The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 10

Wrath of the Spider Queen

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another great installment, but it could've done more. :idea:

    When you're Maxwell Atoms and you want to present a good second act to "The Big Boogie Adventure," you have to think of a good way to do that. And this is his result. I like it that Mindy and Mandy had to team up in order to try to take out the spiders and figure out a way to get Velma Green to realize that Grim might be telling her the truth when he says that he didn't mean to hurt her feelings by becoming the Grim Reaper instead of her. It wasn't his fault. He managed to become scarier than the Boogie Reaper when he got angry with him and that got him the most votes, even though he tried to get Velma the most votes. I also like how even though Billy has had enough spiders to last him a lifetime, he finally takes a stand against Jeff, but that is something that he shouldn't have done as Jeff is experiencing angriness! And the reason why he is experiencing angriness is a reason that you won't believe! (Unless you're a fan of this show, than you expect the unexpected!) And I also love how Billy managed to conquer his hatred and even ended up finally caring for Jeff for once (even if it was only temporary.) But there were just some elements missing. I mean, this movie was good, but it just didn't have "The Big Boogie Adventure" feel to it. Maybe if there was more plot and hadn't been so rushed, it probably would've been better. But it was still a good movie nonetheless! That's why I wrote this review! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • The movie is OKAY...there is just a few problems....

    Ok 1st, the movie is WAY. TOO. SHORT!!! It was only 30 minutes. If they made it longer it longer there could've been more adventure and entertainment. 2nd, the plot was pretty dull and short too, it was OKAY but just kinda messy at some parts. 3rd, much of it didn't make sence.The random jokes such as the chocalate milk cow spider monster thing...wasnt really that funny, but pretty creepy.4th again, most of the jokes didnt really interest me alot, or make me laugh. A few of the jokes i liked ALOT, but it still pretty much didn't make me laugh enough.

    OVERALL: it's an OK film, but i still like it only a little.
  • Why must people hate on this?

    I loved this movie! Just because it didn't have Fred Fred Burger or Hoss Delgado doesn't mean it wasn't funny and great! I thought it was funny and it had a nice beggining, middle, and end which made sense although it was a cartoon. So spiders are coming out of nowhere, then the appearance of Velma, then we learn about Grim's past, and boom they all become free after Velma threatens to eat Grim's head. The whole story with Grim and Velma was cool and gives us info on his past. Also, Billy's whole thing with Jeff was cool with the evil milk carton. The end was ironic when Billy didn't want Jeff to merry Velma. My favorite part of the movie was when Mandy and Mindy work together to beat the spiders... lol... well it was a good movie I love all of the Billy and Mandy movies and can't wait to see the Collosal Crossover!
  • It's not the greatest ending to a series. Plus two new episodes have been featured,making this a fake ending of the series. Obviously if this was the ending,then there wouldn't be 2 new episodes. It would've ruined the ending of the series.

    They could've done more with this almost ending of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This didn't even feel like a movie,and doesn't even deserve to be on dvd considered a movie. This,MGPAM:THE BIG FIELD TRIP,AND WHERE'S LAZLO? would never have sold any copies out of it's stock.

    Some movies like ben 10 secret of the omnitrix and Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure deserve to be on dvd,because they are more movie-like,not to mention revealing,and end or bring back a certain villain. Not to mention show an unmasked six six,who the creator of the omnitrix was,new aliens,and a live action movie for BEN 10.

    Also end the worst enemy of the Grim Reaper's enemies,show Mandy having feelings towards Billy,a great opening song,a surprising ending,what the characters did at the end,and reveal all who took The Grim Reaper's scythe.

    This was an ok movie,but having no Fred Fred Burger,Dracula,or General Scar was disappointing.
  • A series finale with no Hoss Delgado or Fred Fredburger!!! Very disappointing!

    Wow , was I disappointed. Keeper of the Reaper blew this away and it was just a regular episode. It seemed like there wasn't even an effort to make this one worth watching. How can GABM go from the laugh a second riot of The Big Boogey adventure to the over-hyped bore-fest of Wrath of the Spider Queen. COME ON!!!! No Hoss Delgado or Fred Fredburger!!!!!
  • Ending? What Ending?

    Bar none, this was probably the worst episode in the entire "Grim Adventures" series. Incoherent with characters that ranged from more-annoying-than-500-Fred-Fredburgers to plain forgettable, it was simply painful to watch. I remember looking at the clock about 5 times during the course of the hour wondering when it would be over. And that isn't how you are supposed to feel about a favorite show!

    Not only was the plot convoluted, but for being the series finale, the main characters hardly interacted with each other nor did much of anything but talk to milk cartons and hang in spider webs. I can think of no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Quality like Detention Dimension and Pandora's THAT is how the finale should have been!

    Seeing how the trio ended up in the future would have been my preference on how to end the series. I understand MA was not able to do that due to CN rules, but didn't HAVE an ending. The spiders take over? So what? We've seen worse in regular episodes and things always go back to "normal."

    This one went out with a bang, but more like a spent firecracker than one in full bloom.
  • "Wrath Of The Spider Queen" promises more than it delivers.

    Being ostensibly a kids' cartoon, the series finale of "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy" isn't supposed to have any closure (heck, there's never been any sustained continuity) and I wasn't expecting any. However, "Wrath Of The Spider Queen" is curiously devoid of the biting references and snappy pacing the series had been noted for.

    Velma Green the Spider Queen is noted particularly for being only the second cartoon character with the name Velma (the first being Ms. Dinkley from "Scooby Doo") but here she's no villain, just a woman scorned come to settle a score with Grim. The flashbacks--the election to determine a Reaper--was quite unneeded and seemed like a mishmash of teen angst satire with nothing at which to point its boney finger and mawkish teen comedy cliches. Billy's reluctant reacquaintance with Jeffy needlessly lapses into what Mindy accurately terms as "drama" and the denoument was an atypical deus ex machina.

    It was nice seeing Mandy and Mindy team up to battle the spider army (Mandy being Mandy, it's a given she'd never stand down), and even more succinct is that the day they meet again they will again be enemies. A statement of closure if there ever was.

    "Spider Queen" falls notches below "Big Boogey Adventure," which by Billy & Mandy standards says something. It's not the worst episode, just watchably disposable.
  • This is the series finale?

    This is the best Billy and Mandy episode ever.I still can't believe this is the final episode.(Besides the KND crossover thing.)The story is this:Spiders are starting to show up everywhere all across school.During lunch,Billy's milk is stolen by Jeff.So billy follows him to, wait for it..... The Lair Of The Spider Queen!!!! Where she reveals that her plan is to eat the skull of grim and absorb his power becoming the true grim reaper.
  • For a series finale, this was a pretty good movie.

    I thought it was going to be dissapointing at first because it only lasted for an hour ... Good Wilt Hunting + Where's Lazlo + Big Boogey Adventure lasted for around 1:30 while the Gym Partner movie lasted for an hour. When I saw this, I was expecting some good parts - and most of it was really good. There was the talking milk carton, Grim's childhood with the Boogeyman, and a prehistoric man resembling Billy's dad marrying a stegasaurus (Or however you spell that). All in all, Ireally liked the Wrath of the Spider Queen - but wasn't something I was expecting. Such irony and misunderstanding.