happened to the cat, Billy asks for Grim to replace the cat he had lost with a cat that's already dead. Grim agrees and gives the dead cat his life back, but Billy's going to have a hard time convincing Mindy that he's got the right cat.

    Hog Wild: Billy has an extreme disregard for following the rules set by his parents. When his dad gets a new motorcycle, Billy decides to take the motorcycle out for a joy ride, and promptly crashes it. Billy begs Grim to magically fix the motorcycle which Grim does, yet the magic of the scythe has an unforseen consequences. The scythe's magic turns the motorcycle into a skeleton-cycle which causes anyone who rides it to turn into rule-breaking monsters and anyone caught in the motorcycle's fumes into monsters. Billy's mom and dad are trapped on a motorcycle of terror. The only thing that will set them free is the truth from Billy.moreless
  • 6/30/05
    Billy Idiot: Billy is accepted to a prestigious ballet school, allowing him to fulfill his lifelong ambition of becoming a ballet dancer.

    Home of the Ancients: Grim, Billy, and Mandy are sentenced to community service at a supernatural retirement home.
  • Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears: Grim and Mandy are bored out of their minds and desperately need something interesting to do. There's a free toy giveaway at the mall, and Billy decides to go. Grim and Mandy go and end up running into a suspicious woman named Serisue who offers Mandy a paying job as a spokesgirl for the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears. At first, it doesn't seem to be so bad, but then weird things start to happen. And the people everywhere are running wild! Could the sweet Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears be the root of the problem?

    The Secret Decoder Ring: Billy tries to use a decorder ring that he finds in a cereal box in order to discover the secret of the universe. The weird thing is, he's not the only one trying to discover it this way.moreless
  • The Bad News Ghouls: Billy and the rest are in the baseball game against Mindy's team. Mandy wasn't invited, because she's a "girl". Grim really needed Mandy to help him and his team win the game against Mindy. So Mandy disguised herself as a boy named "Manfred."

    The House of No Tomorrow: Grim, Billy, and Mandy are at the amusement based on a stupid cartoon character. When Billy came across the house of tomorrow, the three went inside to look around. Billy woke up the "Master Control," the all-knowing computer. After Billy found out he doesn't know everything, the Master Control got very angry and started to send his robots to attack them. Will they ever find their way out before the robots destroy them?moreless
  • 6/17/05
    Dream Mutt: Billy searches for a new dog, but he likes all four. So Grim merges the four to make one big (Hanna Barbera-like cartoon) dog with an attitude.

    Scythe For Sale: Billy accidentally sold Irwin the scythe.
  • Wild Parts: The wizard without a nose intended to search for the right nose so he can smell again. When he came across Billy's big nose, he was impressed. Will Grim and Mandy get Billy's nose back before he becomes like Nasalmancer without a nose?

    The Problem with Billy: Grim has had it with Billy's stupidity. He wants to know "what's his problem". Harold takes everybody about the past of Billy's life. Supposedly claiming Billy to be a genius!moreless
  • The Problem With Billy
    Billy's dad regales Grim and Mandy with tales of Billy's mental prowess.
  • Wild Parts
    Episode 5.1
    Billy's nose is lured away by a Nasalmancer looking for the ultimate scent-sation.
  • Dream Mutt
    Episode 7.1
    Grim concocts the perfect dog for Billy, but the dog has his own ideas about who the master is.
  • Chocolate Sailor/The Good, the Bad and the Toothless
  • Scythe for Sale
    Scythe for Sale
    Episode 7.2
    Absolute power corrupts Irwin absolutely when Billy sells him Grim's scythe by mistake.
  • Duck
    Episode 9.1
    It's a comedy of bad manners when Endsville is haunted by an invisible Duck.
  • The Bad News Ghouls
    Episode 3.1
    Eris has vowed to give up chaos, leading Billy, Mandy and Grim into temptation.
  • The Secret Decoder Ring
    An acquaintance from Grim's past attempts to entice Endsville's children to free her from an ancient high school curse.
  • 4/8/05
    Mandy's burgeoning acting career unleashes toys with an ulterior motive.
  • The House of No Tomorrow
    Billy, Grim, and Mandy visit a closed amusement park attraction and find out why they should fear the future.
  • The Firebird Sweet
    Episode 12.1
    Eris is back to wreak havoc on Billy, Mandy and Grim with her delicious new plot.
  • The Bubble with Billy
    The Bubble with Billy
    Episode 12.2
    Billy can't get enough of Grim's supernatural chewing gum until it blows up in his face.
  • Billy Idiot
    Episode 13.1
    Dancing school takes talent, hard work...and your soul!
  • Home of the Ancients
    Home of the Ancients
    Episode 13.2
    Even Dracula, the Wolfman and the Bride of Frankenstein have gotten old, but they're still cool to Grim.
  • Scythe 2.0
    Scythe 2.0
    Episode 11.2
    A reaper's scythe says a lot about him, and not all of it is nice.
  • Runaway Pants
    Episode 11.1
    Billy convinces Nergal Jr. to help him cheat on the Presidential Fitness Test with runaway success.
  • Jeffy's Web
    Episode 8.1
    Billy's son Jeffy is about to be a dad? or a mom, and Billy must deal with his fear of spiders.
  • Aren't You Chupacabra to See Me?
    Billy's new best friend is sucking the life out of him.
  • Zip Your Fly
    Episode 10.1
    It's all fun and games until Mandy's serious wardrobe malfunction turns a prank into anarchy.
  • Puddle Jumping
    Puddle Jumping
    Episode 10.2
    Summer is always fun with an interdimensional blow up swimming pool.
  • 6/3/05
    Mindy leaves the school mascot with Billy for safekeeping and the animal's mischief leaves no one unscathed.
  • Hog Wild
    Hog Wild
    Episode 2.2
    Billy's dad gets a new motorcycle just in time for Billy's rebellion.
  • Irwin Gets a Clue
    Irwin Gets a Clue
    Episode 8.2
    Irwin hopes to win Mandy's affection by learning how to be cool from Hoss Delgado, Spectral Exterminator.