The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 4 Episode 1

The Secret Snake Club

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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The Secret Snake Club
It's school club day. Irwin joins a macrame club, Billy finds a Junior CIA club, and Mandy finds the Secret Snake Club, which turns out to be just three nerds who want to eliminate all the cool kids.

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  • Bob Dylan parodies, the internet, snakes, the CIA

    This episode really packs in the pop culture references.

    Billy falls into a conspiracy when he applies to join the CIA, by accident. His great stupidity fools the CIA into thinking he is a genius...or something.

    The main plot involves Mandy joining the Secret Snake Club, who tell her, through the medium of song, about their plans to destroy bullies. It's a hilarious song, about snakes protecting nerds in the jungels of...Canada. Quality.

    As you probably guessed by the ammount of time focused on the web address, the site is real. You can access it and pwn the bullies too, yay!

    Some typical "adult" references in the site that's not for children to see...screatching monkeys? I dread to think!

    Great fun.moreless
  • This is an extremely funny episode!!! Especially the "Agenda".

    The Secret Snake Club is one of the best episodes of the show as it shows what Billy and Mandy get into when they end up in different clubs. I do feel sorry for Mandy as she was stuck with the boys, who were quite idiotic. However, i liked it when they kept saying "Agenda" or probably when Grim accidently went into the monkey porn website. It's really hilarious to see him suffer when he's on the internet and seeing how much trouble Viper's computer caused him.

    Billy's subplot of the CIA was also quite nice. He was acutally quite smart and intelligent and i really didn't expect Irwin to make evryone suffer from Retina damage. The agent dressed up like Irwin was funny. But i really wonder whatever happened to that lunatic Leaky Collon, did he die?

    Shinnisugah's part in this episode was small which was good but i think he got mixed up with matrix prefixes and suffixes.

    The breaking of the fourth wall was also quite nice. But i wonder why King Cobra was quiet but still a fool like the other two members. This episode was really great as it showed how idiotic boys can be.moreless
  • AWESOME!!! I loved it! the website in it is real. Go to

    It was the Best episode!!! I liked the part when Billy was in he CIA!!! shnissugah!

    The actual website is:

    The site doesn\'t have much but when you clik on shnissugah it plays an audio clip. The clik on the irwin and he dances. It is pretty funny! I could Laugh all Day. I think i will.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I am tired of laughing.moreless
  • It's Endsville Elementary's club day! Irwin joins macramé club “for the chicks,” Billy unwittingly enters the Junior C.I.A., and Mandy joins the Secret Snake Club, which turns out to be a few nerds trying to use an ancient snake to eliminate the cool kidsmoreless

    “The Secret Snake Club” might just be the best episode of “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” we’ve seen yet. With perfect comedic timing, allusions to pop culture and multiple, but all equally funny, plot lines, it is certainly in the running. It references such classics as the Peanuts cartoons and Bob Dylan, along with modern-day cultural aspects like cruddy computer software, cults, and the secretive CIA, painting a wonderfully pathetic picture of the stereotypical elementary school nerd along the way. It is short on cheap bodily function jokes, sight gags, and violent humor and long on charm. I give it two thumbs up.moreless
  • Really funny

    That episode was just funny. Check out if you have the time, pretty cool, Pukesys, no monkey sounds though, anyway, Billy gets in the CIA-abc-def-ghi-jkl-xyz. Good for him, if he can handle it. So, it was just some plain humor laid out by Billy, Irwin, the snakes, and the CIA!
Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Shnissugah / The CIA Director / Junior CIA Agent / Leeky Collon

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Wiggly / Drama Club Actor

Recurring Role

Billy West

Billy West

Viper / King Cobra

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Notice in one scene Wiggly said Mandy couldn't leave. The three snake nerds did their dance, just before Cobra appeared at the door. And after the dance, Cobra appears at the door.

    • Whenever someone says the word "agenda", a special background appears behind the person who said it. When Wiggly says the word "agenda" the last time, there isn't a background that appears behind him.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Viper: Agenda! (dramatic background and appears and dramatic music plays)
      Wiggly: Stop it! Okay! New club rule! from now on, i am the only one who can say the word "agenda"! (dramatic background and appears and dramatic music plays)

    • CIA Agent: Leeky Collon, you are wanted by the US Government. Please pull over immediately.
      Leeky Collon: No!
      CIA Agent: Darn it, that usually works.

