The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 6

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 1/13/06
    Billy's dad has gotten a new job. Billy and his family are going to have to move to another part of town. However, he's always lived near to Mandy, and the two of them share the Grim Reaper. By Billy's relocating, this means that they have a problem. Who gets to "keep" Grim? Should Billy be the sole "owner" of Grim, and take him with him upon moving. Or should Grim be given to Mandy, and stay with her? To resolve this, both of them take their dispute to the Underworld Court, where a jury of hideous, nightmarish creatures (including one really annoying one) will decide once and for all who is truly the "Keeper of the Reaper."moreless
  • Spidermandy: Mandy catches the spiderpox from Jeff. Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred: Grim becomes a "spokesmonster" for a high-profile company, and Fred Fredburger is the contest winner.
  • 3/23/06
    When Grim finally escapes Billy and Mandy, he finds himself working for Morg, the Martian Grim Reaper, and his army of zombies.
  • The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name: When Billy's Mom asked what Billy wants to be when he grows up, he wants to be the grim reaper. So Grim showed Billy how to be the messenger of death. When Billy saw a girl that looks like him, he becomes smittened. But this girl is trouble when Blandy actually loves Grim. Billy becomes jealous and beats the crud out of Grim. What kind of monster Blandy is anyway? Major Cheese: Tired of having to deal with false alarms and giving out bonus life points, Grim visits Mighty Moe. Grim gave Mighty Moe an award for staying healthy and alive longer than anyone else. Grim finds out how to end Moe's life. So he dresses up like a snack that tastes like cheese. Will he ever get Mighty Moe to eat the cheese snack?moreless
  • The Wrongest Yard: In order to become cool, Billy and Irwin join a football team, so they won't get bullied anymore. Meanwhile, Mandy took over Mindy's position as the new cheerleader captain. Druid, Where's My Car?: After getting his kite stuck in the tree, Billy, trying to take off the kite, throws many other things on the three, including Mandy. He asks Grim for a help, but Grim's powers are useless, as there is too much nature in the tree. They ask Basil the Druid for an assistance. He wants to help, but three druids are needed for the ritual, so Basil teaches Grim and Billy to the druid skills.moreless
  • The Crass Unicorn: There's trouble in the Enchanted Forest, and Billy finds a unicorn who is a real jerk. Billy & Mandy Begins: Billy, Mandy, and Grim each narrate a different version about how they met.
  • 3/21/06
    Herbicidal Maniac: Skarr was doing a lot of gardening in order to win the "Good Neighbor Award". When he spotted a weed, Skarr tries to exterminate it. He called Grim for assistance. Then Billy comes and ruins Skarr's garden with the mower. Strange glowing tendrils wrap Skarr around and gave him the powers to bring plants to life. Chaos Theory: While at Costmo, the gang finds out that everything is too orderly. After talking to Hoss Delgado about it, they discovered that's because he's dating Eris. There isn't that much chaos anymore. So it's up to them to "stop order from taking over."moreless
  • Modern Primitives: While Billy was trying to dig his way to the Earth's core, he stumbles upon a frozen caveman. It's Fred Flintstone! Grim and Billy thawed him out of the ice. Grim wants to reap Fred's soul, but Billy wants to keep him as a friend. At school, he presented the caveman to the class. Then Fred goes crazy and kidnaps Mrs. Butterbean. Giant Billy and Mandy All-Out Attack: Billy and Irwin go to mystical Japan to watch large monsters battle each other. Grim decides to take Billy and Irwin to see the monsters in action. He turns Billy into a giant warrior so that he can enjoy sparring with the giant turtle monster. Mandy comes to Japan to find Grim, Billy, and Irwin causing troubles.moreless
  • 3/22/06
    A Grim Day: When Grim gets a day off at the same time when Billy visits his grandma and Mandy does her home spa treatment, he spends his time dealing with huge lawn gnomes when Skarr takes his scythe. With both Billy and Mandy busy, he ends up getting help from Mindy and Pud'n. Pandora's Lunch Box: When a girl named Dora comes to Billy and Mandy's school, she and Mandy become instant friends. While watching Mindy and the cheerleaders, Dora tells Mandy that if she opens her lunchbox. There's something that could destroy Mindy. Since Mandy wants to destroy Mindy, she opens the lunchbox, unleashing evil demons shaped like food. It turns out that Dora is actually Pandora, and she tricked Mandy into unleashing all of the demons. Mandy, angry that Dora tricked her, stops the end of the world by sucking the demons and Dora into the lunchbox.moreless
  • Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons: Billy befriends the dragon that he is supposed to slay

    Fear and Loathing in Endsville: Grim takes cookies to Dracula his childhood hero, but Dracula doesn't like the cookies and breaks grim's spirit so to make it up to him Dracula offers Grim to come along with him to the Early bird buffet, but when Dracula insists on driving he crashes and they both wind up lost in the middle of a scorching desert.moreless
  • Hurter Monkey: Billy and Mandy get their own monkey butler after trading Grim, but Grim tries to return. Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus: Principal Goodvibes turns into a gangster rapper by a blast.
