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  • A slow burner but well worth the wait.

    Simon Baker (better known in the UK as the enigmatically charismatic Mentalist) play Nick Fallin a successful if (slightly) disfunctional Pittsburgh Lawyer.

    After being busted for a drug offence and receiving a sentence of 1500 hours community work, he ends up walking a line between two quite different legal worlds. His "Day" job - so to speak- is working in the high powered world of corporate deals and multimillion dollar deals with his father, Dabney Coleman.

    However, his other life is filled with child advocacy cases where he becomes the champion of children's rights and futures.

    The show is a good mix of fact and emotion. Nick is a cold character most of the time, not in a cruel way but in an "unable to deal with emotions" way. To watch him melt and grow as the show continues is fascinating and engrossing. You start to feel for him and hope he can find peace and love. The rest of the cast are all well rounded individuals with their good and bad points, Jake for example one week you are worried he will lose his job because he tried to help his family and the next week you watch him stab a colleague in the back !!!! (figuratively)

    No one is really Good, and no one is really bad (well except for Litman and the Senator!).

    A good all round show, Simon plays the part well with feeling and without. I am enjoying the marathon showing on FiveUS combined with The Mentalist for an example of when "Good US Dramas.... Go Even Better !"