The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 2 Episode 4

Who Killed Who? / Tween Wolf

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • superb

    who killed who- billy and irwin refuse to let mandy play a game with them, but when they accidentally lose their dice, they want mandy to get it. the house she goes in is supposedly haunted, but is it really?

    tween wolf- irwin is transformed into a werewolf, but billy thinks he is a dog and enters him in a dog show. will he win?

    good episodes, who killed who really scared me when i was younger and tween wolf... was kind of disgusting, and not in a humorous way, which is why i can't give it an A+, but A-
  • my favorite grim adventures episode...

    who killed who?

    even to this day,this is still my favorite.the plost is just brilliant.and the twist ending was definetly something of a shock the first time around!
    the thing i like about this the most,however,is that it proves mandy is a emotionless machine.i can recall a few scenes in witch she seemed uncomfertable inside the house.not that i could really blame her...
    instent classic in my opinion.
  • Tween Wolf was actually pretty good

    Just like Billy and Irwin excluded Mandy from their game, I'm excluding the episode Who Killed Who? from this review. It just wasn't my type. But Tween Wolf, there was some senses of humor in it. I mean, Irwin turning into a dog or wolf to win the Endsville Dog Show.
  • Who killed who?

    Don't get me wrong, tween wolf was alright and all, irwin looked cute as a werewolf(and was easily tamed by Billy.) But the real creepy part was 'who killed who?' it was so spooky and creepy.
    Mrs. Doolin was rumoured to kill anyone who went over the fence into the cornfields.

    Well, Mandy did and apparently all that stuff was a bunch of lies made up by the grim reaper because Mrs. Doolin bet Grim at just about everything. EVERYTHING. And that includes death.

    Mrs.Doolin bet death.
  • The goodness of a good laugh

    I didnt really like Tween wolf but I love Who killed who? Mainly because tween wolf was just stupid but that fact that the old lady bet death was awesome. If you ask me the old Lady reminds me a lot of Mandy just the whole scheming mind thing. If you cant tell Mandy is my favourite.
  • At least not part of Who Killed Who? I did like Tween Wolf a bit.

    The reason why I didn't like [a bit of] Who Killed Who? was because Billy was sexist when he disallowed Mandy to play the game. It was offensive to me, despite the fact that I am a boy, and I think it would have done better if Billy didn't give out a sexist comment to Mandy. Other than the sexism, it was average.

    Tween Wolf, on the other hand was a good episode. I haven't watched this set in awhile, so I can't give a really accurate review on this episode other than 'a good episode'

    I would normally rate this an 8, but I dropped it a chunk (not too much, though) because of Billy's sexism.