The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 13

The Crass Unicorn / Billy & Mandy Begins

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Billy and Mandy meets "The Last Unicorn." And I though this show couldn't get any better.

    I adore this show for its obscure mythological references and this one was superb. "The Crass Unicorn" is an episode-long reference to "The Last Unicorn," in which a unicorn quests to find her kin who have all been herded into the sea at the pleasure of an evil king. But while Amalphea and Mary-Francis are both lonely unicorns, they have little else in common. This episode turns the pink-sugar-sparkle niceness of unicorns upside-down and shakes it til its teeth fall out. Billy, who is sick of the negativity of the real world demands that Grim take him to a magical land of happiness. This is where he meets Mary-Francis, a jaded unicorn who has abandoned her herd because of their callous rudeness. Mary-Francis' dry wit and refusal to fit into Billy's concept of what a unicorn should be drive him to try and reform her. Hilarity and many kicks to the face ensue, as Mandy reminds him that "you can't force change." Favorite part:

    In his attempt to reform Mary-Francis Billy subjects the unicorn to psychoanalysis. He plays a word association game with her. Billy: Happy...

    Mary-Francis: Dooky

    Billy: Sad...

    Mary-Francis: Poop-doopy

    Billy: Funny...

    Mary-Francis: Cow patty

    Billy: Deep...

    Mary-Francis: Assault and battery

    Billy: Guilt...

    Mary-Francis: Food, baby

    Billy: Ugly...

    Mary-Francis: Your mama

    The actress delivers these lines so beautifully! I rofl every time I watch it.

    This one has a permanent place in my DVR's memory.
  • Billy meets a rude unicorn, and Billy,Mandy, and Grim tell how they met.

    The first episode the Crass Unicorn is about a unicorn that Billy meets. Billy tries to change the rudeness of the unicorn, but Mandy tells him you can't change people. This episode was enjoyable. I found the usual amount of humor in the episode. This episode was good but not great. There is also Billy and Mandy Begins. Which Billy,Mandy, and Grim reminisce about how they first met. This was quite funny because they each have very weird, but strangely funny stories. I would have to say Billy and Mandy Begins was the better episode. I reccomend this as usual funny episode of Billy and Mandy.
  • Billy & Mandy begins!

    I hated the episode 'The Crass Unicorn' because it starred a unicorn who is a real jerk! But for 'Billy & Mandy Begins', I like that episode so much. Billy's version of the story starts in a galaxy called 'Steve', they then went to ancient Egypt to get the Grim Reaper's skull. They went to Rome to get the robe, then after a long nap, Grim gave them ultimate power to dance. Grim's version was pretty silly 'cause when he wanted to reap Mr. Hobnobbins, it was really Billy. Grim and Mandy had a fight. Mandy's version showed exactly what happened.
  • The Rude Unicorn and Flashbacks

    Billy wanted Mandy and Grim to be positive, but she keeps telling him that he cannot force changes in other people. I have to agree with Mandy, because some people are fine the way they are. When Billy met Mary Frances, he's been trying to get her to be nice. But instead, she'd rather be a jerk like the rest of the other unicorns. Even though Mandy hates unicorns, she actually likes hanging out with Mary Frances because of her negative attitude. So Grim and Mandy replaces Mary Frances with Billy.

    While Billy, Mandy, Grim, and Irwin are trapped in a well with a sea serpent, Billy told the story of how he and Mandy first met Grim. It was based on one of the "Indiana Jones" movies. One part where Billy makes Mandy look like a nice person, Mandy gets ticked off, and changed him mind about her. Grim explained how he first met those two kids. His side of the story was based on "Star Wars" and the capture was like in the "Ghostbusters" series. Mandy told the real origin that took place since this series began. It was from the first episode made by Maxwell Atoms. In the end, the gang gets devoured by the sea serpent.

    So many episodes of Billy and Mandy, yet they can be quite interesting at some time. Irwin now knows how Billy and Mandy first met Grim. Sadly, Irwin made his first appearance from "Get Out of My Head".
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