The Guard - Season 2

Friday 8:00 PM on Global Premiered Jan 22, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 9
    Rob shocks the crew when he proclaims that he is leaving the Coast Guard. Meanwhile, to make matters worse, it looks like a rescue is going to force Miro to go back on a promise, and miss the birth of his son.
  • At Sea
    At Sea
    Episode 8
    Miro finds himself second-guessing his abilities as a Captain when he hesitates while responding to a sinking fishing boat. Meanwhile, Laura goes on the defensive when the MLB breaks down during the rescue. Although a young fisherman was able to be brought back to life, Rob begins to regret his actions when he realizes that the man's brain doesn't work normally anymore.moreless
  • Out of the Woods
    Out of the Woods
    Episode 7
    A family vacation goes terribly wrong when a cliff ledge breaks, sending the hikers plummeting into a ravine. The Port Hallet Coast Guard responds, but quickly realize they're trapped themselves and all they can do is keep this family alive as they wait for an airlift. Meanwhile, Carly is shocked when Wendell returns unannounced to Port Hallet after being released from Military Prison.moreless
  • Love Sick
    Love Sick
    Episode 6
    The MLB responds to what seems like a routine call, only to discover that all of the occupants on the boat they are to rescue are sick. When one of the passengers dies from a mysterious illness, medical officers quarantine the crew and passengers in the Coast Guard base. Tensions mount as the Coast Guards deal with what seems to be a deadly virus.moreless
  • Boom
    Episode 5
    A fisherman excitedly reels in what's sure to be his prize-winning salmon, only to realize he's snagged a human leg, a discovery which brings Jen, David's ex wife, back to town. Meanwhile, Tina is initially thrilled when she's asked to join some older kids at an island party, but things quickly turn serious when one of the drunken partiers tries to force himself on her, causing their speeding boat to slam into a log boom.moreless
  • Last Night
    Last Night
    Episode 4
    Laura finds herself bonding with an eccentric conspiracy theorist who lives alone on an isolated island. Miro doesn't believe that the woman, who makes wild claims about people trying to run her off her land, is stable enough to live on her own. Laura disagrees and ends up spending the night on the island to see for herself, and when strange things start to happen, she realizes that maybe the woman isn't crazy after all.moreless
  • He is Heavy, He's My Brother
    Andrew begrudgingly agrees to go on a fishing trip with his brother to "celebrate" his recent divorce. When alcohol, a gas barbecue and his brother's rowdy friends mix, the boat explodes. Miles from shore, Andrew begins a marathon swim with his severely injured brother, while the rest of the crew begin a frantic search for their missing cohort. Meanwhile, Carly is shocked to discover that her estranged mother has been living nearby.moreless
  • Body Parts
    Body Parts
    Episode 2
    Port Hallet is a buzz when an internet porn director shows up with three "actresses" to shoot a movie. Their filming is interrupted when their boat hits a deadhead and the Coast Guard is forced to race to their rescue. Meanwhile, Laura is thrown for a curve when David's ex-wife Jen arrives to investigate a dismembered sneaker-clad foot that washed up on the beach…and then hooks up with Miro.moreless
  • Fistful of Rain
    Fistful of Rain
    Episode 1
    The crew finds itself in the middle of a tense racial dispute when the local commercial fishermen are shut out by a moratorium that excludes Native fishing.