The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 13

The Crass Unicorn / Billy & Mandy Begins

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Crass Unicorn: Billy tells how his day at school went. The kids did terrible things to him, including taking his lunch money (even Harold wanted Billy's money), calling him a loser, and suggesting that he sell himself to science. Billy thinks that Grim and Mandy are not being positive, so he wants to go to a magical place. Grim transports them to the Enchanted Forest. Billy likes the forest, until he meets a rude unicorn named Mary Frances. He wants to change her attitude, however Mandy warns him that he cannot force change on someone. Billy tries this anyways and when he uses psychology, Mary suddenly receives a vision about why she is so mean. It started when darkness came to the forest (this is when the show premiered). The unicorns tried to flee by swimming in the water. Mary could not go because she couldn't swim. After hearing the story, Billy teaches her to swim. Mary believes she is ready to swim with the other unicorns and walks to the place where the unicorns fled. They come back and make fun of Mary Frances, which is similar to the way the students at school make fun of Billy. Mary becomes sad and kicks Billy in the head. Billy wakes up and doesn't remember anything so they replace Billy with Mary. Mary asks Grim to pass the popcorn. Meanwhile, the unicorns poke fun at Billy and he now enjoys the Enchanted Forest. One of the unicorns pops his float with its horn and he drowns. Billy & Mandy Begins: Grim, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin are stuck in a pit with a dangerous monster about to eat them so Irwin wants to know how they met. Billy narrates that it took place in a galaxy named Steve. Billy and Mandy are seeking for ultimate power, which they could obtain from the Grim Reaper. They go to the Rome to find the Grim Reaper's bones, next they visit the Tomb of Ra to find his cloak, and last they go to the Amazon and get Grim's head. Then they put Grim together in a potion and he comes alive again, vowing to become their servent for eternity, then they dance. Then Grim told his own version that he is the most powerful creature in the underworld and he gets a call and has to set off to Mr. Haubnobban's palace. He then gets captured by Billy and Mandy. He then escapes and they fight. Mandy chops off Grim's hand and Billy blasts him in a ray, which then leaves him vulnerable to be caught and put in a tiny box. Mandy tells what actually happened when she and Billy first met Grim. Then Irwin asks how they got trapped, and Mandy told him that they fell into the well with the sea serpent 10 minutes ago. Billy is about to tell the story, but they fall at get eaten by the sea serpent.
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