The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 4 Episode 3

The Bad News Ghouls / The House of No Tomorrow

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • billy is very dum in this episode the most stupins he as ever bin

    billy is very dum in this episde you'll hate him in this episode for being so dum a 1 year old is smarter than him but a interesting episode and very funny the house of no torrmore is a little better than the other on well thats my review bye.
  • The Bad News Ghouls was kind of boring. The House of No Tomorrow on the other hand was very interesting.

    I gave it a 7.9 because The Bad News Ghouls was very boring. I\'m not a major baseball fan you see and I\'m sorry if I offended all you baseball fans. But the second episode was great. I loved The House of No Tomorrow! Even though it looks like it\'s been done before it seemed like an original episode in my opinion. It was about Billy, Mandy and Grim at Sassy Cat Land and the lines were way too long so they break into a closed exhibit and learn that the world would be taken by robots. My grade A-
  • my favorate episode!

    Bad News Ghouls: billy has a baseball team and they all really stink at baseball, mandy tells billy that she needs to be in the team, but billy disagree's, saying girls can't play baseball, so she becomes disquised as a boy named manfred. but can they still win the game?

    The House Of No Tommorow: lines are way too long at sassycat land so billy and mandy decide to go into and old abandoned ride called "the house of tomorow" but when billy asks the master computer too many questions, the MC over loads and sends all the robots to attack billy and mandy! will they get out...alive?
  • A home run episode!

    What I really liked about these 2 episodes was the way it was written. Bad News Ghouls was a parody of an old movie (they're remaking it in 2005), Bad News Bears. But I really enjoyed The House of Tomorrow alot. It was a hilarious episode of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I loved the part when Billy sang, Sassy cat, sassy cat, full of sass, full of sass! If you don't like her you can kiss, her butt!!! Laugh out Loud. One of the most funniest quotes I've heard from Billy and Mandy. I believe this episode deserves 1000000000000000000000000000 *lets breath out* 00000000000000000000000000 and 2 thumbs up for a great episode.
  • I didn't like [part of] this episode for the same reason I didn't like Who Killed Who?. I did like the 'good (if you know what I mean)' part of Bad News Ghouls and The House of No Tomorrow.

    Billy uses his sexism again on this episode, but the level of insult is higher that the one used in Who Killed Who? because it is a fact that girls can indeed play baseball. It is also the stupidity of Bad News Ghouls that I didn't like also, mainly because Mandy scores a home run, whereas Billy finds it as a problem to baseball, but that can be attributed to the idiocy that is Billy.

    The House of No Tomorrow is what I find a parody of a possible Sanrio theme park [in Japan]. I did like the Master Computer, as it brings back memories from Dexter's Lab.

    Original rating: 9 of 10 (take away 4 for the sexism in Bad News Ghouls and -1 for the baseball idiocy) (add 2 for the credibility of The House of No Tomorrow)
    Final rating: 6 of 10

    It could do better without (once again) Billy's sexism.