The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 9

Super Zero / Sickly Sweet

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Super Zero / Sickly Sweet
Super Zero: Billy wants to be a superhero and fight the Evil Empire.

Sickly Sweet: Grim and Billy place the Mask of the Beast on Mandy's face.

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  • This was a good Season 4 opener, even though nothing is different from Season 3.

    Super Zero/Sickly Sweet is one of my favourite episodes of the series as each of them provided the viewers with character development.

    Super Zero wasn't so great but it was very funny. I liked the hydrogenated parts and I also was gross-laughing at Harold when he ate his brain! The only bad thing about this episode was that Grim was bullied by Harold, the old squirrel and Mandy.

    Unlike The_Huntsman, I liked Sickly Sweet better and I think this is one of my favourite episodes. This episode provided us with the chraracter of Mandy and what she does everyday. She looked quite cute when she was the beast. The only bad parts were the parts when Billy and Grim were bullying her more than she does to them and I think the bath was going too far. Nevertheless, the ending was realistic and good and I liked it, it seemed Mandy wanted to be bad rather than sweet.

    In the next episode about Mandy, "The Nerve", Mandy will have some character development again and we will see what makes her mean. "The Nerve" seems to be the sequel to "Sickly Sweet"moreless
  • Nicely done

    Super Zero and Sickly Sweet were two Super Sweet episodes, although I happened to see Sickly Sweet a little more sickly than Super Zero. Super Zero was pretty good, in which Billy becomes a "Super Zero" and goes to a faraway galaxy never to return, but thanks to Mr. Annoying Winston, he gets sent back to Eeeeearth.
  • Scary thought a idiot with super powers

    First of all I would really like to know what the advertsising for the yoghurt says. I only catch half of it and it would be a great quote to have.

    Billy having super powers is a scary idea the kids just a idiot well most superheros are not too bright either but Billy could hardly control a runny nose. Would you really like to depend on him to save you from a meteor? Nuh uh.moreless
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    • Billy: Well, hey, little critter! You're a tough little guy too, aren't choo?
      (The cute creature smiles weakly) I'll name you Winston. Hop aboard Winston! (drops Winston and flys off the yogurt-covered planet)

    • Billy: Hello? Evil empire? Legion of doom? Pleasant society? Threat to mankind, ehh?
      (Billy throws a rock over him and it crashes on a cute, space creature)
      Billy: Gosh, I wish there was an evil empire to exterminate around here. (looks down at the ground) Unless... (gasps) It's an evil empire so small it can't be seen by the human eye!

    • Mandy: So, Grim. Have you seen Billy yet?
      (Billy's Dad picks his nose, picks his brain out from it, and eats it.)
      Grim: Yes... I've seen him...

    • Grim: (Takes out notepad and pencil) What can I get you for, Billy?
      Billy: OH OH OH! I wanna be GREEN!
      Grim: Ok, green!
      Billy: Spring green.
      Grim: Spring green!
      Billy: (Squeals) Oh, and I wanna squeak!
      Grim: Ehh, squeak?
      Billy: Yeah. Everytime I move.

    • Grim: Well, we knew this was going to happen from the start.
      Billy: Yeah, but it was worth it.
      Grim: I just hope we don't need to sit down for a couple of weeks.
      Mandy: (kicking Billy and Grim as a pure dragon-donkey demon) Well, a girl's got to have her principles. (brays loudly and kicks the TV screen)

    • Grim: What do you want, Billy?
      Billy: Grim I want super powers!
      Grim: (confused) What?
      Mandy: You heard him, Grim.
      Billy: Yeah, you heard him,Grim!
      Mandy: Super powers.
      Billy: Super Powers!!
      Grim: What would a backwards idiot like you do with super powers?
      Billy: (thinking hard) Hmmm... I wanna fight the evil empire!
      Grim: The evil empire? That would mean you would have to travel billions of light years away... to another galaxy... (smiles) You would be gone for month's on end.
      Billy: Maybe forever!
      Grim: (in total shock) Forever?!

    • Mandy: What is this?
      Grim: Orange juice?
      Mandy: Wrong. It's a empty orange juice container. Somebody drank it all. Perhaps they want me to get scruvy from lack of vitamin C.
      Billy: It was Grim! Grim drank the juice, broke your computer, and watched my mom and dad's special DVD!

    • Grim: Normal?! There is nothing normal around here!
      Mandy: You heard him, Grim. Normal.
      Billy's Dad: Yeah, normal.
      Grim: (groans in frustration)
      Billy: Normal!

    • Irwin: Don't worry, Mandy. The tail makes you look exotic. (Mandy growls like a dragon at Irwin as he trembles and sweats in fear) And the mask is cute, too.
      Mandy: Ah, what mask?
      Billy: Guffaw! (laughing uncontrollably) Yeah.
      Mandy: Billy, what have you done?!
      Billy: I'd go easy on the insults if I were you, Mandy. Or else! (laughing)
      Mandy: I'll insult you whenever I want to, you blithering nincompoop! Now they what's up with this mask before I crush your skull like an acorn.
      Billy: Okay, Mandy. Let me give it to you in layman's terms. Grim and me was getting tired of you bossing around, see? So I put the Mask of the Beast on you. And now, if you keep being mean to us, you're gonna turn into a horrible, hideous monster! (raspberries)
      Mandy: (trying to pull the mask off her face) I don't believe this! Ow!! (Billy laughing as Mandy struggles to get the mask off)

    • Mandy: Billy, cut it out before I pull your tongue out through your nose.

    • Grim: Turn that frown upside-down!

    • Grim: (angrily to Billy while metal gloves punching him) I told you not to look in me trunk! I told you not read me diary! And now you're going taking things from the pockets of me robe!

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