The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 12

Spidermandy / Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Spidermandy / Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred
Spidermandy: Mandy catches the spiderpox from Jeff. Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred: Grim becomes a "spokesmonster" for a high-profile company, and Fred Fredburger is the contest winner.

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C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt

Fred Fredburger / Yetis #1 & #2

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Maxwell Atoms

Maxwell Atoms

Jeff the Spider

Recurring Role

Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Principal Goodvibes

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Jeff shoots web from his butt, but SpiderMandy shoots web from her mouth.

    • Second reference to the fact that Mandy has no nose. The first was in The Trouble with Billy.

    • Look Hard: The square creature is wearing heels.

    • We see that Billy is wearing what seems to be a tux and is sleeping in front of Mandy's house, but after Mandy wakes up we see Billy again but he is in his normal clothes.

    • Jeff was hoping that Mandy, who he believed was his mother, would eat him. But spider babies eat their mothers, not the other way around.

    • If you notice when Billy is screaming from the brain freeze from the frozen yogurt, his cup has the flavors mint, vanilla, and raspberry in his cup. But then after Fred cries off to the freezer, Look at Billy's cup again, it has melted chocolate on the side of the cup.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Jeff: Will you be my mommy
      Mandy: Does a chicken wear underwear?

    • Fred: Whoa!
      Grim: Yes, it is I, the Grim--
      Fred: (Walks towards Mandy and starts pointing at her face) Look! No nose! No nose! No nose! No nose!
      Grim: Fred?!
      Fred: Yes?
      Grim: You have to leave. I'm waiting for a big fan to arrive.
      Fred: But, I won a contest. I wrote the best essay ever. My mama told me so. (the essay pops out of his trunk) See?
      Mandy: What's it say?
      Grim: "I WANT TO EET SUM FROZUN YOGERT." He gets 500 words of wish fulfillment, and that's all he put?
      Billy: He's obviously a man of simple pleasures.
      (Fred Fredburger pulls lamp chain)
      Fred: Whoa!
      (Turns lamp on and off frequently)
      Grim: Very simple.

    • Fred: (to Grim) Hi, Mister. My name is Fred Fredburger. I can spell my name real good. F-R-E-D F-R-E-D-B-U-R-...G-E-R. Fred Fredburger! Yes. Hey, guess what? I can fit two fingers in my belly button.

    • Mandy: Okay, first of all, Romeo, that is not a ring. It's a balloon.
      Billy: No, it's not! It's a rare fudge swirlian gemstone.
      Mandy: It's a balloon.
      Billy: No, it isn't.
      Mandy: Then open your hand.
      Billy: No!
      Mandy: Open your hand or I open your rib cage.
      (Billy lets go of the balloon)

    • Billy: (to Grim after Fred runs off crying) Eeeeeh... good going, yogurt killer.

    • Grim: Fred, come out of the freezer!
      Fred: (hysterically) AHHHHHHHHHH AHHH AHH AH!!!
      Grim: Please, Fred, the C.E.O.s are going to beat me up!
      Fred: (hysterically) AHHHHHHHHHH AHHH AHH AH!!!

    • (Somewhere far, far, far, FAR, away)
      (Yeti tickles Fred Fredburger's foot)
      (Fred laughs)
      Yeti #1: Hey, I found this guy and he's hungry. Can he share our food with us?
      Yeti #2: Sure, we have plenty of nacho's and frozen yogurt. Do you like nacho's and frozen yogurt?
      Fred: Yes! My name is... Fred Fredburger.
      Yeti #2: That's a good name. Can you spell it?

    • Grim: (while on a ride) See Fred, this is going to be great. There's nothing more fun than amusement park rides.
      Fred: Yes. (laughs once the ride starts)
      Grim: I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying yourself... Holy Moly!
      Fred: (flies out of the ride and soars into the sky, slowly disappearing; shouting) Fred Fredburger!

