The Guard

Season 1 Episode 3

Coming Through Fog

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on Global

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  • More character builing ... which is okay ...

    I'm still watching but I'm not in love with it. I want to be in love, but I don't see it happening. I caught myself fast forwarding through parts of this episode, especially the Miro flashback when he walked in on his dad ... which I thought was totally inappropriate! And OH! I completely forgot that David James Elliot was in this! Hmmm, yum! I wish he had a bigger part. I think it's kinda weird that the crew doesn't hang out together more, I think it would be build more comradity. The Laura/Miro thing is starting to make sense, but he has zip personality for the leader of the team. Still irritated about the lack of action.
  • We are finally given some detailed information regarding the lives and histories of the crew.

    Andrew has anger management issues. If we hadn't figured that out by now, we are blatantly slapped in the face with it. Though he loves his family very much, he just can't let go of the lives he failed to save - through no fault of his own. "I'm a rescue swimmer, I don't let go."

    Carly has commitment issues. Well duh. She also has trust, love, sex, and maybe even faith issues. The poor girl is a bundle of messed up. She pushes people as hard as she can - but is then surprised when they leave her. I was glad to see her fighting her negative instincts and working to get Wendell back.

    Wendell is so cute. Does he have issues? Sure he does, but watching him fight with Carly to get through hers is one of the things I love about this show. I am interested in learning more about his spotty history as I think it will be interesting.

    Laura has family issues. Her boyfriend has MS, smokes marajuana to ease the simptoms, his daughter steals his pot and smokes (and sells?) it. He wants Laura to have custody of his daughter should the worst happen - his daughter has other ideas. It is interesting to see the difference between how Laura behaves at home and at work. She is much more relaxed and natural at home as opposed to her uptight mannor at work. Though her change with Miro at the end was sweet.

    Miro has...everything issues. Peter Pan ain't got nothin' on Miro. I don't think it's that he's avoiding growing up so much as he is avoiding having to make important decisions - which is funny considering he's a Coast Guard member. I think it's more that, while he is very good at saving other people, he really needs to learn to save himself. Also - sex and love are not the same thing, nor are they mutually exclusive as he seems to believe. Final Judgement: A good episode. I am glad that the people in need of rescue were a little harder to judge - I thought the husband was dead for sure. The scene with the wife and husband over the radio was touching and sad. I am looking forward to next week.
    The only thing I am worried about is that they are going to keep us in a loop forever. The characters need to evolve, change, and keep us along for the ride. If these are still the exact same people we are looking at in 4 or 5 more episodes...well I'm not sure I'm going to be giving such great reviews then. But I have hope - it is Canadian tv after all.
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