The Guard

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2008 on Global

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  • 1st epidsode aired in the US, team fails to rescue occupants from a submerged vehicle and then the aftermath of dealing and coping.

    The story sets up the characters in a realistic manner and makes them interesting. The dialogue seemed a little slow. I got confused as it who Andrew's wife was at first. The PTSD aspect was good. Usually we just see all the hero action and not the aftermath I liked seeing the coping aspect. The flashy scenes with the helo and the boats were cool ... but not a lot of action, which is how it was billing in the US. ION is running two episodes back to back every Saturday ... but I found myself slightly bored half way through the second. I was expecting a little more high instensity...and was disappointed that it wasn't there.
  • At last, a show with some substance. How long it will remain Canadian is yet to be seen, since the US tends to gobble up our shows, storylines, etc. because they have no imagination.

    A good beginning with action, some human interest. I was on the edge of the seat in the scene where the divers decided to do a rescue instead of securing the scene. The deaths were very sad. The only character in the plot who just didn't "fit" was the Sikh father. His acting was very wooden. Hopefully the main characters will be further developed.

    Was nice to see 2 actors from Andromeda in different roles and I hear that a former Stargate character will be in an episode of two!

    I think this show has great potential and have the PVR set to tape the series, which means I give it 2 thumbs up!!
  • Just when I had stopped watching TV an original program comes along and tears my guts out.

    From the first few moments, we all knew tragedy was about to strike. There was no way everyone was going to make it out of there in one piece. With Andrew having a young baby of his own it becomes even more heartbreaking to witness his guilt and turmoil over the loss of a child. Fellow diver Carley has her own unique way of dealing with death - get drunk and proposition strange men. Thankfully the one she hooks turns out to be a nice guy with slightly questionable personal hygiene.

    We are also left following Miro and Laura to their respective homes, neither of which seems very inviting. Miro lives in what seems to be a hotel/boardinghouse and has what appears to be as continuing "relationship" with an online sex-chat girl. I found this to be more sad than disturbing, though the sight of Steve Bacic reaching for the button of his jeans made me blush. Laura has a husband/boyfriend with some kind of painful eye condition - I think he was smoking some medicinal marijuana to ease the pain. There is a teen girl in the picture, but at this point we don't know anything about her. There is a reference made to Laura wanting Miro's job as the crew boss, and there seems to be some animosity because of it. Though only one episode has aired and there has not yet been a teaser for the next, I will tune in for the time being. It has been literally years since a show so instantly hooked me into the characters. I am looking forward to seeing the lives of these brave and troubled people unfold. What a story it's going to be!
  • SAR is deployed to help people in a sinking car, after that mostly drama drama drama drama and more drama, very little action in this series.

    The series starts with a rescue of 3 people in a car that is submerged in water. The "swimmer" jumps out in the water and dives down to rescue the victims. Working with SAR in other countries I have never seen a sillier attempt of a rescue. You use divers to do work like this. You don´t have time to go up for air during a situation like this... I´m not going near the water in Squamish ;) if this is the way Canadian coast guards are working :P At least when portraying a SAR service, do RESEARCH from around the world. You need an air tank to operate under water... This series is riding on the wave from Intelligence and The Border. Will probably be canceled soon ;)