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Waheguru - Episode 1 (may contain spoilers)

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    Well, we had the first episode. I'm going to give it 6 weeks before I decide if I am going to continue watching it, but from the first episode I was not impressed.

    The idea is wonderful. But the program was drunks, sex, foul language, and a little story mixed in. Too bad.

    Had to laugh at David James Elliott's appearance*. It was all of maybe 3 minutes - as long as his infamous appearance in one of the episode of the last season of JAG. For The Guard that is okay - he was a 'special guest star'; JAG, as THE star it didn't go over well at all with the fans. He sat in the dark, smoking (script says maryjanes)and we are hinted that there will be more of him later.

    There could have been a good story of the father who stood on the bank of the lake and did nothing to save his family. They could have expanded on that. Like I said, I'll give it 6 weeks.

    Peggy from Porcupine

    *I have enjoyed DJE's appearances in other roles so this was not a disparaging remark against him. DJE fans - please stop booing me!
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