The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 8

Which Came First? / Substitute Teacher

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • A great episode, but is let down by the average second short.

    This episode of Billy and Mandy was definitely good, but it was let down by an average second part.

    The first part, What came First?, was one of the series' finest works. It started with the school bus breaking down while on a field trip, in the middle of the desert. Billy, Mandy and Grim venture off and eventually find themselves in an old mineshaft, where they come under attack from a group of evil mutant poultry. The short parodys films like Independence Day, but the writers obviously got their inspiration from the Alien series, mainly the second. Luckily, the elements stolen from the films transpose easily into the story, and my enjoyment was increased by the references to one of my favourite films, such as the eggs having acidic yolks and the elevator scenes.

    The second short, Substitute Teacher, in my opinion, was the weaker of the two and failed to entrall me like What came First? did. It sounded good, but seems to have downgraded as it was made, and really prevents this episode from receiving a 10/10. It wasn't bad, but it was just same old, same old.

    Nonetheless, the first short was arguably much, much better than the second, and itself warranted the entire show to receive a 9/10.
  • halarious..

    This was one of my favorite episodes, and one of the first ones I saw....

    Seemed like another parody, Lord of the Rings and.....Jarrasic Park??? I don't know, that's what I thought with all the mutated chickens running around..

    Grim: That's it. We're outta here.
    Mandy: Unfortunately, we can't leave him.
    Grim: Aw, I knew you two were sweethearts!
    (Grim makes kissing sounds. Mandy punches him and makes his face go upside down)
    Mandy: He owes me 10 bucks.
    Grim: Ten bucks? That's chicken feed. Chicken feed? Just like Billy! (chuckles) Hey, Mandy, I made a funny!

    Also maybe some character development...Mandy always seems to have an excuse to save her companion....why? Or maybe she isn't as dark and sinister as she seems...maybe not... Perhaps I'm looking into it too much....I've just found, many times, little things like that foreshadow...

    I didn't care too much for the Substitute Teacher episode...a little uneventful for my taste...but good, nonetheless...
  • The chicken came before Billy did

    Two action packed whopping episides coming right up, with Which Came First? and Substitute Creature! Again, two great episodes. Which Came First has a Chicken, a smaller chicken, a big chicken, and a giant chicken! Hopefully, the kids on the field trip and have some dinner before they leave. Substitute Creature has Junior coming into school, and Sperg starts to tick him off. So he decides to become the teacher for payback.
  • Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    Ever since I watched this episode, I've been asking myself the same question comparing to the first segment title. I enjoy the parts where Grim, Billy, and Mandy had another crazy adventure. They were ditching the school class field trip and went into a cave. A grotto that leads to a secret laboratory where genetic superchickens were created. It was also the first time I saw Billy turned red with anger. Smashing giant eggs and saying, "I hate these eggs!" I totally understand Billy's rage against dangerously high cholesterol. I, too, don't eat eggs at all.

    It was one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. I'm glad Maxwell Atoms thought of this.
  • Which Came First? and Substitute Teacher were very funny episodes.

    Which Came First?/Substitute Creature is another favourite of mine.

    In Which Came First?, it seems Mandy wanted to save Billy and Grim made kissing sounds. It seemed that Mandy likes Billy alot and she didn't want him to get killed. The chickens were ugly but as usual, the chicks were cute. The ending when the chickens were flying out was interesting. I was shocked to see Sperg being a cannibal and eating the poor defenseless child. The only part I didn't understand was the ending. I think this is what they said,
    Billy: Grim, why did you save me?
    Grim :Because billy, I don't Like you!
    The ending was a suspense ending so we could expect a sequel of this episode soon.

    Substitute Creature was better in my opinion. I this episode, we got to see Nergal again. I think Debi Derryberry wrote this episode. Anyway, like me, Nergal got bullied on his first day and I felt sorry for him. Sperg got what was coming to him and I had no sympathy for him. The only part which I didn't understand was the ending when the teacher was stuck to the rooftop. Was Nergal still inside or not? Thats what I want to know.

    Overall, a great episode, but the endings could have made more sense.It also seems the teacher appeared in both segments today and all the kids are wearing their uniforms in this episode like I do. :)
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