The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 1

Spider's Little Daddy / Tricycle of Terror

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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    This is one of my favorite episodes of Billy & Mandy. I really loved to watch these episodes when they come on!

    Spider's Little Daddy
    Billy's "son" Jeff the spider is sad that Billy hates him. He keeps trying to make Billy apprieciate him, but Billy still hates him. So Mandy teaches Jeff to be mean so he could get Billy to be nice to him. Jeff can't stop being nice, so Mandy eventually quits because Jeff is too nice. As Mandy leaves the room and tells Grim to clean her house, Grim says really mean stuff about Mandy, which jeff says to Billy! Then, out of fear that Jeff will kill him, Billy says he loves Jeff.

    Trycicle of Terror
    My favorite episode! When Billy's bike breaks, he gets a new trycicle from a creepy kid in a magic porti-potty! But when Billy shows off his trycicle, which he named "Trykie", to his friends Irwin and Puddin, they make fun of him. As Billy runs into his house crying, something attacks Irwin and Puddin'! Later, as Billy is riding his new tryke, the neighborhood bully, Sperg, beats Billy up and throws trykie off a cliff! But somehow, the trycicle comes back to attack Sperg! When Grim and Mandy find out about this, they try to destroy the trycicle and tell Billy that its haunted, Billy won't listen. As They try to destroy the trycicle, it starts to attack! Mandy quickly destroys it by smashing it under the garage door! And thus our story ends, if you've been paying attention to this review its 'cause you're a nerd with nothing better to do! Just Kidding!
  • Your tricycle is possesed by an evil force!

    These are both superb episodes. Tricycle of Terror is better and I can easily say that it's perfect, simply every momment is hillarius. Spider's Little Daddy wasn't that funny, but the plot and twisted moral of the episode was simply superb.

    Spider's Little Daddy:
    Jeff the Spider(who thinks that Billy is his father) returns, but Billy is still afraid of him. Mandy tells him how to gain Billy's love: He has to be evil and mean. So Mnady teaches him how to be evil. She talks to him over the headphones what to say, but he simply can't be evil and Mandy gives up. But when she left the room and Grim came to do Mandy's chores, he Grim starts yelling at Mandy's picture and his speach hits Jeff(who was listening to that over the headphones) in the right spot and he go nuts and attacks Billy yelling: "That's it! There is no more Mr. Good Spider! LOVE ME DAD! LOOOOOOVE MEEEEEEEE!!!". Epilog: Jeff, Mandy and Grim are sitting in the living room playing video games, and Mandy asks Jeff what did he do to Billy. Jeff says: "It's good to have a father. Isn't that right, Dad?". Then we see Billy in spider web hanging from the floor, crying: "I love you.. I love you... I love you...", and Jeff happily says "Oh shut up, Dad.". Mandy gives him a thumb up.

    Tricycle of Terror:
    This episode is simply an ultimate hillariusness(is that a real word)! It makes me LOL me every time. Billy gets a haunted tricycle(he calls him Triky) and, of course, everyone starts mocking him for riding a tricycle. But Triky revenges to them all. Now Mandy and Grim must destroy the tricycle, but Billy refuses to believe that his beloved tricycle is a "meany". I simply can't count all LOL moments, but the most memorabe is a crazy crow narrating: "That's the end of our story. If you've been paying attention, it's because you're a nerd with nothing better to do. What of Billy, you ask. He got a new unicycle. And what of everyone else? Who cares, they all bore the snot out of me. THEEEEEE EEEEEEND!!!!"

  • The Sidewalk ends...

    The Sidewalk Ends, and so does Season 2, the start of season 3 was okay, but I wouldn't start it with Jeff. Personally in my opinion, I would honestly say Tricycle of Terror was the better one of them, although it was pretty boring, but it packed a better punch than Spider's Little Daddy.
  • If you have been paying attention its because you're a nerd with nothing else better to do. And what about everyone else? Who cares? They bore the snot out of me. THE ENNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD!

    Spider's Little Daddy/Tricycle of Terror was the first episode of Season 3. It was a good episode for an opener.

    Spider's Little Daddy was continued from The Crawling Niceness where Billy asked the exterminator to take away Jeff, but in this episode, Jeff returns to Billy. Billy still hates him as usual. Then, while Grim and Billy were playing, the gag of "Aw, this game cheats!' was hilarious. Back to the plot, Jeff asks Mandy how to be mean. I also have troubles with being mean as I have a very small mean gland too! It was a shame Mandy gave up on Jeff but when Jeff heard Grim talking on the phone angrily, he did the same to billy and wrapped him up. It the end, Billy said he loved Jeff so timidly. This episode seems to be one of my favourite ones.

    The next episode, Tricycle of Terror, seems like a halloween-like episode as the tricycle got violent. The story starts when Billy is off riding his bicycle. But, he knocks his bicycle and his face gets skin tear (like how the Haoppy Tree Friends have!). His nose gets fixed and so does his face (How?). He ran into bad luck when his bike got smashed by a tree and a meteor. WHen Billy gets sad of no bike, the crow starts to appear. He seemed to have that funny style with the robe and the hat. As Billy got laughed by Iirwin and Pud'n for is new "Trykie", he runs home. But little did he know that Trykie was haunted. The second half of the show seemed a good time for Mandy to appear. She looked quite scared but instead of hurting Billy, she helps him here. The story seemed quite scary.
    The ending was when the Crow said what I said in the summary but I still wonder how they managed to get "they bore the snot out of me" and "butt" uncensored.
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