The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 2

The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E. / King Tooten Pooten

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Return of the Snake Nerds and Irwin's Legacy

    This marks the second time the Snake Nerds brought out the same jokes since “The Secret Snake Club” such as the shut-up argument, King Cobra’s vow of silence, the dark suspense background, Wiggly desperate attention-seeking by trying to recruit new members, and summoning a little snake which they expected to be enormous. There are new things, too. We’ve learned that King Cobra becomes tense whenever someone mentions P.E., and the only way to calm him down is to feed him chocolate pudding. Wiggly and Viper throw crayons as lightning bolts and crumpled-up sheets of paper as fireballs at each other. Billy is the only member of the Secret Snake Club who didn’t receive an excuse note from his dad. The Snake Nerds get beaten up twice; once by Sperg and once by Mandy and the other girls who weren’t invited to P.E. Actually, this marks the second time Mandy has beaten the crud out of the Snake Nerds since the first time she met them. Funniest part is that Grim stopped caring like “five episodes ago.”

    The second segment of this episode is more hilarious than the episode of “Danny Phantom,” “King Tuck.” It involves Irwin discovering that he’s a half mummy since his dad is a human and his mom is a mummy. It’s similar when Inuyasha was born a half demon, his father is a demon and his mother is a human. Or when two people of different race have children, they share the same ethnicities such as being half-Chinese and half-Japanese. Anyway, Irwin got to meet his grandpa, and together they control everybody of Endsville to build a pyramid. Only the people who get bitten by scarab beetles become zombie slaves. At the end, Irwin had to choose being pharaoh or his friends and family. So the nerd has decided to be the next Egyptian king. Irwin soon learns that once you choose to be a pharaoh, you’ll be buried alive in the pyramid. Big mistake for the fat little dork!

    These new episodes bring back the characters that appeared once from the previous seasons. Irwin’s mom has returned only to see that her skin color changed from green to blue. This may have been the second time Mandy met the Snake Nerds, but it is also the first time Billy, Irwin, Pud’n, Sperg and the other boys they encountered these dweebs. The funnier part is that the new members repeat exactly what Wiggly and Viper are arguing about. We never got to know the real names of Wiggly and King Cobra, but we already know Viper’s real name. I hope they can bring back Fred Fredburger since the episode about the frozen yogurt.
  • the snake nerd club is back/the mummy 3

    these episodes were one of the most adventures episodes very funny and stuff so overall this was a good episode yet there are no episode reviews of this episode weird well not everyone liked this episode im guesing good episode strange and i dont know what to say so i give this episode a 9.8 out of 10.0