The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 2

The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E. / King Tooten Pooten

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Secret Snake Club vs. the P.E.: In P.E. class at Endsville Elementary School, Billy and Irwin are running and doing exercise. Billy notices that the Snake Nerds aren't, and wants to know their secret about how to skip P.E., so at lunch, Billy and Irwin ask them if they want them to sit at their table. The Snake Nerds accept and Billy forces them to share their secret. They have planned to send letters to all the boys who want to be excused from P.E. demanding that they join the Secret Snake Club. At Viper's house, the soon-to-be Secret Snake Club members take an oath, however, Wiggly and Viper argue about something and say, "Shut up!" repeatedly. The others do exactly what they are doing and Wiggly ends the oath. Now, they go to a room where the Snake Nerds will receive their excuses for P.E. The door opens and it turns out to be Harold as a doctor. He gives everyone an excuse, except Billy, because he is his son. The Snake Nerds return to P.E. class and show their excuses (their excuse is that they all caught cooties). Billy is the only one without an excuse, so he is forced to perform for all the excused classmates. Meanwhile, all the Snake Nerds gather in a circle and attempt to attract a snake, so that the snake can destroy P.E. It's successful, with only one problem: the snake is too small to crush anything, so Sperg runs to Billy's house and steals Grim's scythe. He makes the snake larger where it demolishes everything. The Snake Nerds cheer, but Mandy and other girls are angry that the gymnasium got destroyed. Then, they beat up all the boys, which ends the episode. King Tooten Pooten: At the Endsville Museum, Irwin's grandfather, a former pharaoh, rises from the dead and visits Irwin's home, which is filled with Sassy Cat merchindise and a giant picture of Mandy. He convinces Irwin that he is the next pharaoh called King Tooten Pooten and that he should come to the museum. At the museum, they unleash (with the help of a miniature stargate) a swarm of scarabs that turns everyone into Irwin's minions. They will make a pyramid for Irwin to make him more popular, but Irwin's parents persuade him not to become a pharaoh, but Irwin doesn't obey them and speeds up the process of making a pyramid. When the pyramid is almost finished, Irwin's grandfather tells him that once the pyramid is finished, he and his grandfather can never leave. In the future, the pyramid is shown in a museum exhibit where Irwin complains.
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