The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 14

The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • this episode is cool but there is one thing i dident like.....

    ok this episode is very good first of all but the thing i dident like was that it was SHORT if it was an hour i would have loved it but it was only 30 minutes plus commericals. That dosent meen that i hate this episode this episode was funny Number 1 was very funny in this episode and i liked the ending part when grim and number 1 fought all those people it was exciting i liked this because this is so far the best episode in this season (my opinion) i would have liked it if it was an hour cause it would have been more exciting and probely more action in this episode still i liked it and i give it a 8.9/10 i hope the creators of this series keep up the good work
  • Horrible, simply horrible, kids next door wasn't a great show in the first place, and it just brought the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy down. The characters were flat, the jokes, lame, simply horrid cross over.

    I have seen better cross overs seeing fat sweaty hairy guys in skimpy sailor moon costumes. Uhhh, the stuff of nightmares. But this, all this did is put down Billy and Mandy, and Kids Next Door sunk even farther with a half put togeather plot involving the delightful kids from down the lane. The Grim Advetures of Billy And Mandy crossed over with the wonderful classic Ed, Edd, and Eddy looked a more worthy cross over. The writting suggested more on The Kids Next Door Part and seemed to barely involve Billy, Mandy, Grim, and the rest of the cast. Infact, they really didn't need them to make this lame epsiode, the fusion of the delightfulization chamber with super natural powers could have came from other sources, might I suggest next time, trying to team up with another show I don't care much for, good idea, not well exicuted, Ben 10's Omnytrix. It would pritty much form the same basic results, might have ended up written better to. In short, save yourself the trouble, don't btoehr with the lame jokes, lame story writting, lame cross over and go full on Billy and Mandy.
  • Probably the last episode ever, and definitely the best episode ever! Finally! Mandy doesn't win and gets her comeuppance! (Sort of!) :idea:

    Who would've thought the best episode of both "Codename Kids Next Door" and "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" would be the latter's last episode and it would all start with something as simple as Billy wearing his dads lucky pants and getting Grim's scythe stuck in them! Who will he call? Ed, Edd, n' Eddy! Oops! They don't help anybody unless there's cash involved! So Billy tries his second choice: the Kids Next Door, who help kids for free. The plan is simple: they'll take Billy to an underwater sea lab and remove the scythe there, Nigel Uno will stay behind and take Billy's place to make sure nobody realizes Billy or the pants are missing. Easy right? Unfortunately for all characters in both shows, nothing can Ever be easy! Mandy gets involved and Demands Nigel tell her what's going on! Of course, he didn't plan on doing so at first but Mandy can be Very persuasive! Meanwhile, the K.N.D. have to stop the Delightful Children from Down the Lane from using their new and improved delightfulization chamber to make kids just like them: creepy! Unfortunately, Billy acts stupid again and suddenly he, the scythe, and the Delightful's suddenly go into the chamber and a push of a button, a little of Grim's scythe magic, and an incredible transformation happens! The Delightful's and Billy have become the Delightful Reaper and are determined to coerce every kid into their being! To complicate matters, Mandy learns everything she needs to learn from Nigel and discovers the long awaited key she's been looking for in global domination! She leaves and when she gets to the K.N.D. headquarters, she successfully manages to trick the other kids into thinking a virus has made Numbah's 5 and 362 untrusty as they get locked up even though Abby can plainly see through Mandy's ruse! Meanwhile, Grim discovers Nigel and has finally had it with people stealing his scythe! The two unlikely allies team up in order to take down the Delightfuls and get Grim's scythe back! But will they be able to do it? Probably! :idea:
  • In this crossover special, Billy is wearing his dad's lucky pants when he's away. As he accidentaly gets Grim's scythe stuck in his pants,he's in trouble. Who's gonna help him:Kids Next Door that's who.

