The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy - Season 7

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Billy Gets an "A"
    Episode 3.1
    Grim reluctantly changes Billy's test grade from an F to an A and reality is thrown completely off balance, prompting Mandy and Grim to go back in time and stop Grim from helping Billy.
  • Everything Breaks
    Episode 1.1
    Billy can't stop breaking everything in sight, so Mandy and Grim talk to Lord Pain, who takes Billy to Level 9. Billy has to keep breaking stuff until he's sick of it.
  • King Tooten Pooten
    King Tooten Pooten
    Episode 2.2
    Irwin meets his grandfather who wants Irwin to build a pyramid for himself - against his mummy mommy's wishes.
  • Nergal's Pizza: Nergal is opening up his own pizza franchise.

    Hey, Water You Doing?: A mermaid falls in love with Billy.
  • 9/21/07
    Dracula Must Die: Dracula's ex-best friend Lionel Van Helsing seeks revenge on him. Short Tall Tales: Grim tells three stories based on Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and John Henry.
  • Everything Breaks: With Lord Pain's help, Billy's destructive nature is discovered.

    The Show that Dare Not Speak Its Name: Billy fails to follow Grim's warning due to his boredom and it results in a house party of Netherworld.
  • The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door
    This crossover special revolves around Billy being rescued from his dad's "lucky pants", and attempts to use Grim's scythe to cut himself loose.
  • Billy Gets an "A": Billy gets an "A" on his test for the first time.

    Yeti or Not, Here I Come: Grim realizes that he forgot to reap the Yeti.
  • The Most Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever: Irwin and Nergal Junior discover romance.

    Detention X: Grim becomes a substitute teacher.
  • 3/16/07
    Company Halt: Skarr is lured back to the dark side when Evil Con Carne is re-established in his house.

    Anger Mismanagement: Mandy, Grim and Skarr get help to control their tempers.
  • The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E.: The Secret Snake Club helps Billy get out of P.E. class, but mayhem ensues. King Tooten Pooten: Irwin learns that he is last in a long line of Endsville's pharaohs.
  • 5/28/07
    Billy, Mandy and Grim are abducted by cheese-obsessed aliens from the moon.
  • Underfist: Halloween Bash
    A spin-off of the original series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy begins...

    One Halloween, Mindy dares Irwin to ring the doorbell of a scary looking house. After doing so,the house explodes and opens a portal in which an army of chocolate bar monsters from the underworld invade Endsville,lead by the marshmallow bunny. Later on, Mindy takes over the army and turns in to a wicked witch. She mutates all the chocolate bar soldiers in to monsters with a spell and plans to rain terror over the trick-or-treaters of the world. That's when Irwin, Hoss Delgado, Reginald Skarr, Jeff the spider, and Fred Fredburger get together and make a crime fighting team to stop the evil witch!moreless
  • Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

    A swashbuckling adventure that has Grim becoming stripped of his reaping powers by Boogey's vengenance. This time however, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin must get it back by discovering a secret treasure located in the murky seas before Boogey and his band of living pirates discover it. But if they do, they will use the treasure as a weapon to forever terrorize the entire planet!

  • Wrath of the Spider Queen
    When Grim’s past comes back to haunt him, Billy and Mandy must join forces with their greatest enemies to save the day from evil spiders trying to eat the whole world. And to do that, Billy must conquer his fear of spiders.
  • Waking Nightmare: Mandy's beauty sleep is interrupted by Billy.

    Beware of the Undertoad: Undertoad keeps dragging people down.
  • Nigel Planter & The Order of the Peanuts: Nigel wants to get revenge on the people at Toadblatt's School of Sorcery. The Incredible Shrinking Mandy: Grim is tired of how Mandy treats him and thinks he's found a way to get rid of his problem.
  • El Dia de Los Muertos Stupidos: Grim, Billy and Mandy try to stop the Luchadore from getting the gold fake nose. Heartburn: Grim's true heart camera identifies the true heart of others.
  • Heartburn
    Episode 10.2
    A special camera shows that how people are really are inside and Mandy discovers that Irwin is really half-good, half-evil.
  • Detention X
    Detention X
    Episode 7.2
    Grim becomes Billy and Mandy's new teacher, and sends all the students to the another dimsension called 'Detention X'.
  • "Wrath of the Spider Queen" When the Grim Reaper's past comes back to haunt him, Billy & Mandy must join forces with their greatest enemies to save the day.
  • "Wrath of the Spider Queen" When the Grim Reaper's past comes back to haunt him, Billy & Mandy must join forces with their greatest enemies to save the day.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mandy
    After a spell, mandy starts to grow.
  • Anger Mismanagement
    Anger Mismanagement
    Episode 5.2
    General Skarr, Grim and Mandy all attend Anger Management class.
  • Beware of the Undertoad
    A toad from the underworld tries to destroy Billy.
  • Waking Nightmare
    Episode 6.1
    Billy attempts to keep Mandy up all night so she will fail the following day's test.
  • Nigel Planter tries to destroy his school by going undercover as a teacher.
  • Company Halt
    Episode 5.1
    Evil Con Carne re-forms, but General Skarr begins to wonder if he made the right decision to re-join him.
  • Nergal's Pizza
    Episode 4.1
    Nergal and Grim open rival pizza joints, and use any means necessary to sabotage each others chance of success.
  • Yeti or Not, Here I Come
    Grim goes to reap an abominable snowman with the unwanted help of Billy and Mandy.
  • The Show that Dare Not Speak Its Name
    Grim leaves the house to meet someone, so Billy has no one to play with. He looks in Grim's trunk and finds a Rubix Cube. He fiddles with it, and then a mysterious purple being with bowling pins on his head appears, who wants to take over earth.
  • Dracula Must Die!
    Episode 8.1
    Van Helsing, Dracula's old best friend, is out to kill Dracula for stealing the woman of his dreams.
  • Short Tall Tales
    Short Tall Tales
    Episode 8.2
    Grim tells tall tales based with Billy, Mandy and Irwin as the main characters.