The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 12

Spidermandy / Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Fred Fredburger!

    I thought the Fred episode was too short. Also. I think C. H. Greenblatt came up with the name Fred Fredburger. Mainly because he super hilarous. Many people don't like Fred. But. The name sure is funny. And, everyone is spiders! And, Billy's being a idiot. 3:00 of course. He has to be at Mandy's at 3:00 A.M. And, I can't belive C. H. Greenblatt wrote the Fred episode by himself. But, I write all the episodes of my TV show by myself. I hope my TV show becomes real. And, another episode of a TV show done. The End. Stop reading.
  • two awesome storys

    Spidermandy - Mandy gets infected with the spiderpox and becomes a spider and starts chasing Billy, trying to eat him. Billy gets help from Jeff the spider (who gave the spiderpox to Mandy). Billy cures Mandy and tells Jeff to go away and never come back. Billy drinks a cup of spider venom, but Grim saves him. It turns out allof Endsville got infected by Mandys spiderpox and all became spiders.

    Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred - Fred fredburger returns as he wins a contest (he was the only entrant). Grim has to give Fred a good time, or hes in big trouble. Grim takes Fred to a frogurt store, where he tries to get a good picture but has many unsuccessful attempts. Grim spills Fred frogurt, upseting him. They take Fred to Sassy Cat Land where Fred is sent flying. Grim gets fired from the commercial and gets punched, repeatedly beaten with clubs and has hot coffee thrown on him. Some yetis find Fred and Fred is happy, as the yetis are like him.
  • It was okay

    The Spidermandy episode wasn't anything special, the be a fred be very a fred episode was strange. I loved Fred Fred Burger and it was funny enough but not much happend, most of it was set in the frozen yoghurt place. I would of liked to see where they could of gone with it but all of Fred's speech dragged on too long. I would like to see more of him but not another whole episode based on him. Also I want to know what that Spongebob-like demon was all about.

    I want to eat some frozen yoghurt.

    I want to eat some frozen yoghurt.
  • We love you Fred!

    we . . . all . . . must . . . love . . . fred . . . fredburger . . . we . . . must . . . worship . . . him! He is coolness and funny funny funny funny... and why does he like nachos so much? Too many nachos will spoil your appetite! >.< Oh well, let him do what he wants... And why must he think that the grim reaper having no nose be so amazing? I mean, what if we pulled off his trunk? Would he be amazed by that too?
  • I totally love this episode!

    I like both of these episodes, but I like 'Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred' better. The reason why is because it's about Fred Fredburger. He is so hilariously funny! I never knew he liked frozen yogurt. This marks the very first time I've heard Fred say he likes frozen yogurt, and the second time I've heard him say he likes nachos. He was funnier in his last appearance, 'Keeper of the Reaper'. I like 'Spidermandy' okay, though. I've never seen Grim roll his own head before. Mandy catches spiderpox from Jeff, and Billy must use Jeff's spider venom to cure her. Then, everyone Billy touches with his unwashed hands, and everyone they touched turned into spiders. Billy also tells Jeff to leave and never come back. I give 'Spidermandy' a C, and 'Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred' a B.
  • Spidermandy is about mandy geting a bad case of the spider pox.And be very a fred is about fred fredburger wins a contest and got to spend the day with grim they eat frozen yogurt and go to sassy cat land but fred fredburger flys out of the ride.fred cool

    Well in spidermandy Jeff the spider gives Mandy a case of bad the spider pox.and mandy turns into a spider with four arms. And trys killing everyone but Billy saves the day.And in be very a fred be very very a fred. Fred FredBurger wins a contest and gets to stay with Grim for a day and Fred keeps ringing the door bell but if Grim screwed up he whold get fired. And that happends grim gat fired because Fred FredBurger fly of a sassy cat land ride. But Fred din not die.He got discovered by the white people that talk like him.
  • spidermandy: this episode is about mandy getting spider pox off jeff the spider. she turns into a hidious evil monster and tries to kill them. be afred: this is about fred fredburger winning a contest to go for frozen yogurt with grim,and has a surprise.

