The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 11

Test of Time / A Kick in the Asgard

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 15, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Test of Time: Billy wakes up and waits for the bus stop. 18 hours earlier, he has a book report on what he picked. Irwin got The Canadian Revolution and Mandy has the Drum Music from the Revolution. Billy is slacking off (as usual) and Irwin keeps bugging him through the phone. Later, Grim gives Billy a Universal Remote Control that can let Billy control time so he can finish his report, but Billy goes off and plays with it. Mandy finds out and goes to the Revolution, then they're off into the future and find the old Billy just as he finished his book report. Billy has an idea, to flush the report down the toilet, both Billys were laughing. All three are fighting for the remote control until Old Billy and Mandy are scrambled into time, while Billy (who broke the remote) goes back to the prehistoric era and falls in love with an ugly cave woman. 25 million years later, something very strange happened.

A Kick in the Asgard: Billy is bored until he finds the joy of static electricity! While rubbing his feet on rugs, he shocks his cat, mom, and dad, then he was kicked out. Mandy and Grim are on the sidewalk talking about beating up leprechauns. Billy shocks Grim and grabs his scythe, later he vanish into thin air, dropping the scythe. Mandy wonders if they could try to find Billy, but Grim rather forget about the idiot, go back to her house, and order a pizza. Suddenly, the scythe brought one of the Norse warriors to the present time. Billy is on a rainbow and a pony kicks him. Later, Billy is in Asgard, where Norse gods and warriors fight to the death. Billy is given a tour and finds out that he has unlimited access to a fountain which seems to be like root beer. Billy later goes to some den area where all the warriors are eating. Later, they fight to the death. Billy talks to Thor, god of thunder, and tells him that fighting is wrong. Later, Thor is killed and so is Billy. Then, for some inconsequential reason, their both back in the den. Mandy and Grim are finally in Asgard and find that Billy is playing with Thor's hammer, killing all the other warriors. Billy doesn't want to go back. Then Grim is hit with the hammer and is back at the house. And now they will use the crazy guy as Billy.
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