The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 2 Episode 6

The Crawling Niceness / Smarten Up / The Grim Show

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Crawling Niceness is an A episode, others are also very good.

    Like I said, they were all good episodes. Crawling Niceness is the best, but the other two are pretty good.

    Crawling Niceness: I love Jeff the Spider! When I first saw him gigantic, it made me LOL. But when Billy calls Mandy at 3AM because there is a "very scary bug" in his room, it was just hilarius. Also, another highlight is that cowboy in "#Killmobil 17", especially "I'll need a big boot" line.

    Smarten Up: Another great episode. It was a bit plotless, but Milkshakes trying to teach Billy had some very good laughs.

    Grim Show: Yet another great episode. There were some very good lines, and the funniest scene was Grim's show, the scene with the Dracula. Only the ending scene was bad, but I guess they couldn't think of some other way to end the epsisode.
  • Just... okay

    Yeah, just as I put down, The Crawling Niceness, Smarten Up, and The Grim Show was just out of character. Pretty boring too. Out of all of these, Smarten Up was probably the best one. The "bookworm" comes into town to help Billy, but Billy gets all stupid with him, 2 + 2 = President Lincoln!
  • The Crawling Smartness was a good one, Smarten Up was a funny one but The Grim SHow was a very sad and bad one.

    THe Crawling Smartness was the middle ranked cartoon in this episode. This episode brought out a new recurring character, Jeff. This episode was handled well but I felt some parts of this episode could have been handled better. Though, i am not sure how to say it.

    SMarten Up was the best segment in this episode. I liked the bookworm's anger and Billy's stupidity in this episode. I really hope Billy passes that Math test!

    The Grim SHow was just horrible for me. I mean, Mandy was the one who told him to go down the street. And besides, i don't believe any fan would be laughing when they showed his footage. Big deal! WHY would despicable supernatural creatures laugh at him? They are retards! Anyway, if Grim doesnt want to do Mandy's chores, Mandy must leave him! Its not HIS chores anyway. SO, as a fan of this show i would not recommend you to laugh at THe Grim SHow because it is very sad indeed.