    i think spidermandy is a cool episode. i especially like how mandy looks as the big evil spider!! im saving all this room for my next review, FRED FREDBURGER 2!!!! i think this is the funniest episode since the keeper of the reaper ( fred fredburger 1) i cant believe how funny it was when he met the yeti's that speak like him and have nachos and frozen yogurt. i thought it was really sad when he cried because he is usually such a happy green elephant. these two episodes are really cool so together i gave them a 9.6 as a score in this review cant wait to see if they come out with a fred fredburger 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!$jimmyjr$
  • When Grim is a spokes monster FredFredBurger enters a contest to win a day with grim.He wins.When he got there he said he wants frozen yogurt.So they got it but when billy makes grim mad, grims spills freds yogurt.Then they go on a ride and fred falls off

    Fred Fred Burger Is the funniest green elaphant monster thing ever to live! If they make another episode of Fred Fred Burger its sure to be great. Although they may not since he flew to a differant planet at the end of Be Af-Fred, Be Very Af-Fred. But mabey he will get rescued.
  • Nice and sadistic.

    Of both episodes, Spidermandy is by far the better episode. I like shows that are gross and absurd. That's why I watch the Grim Adventures. It was also a funny episode. I liked when Billy first saw Mandy during her transformation. the line where she said that Billy didn't want to know where web was coming from was hilarious. I also liked the scene when Mandy was trying to rip Jeff's head off and then got cured seconds later. The ending was also good. Jeff is also a good character and episodes with him are usually good. All in all, this is one of the strongest episodes in the series.

    Be a Fred, Be Very A Fred was not as good, but honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this episode. It's not that I hate Fred Fredburger. I think he's a great character. He's just not a good character to have the main focus of an episode. This is the same problem the the episode Fear and Loathing in Endsville had by bringing back Dracula. Fred's first appearance in Keeper of the Reaper was great because he was not the main focus. The plot with Grim being a spokeperson was also weak. It seemed out of character. I still found this episode to be funny, though. Fred did have some good lines and the parts with his essay were also great. Though funny, it just wasn't a very strong episode and is, in my opinion, overrated.
  • grim is a celebrity....

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  • Spider Pox and the Return of Fred Fredburger

    Once again, Billy experiences another spider-related phobia when Jeff came over to sleep in Billy's bedroom. Unlike the chicken pox, spider pox gives the infected person or animal spider powers, two extra pairs of arms, and a second pair of eyes. At the last symptom, you become a full-fledged demon spider. This is more interesting than Spider-Man. Mandy is the first to catch the spider pox. The only cure for spider pox is the venom from the sick spider's fangs. Billy had to splash the venom onto Spider-Mandy to turn back to normal. The grossest part was that she almost bit Jeff's head off. Billy is the only one who isn't infected by the spider pox, but the rest of the people in Endsville were. Billy's spider nightmare continues!

    This marks the second time Fred Fredburger makes his appearance in the series. In this second segment, Grim advertised laxatives to the people of the Nether Realms. Fred was the only one who entered the contest to spend the day with Grim. Although this episode was suppose to be about Grim, it focuses mostly about Fred Freburger. Besides the fact he likes nachos, he also likes to eat frozen yogurt. When Fred and Billy were eating frozen yogurt, they were screaming from brain freeze. Then Mandy writes another sentence in Fred's essay he would like to visit Sassy Cat Amusement Park. Fred went on for a joyride, but then he was launched into the sky far away. The Netherworld spokespeople beat up Grim for the loss of Fred Fredburger. Meanwhile, in the middle of the arctic regions, Fred finds himself surround by the yetis with similar personalities as his.

    I just wish that Billy would learn to overcome his ridiculous fear of spiders, and Jeff. Ever since Billy hatched the egg, he becomes totally freaked out by Jeff the Spider. And I can't wait to see Fred Fredburger again in another episode. I have to admit, Fred is very funny in so many ways.