The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 14

Whatever Happen to Billy Whatsisname? / Just the Two of Pus

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Whatever Happen to Billy Whatsisname? / Just the Two of Pus
Whatever Happened to Billy Whatsisname?: When Billy thought Mandy was being ungrateful, he leaves her. So Mandy finds another kid to take Billy's place. Billy becomes jealous of Bobby, the new Billy. Will Billy win back his position to serve Mandy again?

Just the Two of Pus: Sperg has a bunch of pimples on his face. When he visits the gypsy, she informs Sperg to find the bones of the Grim Reaper, and rub them on his face to cure them. That's when he desperately befriends Billy and Grim. Except Mandy, she doesn't trust him at all.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Both of the stories did not really impress me today as Billy and Sperg were bullied.

    Whatever Happened to Billy Whatshisname? / Just the Two of Pus were alright episodes but I didn't like the episodes very mucbh as I did feel sorry for Billy and Sperg.

    In "Whatever Happened to Billy Whatshisname?", Mandy orders Billy to do difficult stuff and Billy feels unappreciated. I felt the same way and I felt his pain. Mandy was a self-centered jerk! The exciting parts of the story was the part when Mandy was going out with Bobby and also Billy's jealousy for Mandy. But, like most episodes, this episode also did have a rather confusing ending to follow as Mandy just says she never liked Bobby that much. Mandy has some character development here as its the first time she said "Thank You" without trouble!

    Then, "Just the Two of Pus" had us seeing Sperg being tortured and they made his pimples so ugly. I felt so sorry for him. I was glad that Mandy was out of the picture and I was really impressed Mandy likes herself when she was looking in the mirror because she usually hates stuff! Billy cured Sperg but I think Billy and Grim were just using Sperg to make him mad. I think Billy and Grim deserved that battering up by Sperg and the ending made me hate that stupid doctor because in this episode, Sperg did not deserve cruel treatment but eventually all bullies need their payback time!moreless
  • Just your plain ol' average episode

    Yup, it was just... too plain to me. I mean, also boring. Whatever Happened to Billy Whatsisname was bad, and Just the Two of Pus, probably even worse. Whatsisname has Bobby replacing Billy, but Billy gets jealous and sends him into a dimension thousands of miles away. Just the Two of Pus was just boring, Mouthless Sperg is more I like it, though.

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    • Mandy: (to audience) When you change the channel, we start talking about you behind your back.

    • Billy: I wasn't spying... I was just lurking in the bushes, watching your every move.

    • (Echo of Wanda's voice): Bones Bones Bones Bones Bones!
      (Electric guitar note plays and Sperg grabs Grim's arm)
      Grim: Oh, I see. You want to arm wrestle, eh? When I turn (turns hat) my hat around, it's like a SWITCH. Like a switch, mon!

    • Mandy: Okay, that's enough. Listen here, you mutant. I know you're up to something. You're the enemy, Sperg. The enemy never just wants to hang out. So just stay away from me, got it? These losers want to waste their time with your lame butt, fine. You're actually doing me a favor.

    • Billy: (in a cowboy outfit) And a 1…
      Grim: (in a cowboy outfit) And a 2…
      Billy and Grim: (Sperg shows up in a cow costume) And a 3 for Spergie!

    • Bobby: I'm not just Billy clone, guys. I'm my own person. I am your friend. (laughs goofily) Who even remembers ol' Billy Whatsisname, anyway?
      (Billy shrieks like a girl)

    • Bobby: (singing) I used to be a fool, trying to be cool, and I soon realize, that I was happy living other people's lives, and soon you'll learn, that when you back is turned, (breaking his guitar) I'll smash, and I'll burn, and I'll mame, and crush, and bash, and usurp, and steal your life!!!!! (calms down) And, well, it's pretty much goes on like that for a while.

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