  • 1/6/06
    Billy Ocean: At the beach, Billy wants to dump sand on Grim for fun. Mandy told him to go swim in the ocean. While he's having fun, a whale ate Billy. Inside, he finds Pinnochio and his papa, Geppeto. Grim and Mandy had to find the whale and get Billy out of there. Hill Billy: Billy wants to learn how to juggle chickens. He visits the chicken juggler legend, and the background Billy's in is based on retro black-and-white cartoons. Grim and Mandy finds Billy as a retro cartoon character while juggling chickens and having fun. After Mandy yelled that she hates retro cartoons, the phonograph turns the whole world into a black-and-white cartoon from the 1920s. How will they go back to their normally modern and colorful selves again?moreless
  • 6/5/06
    Dad Day Afternoon: Grim tries to make his father think he is a country singer. Scary Poppins: When Billy's mother realizes that Mandy has become an eternal houseguest, Mandy returns home. But her parents can't deal with her and they hire a nanny.
  • Billy Ocean
    Episode 1.1
    Billy's adventure begins when he is eaten by a whale. Will it end when he's eaten by Pinocchio?
  • The Crass Unicorn
    Episode 13.1
    It's not all sunshine and lollipops in the Enchanted Forest, and only Billy can set things right.
  • Billy and Mandy Begins
    Billy and Mandy Begins
    Episode 13.2
    Billy, Mandy, and Grim each tell their own story about their first meeting.
  • Spidermandy
    Episode 12.1
    Jeff the Spider infects Mandy with the spider pox and kicks Billy out of his own bed. Both problems can only be solved if Billy confronts his fear of his estranged son.
  • Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus
    A misplaced scythe blast turns boring old Principal Goodvibes into an old school rapper determined to rule the school with a bling fist, a beat-boxing hippo and some really fly shoes.
  • Scary Poppins
    Scary Poppins
    Episode 10.2
    When Mandy pushes her parents too far, will an imported nanny be able to break her will.
  • Major Cheese
    Major Cheese
    Episode 3.2
    An absurd story about two kids, a spinny thing and the Grim Reaper dressed like a cheese flavored snack.
  • 1/20/06
    Billy has always loved everyone and a hippie way. But what happens when Billy finds his soul mate?
  • A Grim Day
    Episode 7.1
    What could be more exciting than a day off for the Grim Reaper? A day off with giant lawn gnomes proves to be a good start.
  • Pandora's Lunch Box
    Pandora's Lunch Box
    Episode 7.2
    More than just lunch lurks in the lost lunchbox of this little lady. Will Billy and Mandy succumb to the spectral sandwiches inside the sinister sarcophagus of snacks?
  • 5/12/06
    Billy wants to become a hero and must fight a dragon, but is he the hunter or the hunted? Or just plain stupid?
  • Dad Day Afternoon
    Episode 10.1
    The Grim Reaper must trick his father into believing he's a country rock star instead of the Messenger of Death.
  • Chaos Theory
    Chaos Theory
    Episode 6.2
    What happens when the Goddess of Chaos takes a holiday? Only her boyfriend knows for sure...
  • Herbicidal Maniac
    Episode 6.1
    Mr. Skarr is zapped by Grim's scythe and discovers that he has a green thumb. Literally.
  • The Wrongest Yard
    Episode 5.1
    Tired of being beaten up by jocks, Billy and Irwin join the football team in the hopes that they'll become cool enough that nobody will bother them anymore. It doesn't work.
  • Hill Billy
    Hill Billy
    Episode 1.2
    Billy set out on a heart-wrenching quest to make his life-long dream of juggling chickens come true.
  • Modern Primitives
    Episode 4.1
    Billy discovers a modern stone-age caveman buried in his front yard. Will the Neanderthal ascend the evolutionary ladder and blend in with modern society? Or will he go into a berserk caveman rampage?
  • Druid, Where's My Car?
    When Billy loses his kite in a giant oak tree, only a professional druid can save the day.
  • Terror Of The Black Knight; Battle Of The Bands; Halls Of Time