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From Spain with Love

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    [1]Sep 12, 2009
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    Dear producer and script writers, I'm really angry with you. The last episode of the show was absolutely lame, stupid, disastrous, ugly and incoherent.... and you must redo an improve version of it right away. You should clarify what happens with Nick and Lulu, Shanon, the little girl with crayons, the stupid and nasty Jake, and so on. I'm addicted to the show and I demand some kind of compensation for the psychological damage that this horrible season finale has caused me. I also think that you should continue the show, adding a few more episodes, otherwise I will sue you for severe psichological trauma. That's all I have to say. Please... start writing new episodes right now and stop wasting your time. Kiss
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    Sorry I don't agree. the final episode wrapped things up very well. It didn't treat us to the "happy ever after" because life isn't like that. Anyway, Nick was pretty miserable for 60 odd episodes, would it ring true that he would be delighted in the final episode?

    Although I hated to see it end, I thought it was a true ending. Anyway, it finished 5 years ago, I doubt the actors or writers would want to return.

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