    • Wiggly: Combine the power of the Internet and the Underworld.
      Grim: You mind not breathing all over me, man?

    • Wiggly: This might be shocking, but we aren't popular.
      (Mandy's face appears)
      Wiggly: I know, shocking.

    • Billy: (as a Junior CIA agent) Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen. Isn't that right, Irwin? A.k.a. Jimmy the Jackal, a.k.a. Mr. Magic Mutton Chops, a.k.a. Debbie? So you thought you could threaten the world's macrame factories with your quality macrame potholders raising enough money to buy your own space laser, pointing into people's eyes, causing retinal damages, so everyone could wear glasses just like you! (draws a deep breath) But you've failed.
      Irwin: How did you know?
      Billy: We had someone on the inside.
      (A male CIA agent is shown wearing school girl's clothes)
      Irwin: Tammy? But I was gonna ask you out next week.
      CIA Agent: Gag me with a spoon. Like I would've gone out with you.

    • Irwin: You ain't getting Jack on me yo! (jumps out the window)
      Billy: Let him go! He seems to have forgotten that this classroom is on the third floor.
      (Irwin is on the ground face-down)

    • Shnissugah: Shame on you, nerds! You don't like when people harass you. Why would you do to others, especially a girl? You people disgust me!
      Grim: Yeah, you digust me, too! You're all old enough, so wear some deodorant! I've been trying not to vomit in me mouth all day!

    • Grim: It's half way rebooting now.
      Mandy: Well, I'm officially bored to tears. I'll let you roto-dorks finish on your own. (goes upstairs and opens the door, but King Cobra is blocking her way)
      Wiggly: No Mandy. I don't think you'll be going anywhere. When someone joins "The Secret Snake Club", (the nerds perform the arm wiggle) they can never unjoin!
      Viper: Is "unjoin" even a real word?
      Wiggly: Who cares?! She understood what I meant!
      Viper: Don't yell at me!
      Wiggly: Well, then shut up!
      Viper: No, you shut up!
      Wiggly: No, you shut up!
      Viper: You shut up!
      Wiggly: No, shut up!
      Viper: Shut up!
      Mandy: How about you both shut up?! And somebody tell Captain Oaf Bag here to move it, or I'm going to crumple him up like a paper sack.

    • King Cobra: (singing)
      In a time forgotten long ago,
      A world where people were more slow.
      And there was no such thing a TV show,
      That's where we go.

      Oh, the ancient jungles of Canada, see
      Nerds roam wild, roam strong and free,
      And spend their days drinking herbal teas,
      Man, then were happy.

      Because someone protected them with pride,
      He made the bullies run and hide,
      Oh, then wind up on his insides, oh what a ride.
      And his name was the great snake, Shnissugah!

      No one could mistake Shnissugah,
      His house was near Lake Ontario, Shnissugah!
      Children sing... Shnissugah,
      One day he will come back again,
      To rid this world of nerd-hating men,
      And time now will be like times then times ten.

    • Irwin: (getting arested) This isn't right! This episode was suppose to be about snake nerds!! SNAKE NERDS!!!

    • CIA Agent (to the cameraman and blocking his view of the headquarters): No, you can't go in there.
      CIA Director: So, you want to join our organization.
      Billy: What organization?
      Director: The CIA.
      Billy: J, K, L, M, N, O, P!
      Director (confused): Wait, what?
      Billy: Q, R, S, P, U, T! Now I know my A-B-C, next time won't you sing with me?!
      Director: Do you have what it takes to join us?
      Billy: I have a rash in my butt:
      Director: O-kay.
      Billy: My mom says not to touch it, but I touched it anyway. (Begging) Please don't tell my mom!
      Director: Uh, sure.
      Billy: Are you invisible?
      Director: No, Billy. I'm in a different room.
      Billy: The bathroom?
      Director: Billy, (Billy nods) How would like if we wiped your mind and turned you into a covert warrior?
      Billy: I like french fries!
      Director (to himself): He's perfect. (seeing someone coming in the security monitor room) What the...How did you get in here? (Testily) Someone is so fired over this!

    • Grim: (on the Internet) Woah! Hey, now! Don't look at this! This isn't for children to see!!

  • NOTES (10)