The Guard

Season 1 Episode 2

Live Free

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2008 on Global

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  • More rescues and character development

    This was the 2nd epi shown in the US last night. I still don't understand what the beef is between the Captain and the first mate ... other than the obvious that he was promoted over her. There seems to be more there that isn't coming out very well. It kinda bugs me that the only character name I'm sure of is Andrew, considering that all have had equal screen time. Cheers to the producers for making one of the characters disabled and in an important role!! I still wish there was more action and I feel jipped that we got this huge build up with the kid in fishing boat, then didn't get to see them scoop him up. I'm glad the team finally sat down to talk about their feelings, even though Andrew lied ... because that type of debriefing is usually the norm after any big traumatic call. (I'm an EMT and it's mandatory where I work. Our department has a team that comes in to talk that stuff out right away - so it doesn't affect us down the road. Of course, that would make for boring TV though)
  • Only the second episode and already I am counting the days until the next.

    Picking up very closely to where the premier left off, Live Free peels back another layer on a rich group of characters. A week later and I am still feeling for Andrew after a failed rescue of a family. This week he is fighting with flashbacks and nightmares made worse by a rescue he does solo. I'm really glad that everyone forced him to get help by the end, you could really see him coming undone - which is a great testament to the work of Jeremy Guilbaut. More of Laura's animosity towards Miro is explained - not only did she want his job, she feels his promotion was based on his manhood. And can I just say - what a manhood he possesses. Okay, so we only got a butt shot - a girl can imagine these things you know. Miro meets an open minded nudist who comes on strong, leading him to actually go after a real life woman. It's bittersweet really, and kind of sad, because we really get to see that he is a broken man who hides so much of himself behind a great smile. Steve Bacic seems fully in his element with this roll and I look forward to seeing what Miro does next. Carly...poor Carly. Her un-boyfriend Wendell is touching and sweet, bringing out the sometimes awkward and painful pieces of her character. Wendell's story was touching and sad, but a brilliant foil to getting Carly to talk about herself and recognize her problems. Zoie and Ryan are brilliant together as a terribly mis-mashed couple who can only bring out the best in each other in the end. Though we know it won't be an easy road.

    One Gripe: I knew from the moment we saw the two men on the boat and one of them didn't speak any English that he would be the one in trouble. Why? Because his language barrier makes him more vulnerable. I hope that the next victim will be a little harder to see coming as I think they need to surprise people, keep us on the edge of our seats. We need to be left gasping and unsure...we need cliffhangers. (just not every week please)Canadians are intelligent people - challenge us and we will love you - pander to us and we will move on.
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