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  • The Guardian centres on the rather socially inept character of Nick Fallin, a Pittsburgh lawyer who has been caught on drug charges and is sentenced to community service. The series follows Nick's growth and eventually his redemption.

    For me, The Guardian is very good. It lets characters develop and grow. Nick Fallin is an extremely flawed character who has some very dark sides to his personality but also some very caring ones. All actors in this show are very good; it is a great ensemble piece. Dabney Coleman is excellent as Fallin Senior who eventually finds common ground with his son. Rafael Sbarge, an actor I had not known before, is very good as the initially good but ultimately slimy colleague of Nick who stabs him in the back to climb the career ladder. What a shame it was cancelled before we could find out if Nick found happiness in his personal life. Simon Baker has come a long way from Home and Away and does a terrific job with this character.