The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 8

The Most Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever / Detention X

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I have to admit, these episodes are some of the funniest ones yet, and it shows the writers were attempting to go out with style-if only for a moment.

    "Who do you think I am?" "Ugly all day." "I'm looking for a-help me out here-Miss Bu-tterbean?" "Sorry, Grim-she's tragically returned to the land of the living." "False alarm." These quotes at least told me the writers were trying to go out in style-and succeeded-if only for a moment. I also adored how Miss Butterbean just casually disregarded how unsanitary Billy's gift was, and how the Detention Dimension looked-especially the teacher. The artwork looked awesome... for the second half.

    This was a cute episode, and the only thing it had against it was the scene where Irwin cried and drips of snot went down his nose--that was disgusting! But the rest was adorable, and I felt so sorry for Junior! I would have went out with him...
  • One of the best episodes of this show ever.

    This is one of the episodes yet. In the first part, Nergal Junior gives a letter to Mandy that Irwin asked him to give to her for a dance. When Nergal Junior gets too possesive over Mandy, he and Irwin fight destorying the entire ball. She knew this would happen all allong, good old Mandy. In the next part Grim becomes a substitue teacher when Billy kills Ms.Butterbean(or at least puts her in a coma). So he sends all the kids into another dimension, and Mandy last. But Mandy breaks out, and sends him to the dentention dimension. I really liked these two episodes because Mandy was very in character and they were very funny. One of the best episodes of this show yet.
  • While this show might be ending, at least it's going out with style! :idea:

    I never thought I'd end up writing a review for this show so late into the lifetime it has taken, yet this episode was so good in my opinion that I just Have to talk about it! For one thing, Nergal Jr. has never known love until he finds out what it is by accidentaly stealing Irwin's woman Mandy (even though Mandy would Never in a billion, million, trillion, zillion years ever Date Irwin,) what matters to the young demon boy is that he 'has' Mandy & Irwin doesn't! Yet Nergal Jr.'s 'date' inevitably goes awry when he get's some more than bad advice from his dad in being possessive of women & that ruins the Valentine's Day Dance for anyone who wanted to have a good time at school! :oops: That actually turns out to be fine with Mandy as she wasn't having a good time so now nobody else can have a good time. But the payoff of the whole episode? Definitely seeing Irwin & Nergal Jr. hold each other while they dance! :D What can I say?! Controversy intrigues me! And speaking of controversy, in Endsville it's Really controversial for someone to try to make Mandy mad yet that's what happens when Grim tries to exact some long deserved payback for all the pain Mandy makes him go through! Yet there's one good reason why people should try to stay on Mandy's indifferent side as much as possible & stay as far Away from Mandy's evil side as much as possible! While it's possible to live with Mandy's indifferent side, living with Mandy's evil side is like living in a living nightmare, and that's putting it Mildly! Suffice it to say, Grim isn't going to try to get revenge on anybody else for a long, Long time! That's all I have to say about this episode! :) Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • the best of billy and mandy!!!

    The first episode, "The most greatest love story ever told ever" was based around the Valentines day dance at Billy and Mandy's school, Nergal jr. appears in this episode, who Irwin asks to give his Valentine Day Dance Invatation to Mandy, Nergal jr. accepts but before he can explain to Mandy that the card was from Irwin, Mandy bitterly thinks the card was from nergal jr. and accepts "Nergal jr.'s" invite. A while later at the dance, Nergal jr. devolops a crush on Mandy, and is bitter to everyone there thinking all the boys are stealing mandy from him, Irwin get's in a fight with Nergal jr. and everything goes wrong at the dance.

    I though this episode was really funny, due to cameos by "the koolaid man" and twins similair to "Parvati" and "Padma" from "Harry Potter" it was my favorite episode, but then I love romantic comedy junk. That was my review for this episode.