The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 15

Underfist: Halloween Bash

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Underfist: Halloween Bash
A spin-off of the original series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy begins...

One Halloween, Mindy dares Irwin to ring the doorbell of a scary looking house. After doing so,the house explodes and opens a portal in which an army of chocolate bar monsters from the underworld invade Endsville,lead by the marshmallow bunny. Later on, Mindy takes over the army and turns in to a wicked witch. She mutates all the chocolate bar soldiers in to monsters with a spell and plans to rain terror over the trick-or-treaters of the world. That's when Irwin, Hoss Delgado, Reginald Skarr, Jeff the spider, and Fred Fredburger get together and make a crime fighting team to stop the evil witch!moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Well, Underfist picks up where billy and mandy left off. There was a lot of action in this movie as well as some funny stuff(not on my watch :lol: ) It certainly captered billy and mandy as well as more. The villains and plot was well designed too. bravo!moreless

    I loved this special more then the series. I defedently think they should make it a series. Bun Bun was the best vilain in the series. Midy a witch was cool. Two things confused me since I didn't see the end, where were billy,mandy, and grim? And how come the vortex appeared out of nowhere? I certainly enjoyed the comedy, and action that this movie portrayed. well Done. I cannot wait till it comes on again and comes out on DVD. I loved it pretty much due to Bun Bun. He was a awsome antaganist. He was way better then Jack and his pumpkin goons. Cannot wait to see the end!moreless
  • Underfist-Billy and Mandy's awesome spin-off movie

    When evil candy monsters and witch Mindy start to attack the surface world, it's up to Underfist - a super team made up of Half-mummy, half-vampire Irwin, Monster hunter Hos Delgado, One-eyed wierdo Skarr, Spider Jeff and Fred FredBurger. Mandy's president, with Grim and Billy as her engineres. The true evil is Bun Bun, who turned Mindy into a witch, haunted Hos when he was a kid, made Billy afraid of spiders and cut of Fred FredBurgers tusks (he had tusks?). Bun Bun's about to defeat Underfist, with Skarr's help (he betrayed the team), until Skarr defeats Bun Bun, revealling himself as a double agent. God, i hope Underfist gets a TV Show.moreless
  • Underfist.. was just plain amazing.

    Underfist! The group consists of Jeff The Spider, Son of billy. Fred Fred Burger, Creator of the group. Hos, The man of the group.. XD Erwin, The Mummy/Vampire/nerd. And General Skarr, Self explanitory. The villains, Mindy, The candy army, And the evil, marshmellow bunny. The episode overall was one of my favorite.. or is it a show? Not sure. The Website says its an episode.. Anyways. I love all the Singing, Especially from Fred and Jeff. Hilarious overall. This also sticks to the plot throught the episode not running off or leaving anything untold. An episode I could watch over and over again.moreless
  • i liked this episode.

    this episode is great. for some reason Hoss is older ( in Irwin Gets a Clue, he said he's 33 and in this episode he's about 46. ) and Skarr is older too because he's got a mustache. but besides Hoss's aging, everyone seems to be the same age. poor Irwin, he's going to become a evil half vampire/mummy dude when Mindy's candy apple becomes rotten. but... that didn't seem to happen because... why? i think she destroyed it when Bun Bun told her it was him that turned her into a witch.

    ( it so makes up for the last episode, Heartburn... )moreless
  • Underfist pretty much continues where Billy and Mandy left off. Irwin, General Skarr, Hoss Delgato, Fred FredBurger, and Jeff the Spider begin an organization to stop monsters known as Underfist.

    Okay, I know some people where nervous about this spin-off, but I thought it was pretty good. It had action, but it also had some comedy in it as well (like Hoss calling Irwin "Urkel"). It revealed a lot about Irwin, which is good because many people probably hated Irwin. (I know I did... He reminded me of this dude I hated.) In Underfist, Fred Fredburger was less annoying to me as well. I mean, if you pay close attention, he actually makes sense and isn't just talking about poo-poo and whatnot. I still think Skarr, Hoss, and Jeff are awesome. No ifs, ands, or buts about that. I guess I'll give this episode an A+.moreless
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Kid / Ike

Guest Star

Greg Eagles

Greg Eagles

Giant Candy Bar

Guest Star

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Pumpkin / Trick-or-Treater Eater #2

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Aunt Sis

Recurring Role

Greg Eagles

Greg Eagles


Recurring Role

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Why would Irwin ask Mindy and why he doesn't have a reflection on the mirror when he already knows he's part vampire and he discovered about not having a reflection looking at a puddle of rain on the floor.

    • Baron Von Ghoulish the vampire from Billy and Mandy Save Christmas makes a quick cameo during the trick-or-treater eaters song.

