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Guard cast nominated for LEO awards

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    Saturday evening, May 24, 2008 will show if the four actors from The Guard take home LEO awards

    In a Dramatic Series:
    Best Lead Performance by a Male: Steve Bacic - The Guard - Coming Through Fog.
    Best Lead Performance by a Female: Claudette Mink - The Guard - Coming Through Fog
    Best Supporting Performance by a Male: Ryan Robbins - The Guard - Live Free
    Best Supporting Performance by a Female: Julie Patzwald - The Guard - Live Free

    Both Live Free(1x02) and Coming Through Fog (1x03) were written by Raymond Storey and directed by Lynne Stopkewich

    Cast and crew are back at work again - filming resumed on April 29th.

    Guest cast have also been nominated, but not for The Guard - Teryl Rothery and Colin Cunningham.

    Ryan Robbins also has nominations for his role in Jpod and from a movie.

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