    • Grim: Billy, Mandy! What am I going to do? I'm dead meat if he doesn't have a good time.
      Mandy: Give me that essay.
      Grim: (hands Fred's essay to Mandy) Ok, but I don't see what this will--
      Mandy: (finished writing something else in Fred's essay and gives it back to Grim) Here.
      Grim: Oh, Fred? Hey, Fred, look. We haven't done everything on your list yet, see. You wrote that you want to go to Sassy Cat Land.
      Fred: I wrote that?
      Grim: Uh huh. You sure did, right?
      Billy: Yeah! Because you love all the fun rides!
      Mandy: And the silly characters.
      Billy: And the hot dogs and nachos and--
      Fred: I like nachos. Yes!

    • Fred: (eats yogurt) AAGH! AAH! (eats yogurt) AAGH! AAH! (eats yogurt) AAGH! AAH!
      Billy: (eats yogurt) AAGH! AAH! (eats yogurt) AAGH! AAH!
      Fred: AAGH!
      Billy: AAGH!
      Fred: AAGH!
      Billy: AAGH!
      Mandy: It's like stupid in stereo.
      Fred: AAGH!
      Billy: I SAID AAGH!

    • Fred: I like frozen yogurt. (licks glass) Hey, this frozen yogurt tastes like invisible.
      Grim: You gotta pick a flavor first. Any flavor you choose. Just tell the nice man what you want.
      Fred: Oh boy! Hey, what flavor is that brown one?
      Employee: Chocolate.
      Fred: I like chocolate. Yes. Hey, what flavor is that green one?
      Employee: Mint.
      Fred: I like mint, mint, mint, mint, mint. Hey, what flavor is that brown one?
      Employee: Chocolate.
      Fred: I like chocolate. Yes. Hey, what flavor is the green?
      Grim: Look, the green one is mint, and the brown one is chocolate. Got it?
      Fred: Yes. Hey, what flavor is the--
      Grim: Just get him both flavors.
      Employee: Do you want toppings on that, sir?
      Fred: What kind of--
      Grim: All the toppings!

    • (Doorbell rings)
      Grim: Oh, here he is. The contest winner! Now remember, I'm a big-shot idol to this guy. So when he sees me, he may start, well you know, screaming and crying and lose control of his bladder, so be ready.
      (Doorbell rings)
      Fred: Yes!
      (Doorbell rings)
      Fred: Yes!
      (Doorbell rings)
      Fred: Yes!

    • (Grim turns TV off after the commercial ended)
      Grim: (to Billy and Mandy) Not bad, eh?
      Billy: You look fat on TV.
      Grim: Thanks. Thanks for that.
      Mandy: Why would anyone want to win a day with you?
      Grim: You two gremlins are looking at the hottest new spokesperson in the underworld.
      Billy: You're not that exciting you know.
      Grim: Says the boy who eats his boogers on toast.

    • Lady Bird: Honey, please come out of the bathroom.
      Male Bird: No!
      Lady Bird: But it's been 15 days. Oh, if only someone famous who could tell us what to do.
      (Lady Bird gasps)
      Grim: The Grim Reaper!
      Lady Bird: You're a big time underworld celebrity.
      Grim: That's right and when us big-time celebrities need to make a big move, we use big move laxatives. now with 30% more fibertol!
      Lady Bird: That's a lot of fibertol.
      Grim: Just imagine this traffic jam is you trying to go to the bathroom. Big move laxatives get things moving again.
      Male Bird: Ahh. You're looking at a new monster. Don't go in there.
      Male Bird: No, seriously, don't go in there.
      Grim: Big move laxatives, when it's time to make your move, make it a big move. Now you can win a chance to spend a day with me, the famous Grim Reaper. Courtesy of big move. Just write in 500 words or less of all the fun things we'd do. Contest rules on each pill. Enter today.

    • Mandy: If at first you don't succeed, you're not me.

    • Mandy: 3 A.M. It's either a blood-sucking vampire or Billy with some dimwit plan that includes me. Please, please, be a vampire.

    • Fred: Oh, no! You... killed... my yogurt!

    • Fred: Hey, what flavor is that brown and yellow one?
      Employee: Chocolate banana.
      Fred: I like both chocolate and bananas, yes. Hey, what flavor is that pink one?
      Employee: Strawberry.
      Fred: Hey, what flavor is that orange one?
      Employee: Orange.
      Fred: Mmm. Hey, what flavor is that greyish-white one?
      Yeti: I taste like nachos. Yes.

  • NOTES (13)