The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 3

The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name / Major Cheese

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Billy falls in love with Blandy and Grim tries to make Mighty Moe die.

    First segment was brilliant: Billy spends the day with Grim, in order to learn how to become a reaper (that's what he wants to be when he grows up). He meets a young girl, named Blandy (who looks just like him) and falls in love with her. However, Blandy doesn't care for Billy; all she wants is Grim, and Grim is disgusted by being with her. Billy however doesn't notice this and blames Grim for trying to steal his girlfriend. Mandy is shocked to learn that Billy has fallen in love with a girl, and Billy's dad tells him that if this girl is human, he won the bet he made with his mom. Blandy gives Billy her number, 5, and her left sock to remember her by. Billy keeps sucking on her sock until Grim tells him that's not really Blandy's sock.
    Billy is supposed to meet Blandy at the mall, and asks Grim to take him there. Meanwhile, Mandy sees a picture of Blandy in the "Monster Manual" Billy's dad took from Grim's belongings and which he finds amusing looking at the pictures.
    At the mall, Billy is fighting with Grim, until Mandy comes and shows Billy what Blandy really is: a doppleganger, which came here only to make everyone's lives miserable. She then forces Blandy to leave our dimension.
    Billy still has feelings for Blandy and promises he will someday find her and marry her. That day finally comes, sometime in the future, but Blandy believes she is marrying Grim. So Billy starts fighting with Grim again.

    The second segment was ok, but nothing special. An elder athlete, Mighty Moe believes he can live forever by exercising and eating health food. If humans can live forever, then Grim's job will become useless. So he and Mandy try to make Mighty Moe eat a cheese puff, the most unhealthiness thing someone could eat.
    The episode is nothing worth re-watching (at least for me), maybe except Grim's line: "Hey, where are eenie and meanie Mighty Moe?". Pretty good line, but not enough to make me watch this second segment again. The first one is enough for me.
  • Wasn't the best episode of this show, but it certainly was pretty good.

    Ok. So the first episode Billy falls in love with this monster names Blandy who takes this shape like a Billy thing. The weird thing is that he gets jealous over her with Grim even though Grim doesn't like her. So he practically trys to kill him while Mandy snaps him out of it, and later in the future they show thier future selves, which is kinda messed up. But I really liked what Mandy when she was older. She looked evil(yay evil!) The next part was ok, this guy learns how to live forever by adding bonus levels to your life. Eventually they drive him to the sun though. I thought both of these episodes were exceptional, but still weren't the best of the best. That's my review.
  • This episode was pretty funny, but definitely not one of my favorites. After Keeper of the Reaper, this episode was not too good.

    This episode had its good parts, but I don't think it was really the best. One episode involved Grim trying to get an old, extremely fit man who figured out how to live forever to eat unhealthy food. The other involves Billy falling in love with a "girl" named Blandy. Billy constantly thought Grim was trying to steal Blandy, and constantly beating him up for it. Overall, this episode didn't enterain me much. A scene where Grim used the Jedi mind trick came out pretty good, though. Overall, this episode is average, can could of been much better, in my opinion.
  • Very Cheesy...

    The, uh funniest part of this episode was the fact that in the background of Mighty Moe's fitness center was a poster that said "You can do it!" Making fun of The Giecko commercial, making fun of That Tony guy from Gazelle. The second funniest part was when Grim told the truck driver all that stuff about a party with some friends, but had to take the trash out first! And also, Grim looks pretty in his discuise as a young beautiful college student selling cheese puffs to make it to broadway. Dressing as a cheesepuff making fun of peanutguy
  • Two great and funny episodes of the show.

    This two episodes were great and funny. In Love that dare not to speak its name, I like the part when Bill first saw Blandy and he got in love with her. But Blandy likes Grim not Billy and Grim doesn't like Blandy. A great and funny episode. In Major Cheese I like the part when Grim was dressed up like Major Cheese and he supposed to give it to the old man. Major Chesse is a good and funny episode. Two great and funny episodes of Billy and Mandy.
  • Love that dare to speak it's name was the best story here. Major Cheese was ok.

    I loved Love that dare to speak it's name. It was a lot better than Major Cheese that's for sure. Billy finally finds his soulmate too bad Blandy is just a hideous monster. Blandy actually looked kinda cute before she turned into a monster. In Major Cheese Grim dreeses up as a cheese flavored snack in order to give a cheese log some guy, I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway this episode isn't as good as the previous 2 but still pretty good.
  • I would say that this episode would deserve 3/5 stars.

    The Love That Dare Not to Speak its Name / Major Cheese were every interesting. I say - interesting, but not my favorite type of episode. It didn't have that much funny, well, the funny parts were funny, but it had some glitches and boring parts.

    In The Love That Dare Not to Speak its Name, Billy meets a girl named Blandy and falls in love with her, but Blandy falls in love with Grim. And then... here comes Harold with the funny parts. That was pretty much the interesting thing about it.

    In Major Cheese, I would have to say that this wasn't as good as the first episode. A character named Moe is searching for bonus years with good health habits so he can live forever and ever. But Billy, Mandy, and Grim have something to say about that. They take Mack's truck to the sun, but Moe hops along, getting sent to the sun. So now, Moe keeps his job on the sun, signing books for sun creatures. That's all, folks.