    • When Mindy was brushing her hair, she was humming the trick-or-treater eaters song before she performed it.

    • Even though this is a spin off, the characters from the previous series have changed in design. Skarr has a moustache. Hoss Delgado has white sideburns and a chainsaw for a leg, (Irwin is changed but designed skeptical.) Jeff the Spider is lightly colored, and Fred Fredburger is shorter, less fat, and shaped more like a peanut.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (Irwin picks Hoss up by his hair)
      Hoss: Ah! My gingerlocks!

    • Hoss: Where's Skarr?
      Fred: Um. I think he had to go poo poo!

    • Skarr: (about Fred Fredburger) Dumb, green elephant thing.

    • Fred Fredburger: (singing) Lacucaracha! Lacucaracha! I really wanna eat some nacha! Lacucaracha! Lacucaracha! I love you and I like to watch movies about robots! Yes.

    • Jervous: Oh, oh, Perkins, how come we didn't get all beefy like them other guys?
      Perkins: Well, I guess it's 'cause we weren't in that magical mist stuff. I think you had to be, like, right in it.
      Jervous: Well, crumb! Nothing good ever happens to me.
      Perkins: (sarcastically) Yeah, this day can't get much worse.

    • (In the center of the earth, Nergal, Aunt Sis, and Nergal Jr. are having a picnic)
      Nergal: Ah... What a lovely day to have a picnic. I don't think I've ever felt better.
      Aunt Sis: (to Nergal) Way to jinx it, hunny.
      (Nergal turns around to see Hoss' truck break through the sky and it plays Lacucaracha and Nergal angrily continues eating as the whole screen floods with lava)

    • Jeff: (Driving Hoss' car while accidentally running in to candy soldiers) Well, crud. I'm only trying to parallel park. Oops! Sorry, my bad!
      Skarr: Slow down they can get in the tank, you idiot spider!

    • Jeff: (about Irwin) Sheesh! What does this kid eat? Bowling balls?

    • (Hoss lands and rises to see him surrounded by the mutated candy soldiers)
      Hoss: Who wants the first spanking?
      (Candy soldiers paused, one raises his hand)

    • Candy Soldiers: Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Candy's gonna kick your butt!

    • Hoss: Well, I'm going to go home and finish my novel.
      Skarr: You're writing a novel?
      Hoss: No, I'm eating one. War and Peace. Tough novel.

    • When monsters come to wreck your town
      And you need heroes to rescue you
      And the Superfriends just ain't around
      Then Underfist will rescue you.

      It's what they do, Oh yeah!
      Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
      Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

      Under, under, Underfist!
      Under, under, Underfist!

      When the underworld attacks
      And candy monsters run amock
      And you're eaten by some form of snacks
      Then what you need is a magic duck!

      Underfist, they're free!
      Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
      Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
      Underfist, yo!

    • Mindy: When this candy apple turns rotten, so will your soul!

    • Skarr: I'm a double agent! I am so getting a medal for this!

    • Jeff: You know something, Fred?
      Fred Fredburger: Yes! I know where babies come from.
      Jeff: Okay. But I mean that I don't think that there are supposed to be fireworks on Halloween. In fact, I think Hoss Delgado and Mr. Skarr might need our help.
      Fred: My mom told me that babies grow on baby trees.

    • All: Underfist, yo!

  • NOTES (11)


    • Hoss: You tell that slimy piece of worm ridden filth she'll get no such pleasure from me!

      This is the same exact line that Han Solo said in the sixth Star Wars movie when Han and Luke were about to be dropped in to a pit of monstrous creatures which is similar to how Hoss was in the same situation except it was hot chocolate and not monsters.

    • Mindy: Join us, Irwin. With your mummy cooties and my candy army, we can rule the surface world!
      Irwin: I'll never join you!

      This is a small reference from Star Wars when Darth Vader asked Luke to join him and Luke responded with the same line as Irwin.

    • The reinforcements that were sent in were very similar to the famous candy, Reese's peanut butter cup.

    • When Grim dresses up Underfist in Halloween costumes with his machine, Skarr is dressed up as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street movie series.

    • Irwin: Like sands through the hour glass, so our the days of our lives.

      These are the exact words from the intro of the show, Days of our Lives.

    • Mindy's disguise to fool Grim and Hoss looks like the evil witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    • When Hoss looks around after realizing that it's Halloween in the parade in the pumpkin's right eye, Chowder from Cartoon Network's original show that is named after him and Dukey from Johnny Test are seen inside the pumpkin.

    • When Billy is in the lab, he is dressed up like Dexter from Cartoon Network original series, Dexter's Laboratory.

    • When Hoss Delgado called Irwin "Urkel", he was referring to the show Family Matters where Jaleel White as Steve Urkel stars.