The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 5

The Wrongest Yard / Druid, Where's My Car?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • i love billy and mandy =P

    rofl i love billy and mandy XD theres a lot of nature in this tree !
    "theres alot of nature in my pants"

    *druid an dgrim just look at billy for 2 seconds* anyway =P
    HAHAHA billy is awesome =P

    and in the wrongest yard, *THROW THE BALL IRWIN* irwin throws the ball scared and closing his eyes it dissapears in the sky the coach approaches him "what the hell have u just done!!!"
    "omg im so sorry!!!" *so scared and petrified he has lost a couple of pounds* why didnt u tell me about your arm =P haha i wish i could see it again XD i don't know how max atoms *they guys who make this* are so awesome at cartoon comedies this cartoon is for all ages XD it makes even the most simple minded people laugh (would suggest why it makes me laugh) absolutly worth watching XD
  • As the episodes progress, the show gets better and better.

    Hahaha, this episode(s) was funny. I mean, as the episodes progress, for some reason the show's ideas and animation just keep getting better. As for this episode, it was hilarious and one of the best. In the first part, to avoid getting beat up Irwin and Billy join the football team. Iwin has a great arm. Meanwhile, because of her great cheerleading skills Mandy replaces Mindy as a chearleader and almost leads the team to victory. But Mindy ruins it all and the team ends up losing. I really like how Mandy always wins in the end against Mindy. In the next part, Billy gets all this stuff stuck in a tree. I really liked how Mandy survived in the tree(taking over a squirrels home... hilarious.) I thought it was a superb episode, and a really great show to boot.
  • Druid, Where's my Car was superb and hilarious episode. Wrongest Yard has many funny momments, but Mindy and her statue were very annoying.

    Druid, Where's my Car?:

    In my option, this was a superb episode. The begging was hilarious, and I was suprised when Mandy was thrown at the Tree, but it was good. I really enjoyed it, and I was laughing through the almost whole episode. Non-stopping gags made this episode hilarious. The Druid was very funny, he was an excellent parody, and the ending with the chainsaw laughed me very much. Every single scene of Billy and Grim's training for the druid call was hilarious joke. To summarize, this episode is one of the funniest Billy and Mandy episodes, and it is a good example of why I love the series.

    The Wrongest Yard:

    This episode was good, with few highlights, but Mindy and her statue were very annoying, and spoiled the episode. The highlights include Billy as dummy, a Coach and few other things, but episode is hardly anything than an average.
  • If you ask me, Druid, Where's My Car was one of those episodes that didn't mix in with the other.

    These two episodes were really good, although if you ask me, between The Wrongest Yard and Druid Where's My Car about which one's better, I'm saying The Wrongest Yard, of course, but I wanted to see what would happen if they actually won the game.

    The Wrongest Yard:

    Billy and Irwin decide to join the football team, and Mandy takes over the cheerleading squad. Now Mindy is jealous that Mandy took over the cheerleader team, but Mandy just bosses the team around and tells them what to do. So the St. of Cheerleading helps Mindy, but of course, it doesn't work.

    Druid, Where's My Car:

    I liked the way they used the title of two popular films, although the way they did Druid, Where's My Car, I didn't like. It was just kind of... gross. But the ending credits turned out okay.