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  • A show about an antisocial and emotionally shut lawyer (Nick Fallin) who is on probation and has to work at legal services for 1500 hours. At the same time he works at his father's office, which leaves him little time for a social life

    A decent show, I didn\'t care much for the legal stuff but the development of Nick throughout the seasons was very interesting. Well played by Simon Baker. The disturbed father/son relationship was an important storyline; they just couldn\'t communicate! Also the relationship between Nick and Lulu was very interesting. In the first season and a bit of second one, it was all about Nick trying to win Lulu over. And boy did I hate her! She was just toying with him because she knew he liked her. The rest of the season two and three was about their relationship which was complicated to say it mildly.

    One scene I will always remember is the scene (beautiful blue mystic)where Alvin finds Nick in his home and Nick breaks down after he used drugs. That was just so beautiful to watch and I had been waiting for Nick to break down a long time!

    It\'s a shame the show was cancelled because we didn\'t get to see how things were gonna work out with Nick and Lulu.