The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 4 Episode 10

Zip Your Fly / Puddle Jumping

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Zip Your Fly / Puddle Jumping
Zip Your Fly: Mandy accidentally zips a fly's head to her head, and her head to a fly head.

Puddle Jumping: Billy jumps in the small pool that transported him into another dimension.

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  • Just weren't really my type

    These episodes, yeah, just as I first said, they just weren't really my type. Well, they could have been funny and pretty interesting to me at moments, but otherwise, nah. In Zip Your Fly, a magic zipper has come, but when Mandy uses it on a fly, Mr. Fly's head switches with Mandy's. In Puddle Jupming, the magic swimming pool is here! But if you ask me, this episode was just gross and kind of boring.moreless
  • Mandy gets into a gruesome nightmare when her head is stucked in a fly's body.

    Mandy steals Grim's magic ziper and begins to mix up everything, but then an accident changes Mandy's head to a fly's body while the fly's head is put to Mandy's body.

    Although there are some gross elements, it is a great episode which makes a hilarious spoof of the sci-fi classic "The Fly". The funniest moments are Mandy being bullied by Billy's Dad, the running gag about Milkshakes becoming Billy's new arm and Mandy being forced to eat a bunch of trash to find Grim's ziper.moreless
  • Mandy deserved the treatment she got for stealing the zipper. But, it seems these two segments are sick! Zip Your Fly was more interesting and funny.

    In Zip Your Fly, the beginning says "Its based on a true story", well i guess it is, on the movie "The Fly". Mandy was being very naughty to Mindy and Irwin. I didn't think Mindy deserved to have no mouth or Irwin deserved that treatment of being stuffed in Sperg's stomach. Anyway, I liked it when Mandy was eating the garbage and it seems her meanness got her to eating garbage. The ending provided us with some character development as she gave Grim $20, but milkshakes took it.

    Puddle Jumping wasn't interesting but it did infact show the Billy/Mandy relationship even more. So, I don't really have anything to add here. I just can't help but feel sorry for Grim as hes being stepped on in the ending. And the old lady reminds us of Mother Mae-Eye on Teen Titans episode "Mother Mae-Eye". The good thing was that she was eaten up by a crocodile.

    Overall, two alright stories which are just weird.

Billie Hayes

Billie Hayes

Granny Applecheeks

Guest Star

Patric Zimmerman

Patric Zimmerman

Blort #1 / Dan Blort / Tin Can

Guest Star

Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer

Blort Announcer / Man #1

Guest Star

Greg Eagles

Greg Eagles


Recurring Role

Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Billy: Water up my nose! Water up my nose!
      Sperg: Ha ha! What a dweeb.

    • Billy (about the zipper): What's this?
      Mandy: Pull it and find out.

    • Mandy: (flies into the garbage truck) Well, Grim, what are you waiting for? Get in here and dig.
      Grim: No way! I said I'd help, not wallow in filth.
      Mandy: GRIM!!!!!!
      Grim: All right. (jumps into the garbage truck)

    • Grim: Now, there's something you don't see everyday. A cosmic sinkhole; it can suck you up and spit you out anywhere in the world, or any other world for that matter. It must have opened up when the sunlight reflected onto me scythe. Bad luck for Billy.
      Mandy: What's that suppose to mean?
      Grim: I mean, Billy could be lost for a long time. Hopping from puddle to puddle, and I'll never know where it might take ya. He could be right next door in the neighbor's toilet or a Koi pond in Kyoto. He's a gone gopher and that's the truth.
      Mandy: He can't be a gone gopher. He's my science fair project. We'll just have to go in after him.

    • Billy: (splitting pictures of his parents and combining them) Behold, my Dadmomdy!

    • (Mandy appears in Irwin's bathtub)
      Irwin: (surprised) Mandy!!! Wishes do come true!
      Mandy: (yelling) GRIM!!!!!!!! (goes back down)
      Irwin: Does this mean you won't scrub my back? Mandy?

    • Billy: (transported to the swamp) So, how do I look? Hey, this is not beautiful pool. It's all swampy and creepy...and some weirdo's playing a banjo.

    • Mindy: Hey, Mandy! Where'd you get that zipper? From Sperg's pants?
      (other kids laughing)
      Mandy: Zip it, Mindy.
      (Mindy laughs mockingly, Mandy slapped the magic zipper onto Mindy's face, pulls it off, and her mouth disappears)
      Mindy: (muffled screaming)
      Mandy: Mmm. This zipper can use its powers for good.

    • Mandy: Truth is always strange. Stranger than fiction.
      Narrator: The following episode is based on a true story.

    • Mandy: Grim. Grim. Hey, Grim! Gri--urgh! (Getting trapped in fly paper) You got to be kidding.
      Billy's Dad H-h-hey! Caught one! Now that's some snazzy fly paper!
      Mandy: I'm not a fly, Billy's Dad. It's me, Mandy. (Billy's Dad is confused) I need you to get Grim.
      Billy's Dad I get it! You're one of those talking flies that try to look like people.
      Mandy: (To herself) I guess we know which side of the family Billy got his brains from.

    • Mandy: I'll never make fun of flies again.

    • Granny Applecheeks: I know you're out there, varmint, and I'm gonna get ya!
      Billy: I'm not a varmint! I mean, ribbit, ribbit!

  • NOTES (7)


    • The brown haired girl in "Zip Your Fly" resembles to Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls.

    • Grim: (describing the situation of Billy) Hopping from puddle to puddle, and I'll never know where it might take ya.

      This is similar to the narrated line "...leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap... will be the leap home" said during the opening to each episode of the science fiction series Quantum Leap where the main character Samuel Beckett is uncontrollably stuck "leaping" through time, transferring himself into the bodies of other people during random moments in time and history.

    • The idea of Billy going to an alternate universe is a stun of the Twilight Zone's Episode The Bewitchin pool which is when two kids go into the alternate universe. Grandma Apple cheeks is also a reference to the episode as the old lady who made pie for the kids.

    • Character: Granny Applecheeks

      She is somewhat similar to the character, Mother Mae-Eye from Teen Titans. Billie Hayes provided their voices. They can bake pies, which include humans as ingredients.

    • Grim remarks that Mandy's fly-body situation is "a simple wardrobe malfunction." The phrase "Wardrobe Malfunction" was first coined by the media to describe Janet Jackson's own wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. It quickly became a much-parodied buzz word.

    • The idea of Mandy changing her body with a fly reminds the plot of an old horror movie entitled The Fly, from 1958.

    • The word "varmint" also comes from Yosemite Sam when he encounters Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes.

    • The tone of Billy's Dad's voice when he said "H-h-hey!" in "Zip Your Fly", it was the same as Yogi Bear's.

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