The Guard

Friday 8:00 PM on Global Premiered Jan 22, 2008 In Season


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  • This show is about the local coast guard in small town,Port Halet,Vancouver.Most of the show is full action rescues on the water.It isn't always a happy ending.The show also follows each of their lives but does't get to heavy into relationships. A+++

    The Guard is a fantastic show. It gets better with every episode. It's a perfect esample of the quality of television that Canada and canadian actors are capable of. We can do it just as well as americans. Everyone should watch this show at least once. Support them. This is a great show with a bunch of very talented actors. This show deserves to make it! Of course my favourite character is "Miro". He is such a sweetie and not hard to look at. I am not impressed with his new show "Cra$h and Burn". It sucks. I sure hope that Steve Bacic is smart enough to put The Guard first and doesn't get his hopes up for this new show. In my opinion, it won't survive very long. Anyway thumbs up for "The Guard". They are all great characters. I wish them all good luck. Good job guys!