    In the introduction of the Grim/KND crossover, Billy's Dad leaves Billy at home for underwear shopping and telling Billy 1 important thing: Not to Eat the last piece of chicken. Just kidding, He told him not to touch his lucky pants. So billy does the opposite of what he says, but then grim's scythe gets stuck in the seat of his pants. So he realises 2 things: His dad should stop leaving him home... and he's in trouble. So who's gonna help him out: Ed, Edd n Eddy? Nah, they're not helping people this season; billy's also broke. So Eddy gives him an idea, leaving Billy with 2 options: The Kids Next Door or The Powerpuff Girls? First one at billy's house gets to help him(I put my money on the Kids Next Door).The KND appear.(Now where's my money?) After that, "Everything gets off the hook." This is a great Crossover of the two shows, but just 3 problems. 1.The plot is good, but it's only for 30 minutes. Why not for 1 hour or more. 2.Most people in the crossover is stupid. Why everyone keep thinking Number 1 is Billy. It should have worked on mandy and save them the trouble. And finally the most important 3. Ed, Edd n Eddy isn't main characters in the show. They were only seen at the beginning and the end, so why couldn't they be in the middle. The only 2 good things that happen is: 1. They appear in this crossover and 2. They were essential in the story. Eddy told billy to call the Kids Next Door. If it weren't for them, Billy would be stuck with the Powerpuff girls(maybe). Other than Ed, Edd n Eddy not being main characters, the crossover is great. What do you think?
  • Billy breaks his dad's pants... who's he gonna call? KND!

    First things first, I totally love crossovers (I've seen Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator and the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. I also have enjoyed both Super SMASH Bros games and the first Kingdom Hearts) so when I heard about The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door, I got interested!
    I at first had trouble getting the episode (living in Sweden, the episodes usually air months after it's shown in the US... and we always have to stick with horrible dubs!) but then I found a link to it and watched it!
    Both are really cool shows, so I was certain I'd like it, and I did! The jokes are clever and the script's awesome!
  • Best. Crossover. Ever.

    There is something virtually nourishing about The Grim Adventures Of The Kids Next Door, whose tone is set at the start when Billy disobeys his dad's order not to put on his lucky pants. The tone is amplified when Mandy holds Numbuh One hostage and forces him to watch Fred Fredburger (which had me in stitches).

    Granted, the Kids Next Door's agenda is as totalitarianism as they make the adult world to be, but Mandy's dystopic ideals make the Delightful Children look utterly charming. And Abby Lincoln (Numbuh Five) proves why I think she should have been the KND leader. She's smart in a way Numbuh One isn't (in fact, she and Mandy are the only bright bulbs on the porch), and she's courageous in a way many KND operatives wish they were. Numbuh One's alliance with Grim is an uneasy one, as it should be, as they have to fight off the Delightful Children's self-made Grim and Mandy's battlecraft all in the same tilt.

    It's not a happy-ever-after ending, but a fall-down funny one, which is all we could possibly ask for a wonderfully out-of-control crossover.
  • Wrath of the Spider Queen wasn't too good ... Boogey Adventure was awesome ... Operation Zero was alright ... crossovers are usually lame ... but I liked this one!

    As a crossover between Billy and Mandy and the KND, I thought this crossover was going to suck ... because usually, crossovers aren't too good. I was also expecting it to be longer, but it was only 30 minutes. However, it was a good crossover. There were many returning funny characters, like Fred Fredburger and shows that Endsville and the town the KND lives are right next to each other. I wonder if the Eds ACTUALLY helped the KND out ... that would of been cool ... I'm gonna try to write this out ...

    Eddy: Hello ... you need help? YOU'RE BROKE!!!
    (Billy finds a quarter on the floor)
    Eddy: Uh ... hello again ... oh yes ... you ... WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!! You have a quarter? Great! Come to our house immedietly!
    (Billy goes to the Eds' house)
    Billy: Please help me with my lucky pants!
    Ed: Okey dokey smokey!
    (Ed tries to take them off but instead has them on)
    Ed: Uh guys! I'm stuck inside these lucky pants!
    Eddy: Hmm ... I wonder if that golden paint will work ...
    (Eddy tries to run, but can't find the golden paint)
    (Then Eddy runs to Courage)
    Courage: Uh ... hello?
    Eddy: AAH!!!
    Courage: AAAH!!!
    Eddy: What are you doing here dog?
    Courage: I dunno ...
    (Courage comes with Eddy)

    Hmm ... that's just a script I just thought ...