The Gumby Show

Season 1 Episode 34

Moon Madness / Shady Lemonade / Piano Rolling Blues

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Nov 02, 1957 on NBC
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Moon Madness / Shady Lemonade / Piano Rolling Blues
Moon Madness: Pokey's being attacked by feet with legs attached! Gumby assures him that he's going crazy because of the feet in his head. Prickle's being attacked by feet with legs attached! Gumby tells Prickle that he also has feet in his head, so Gumby has rocks in his head. Goo isn't being attacked by feet with legs attached, so she doesn't understand why Gumby's talking about feet and rocks in peoples' heads. Turns out that no one has feet in their heads, the robot legs from Gumby's go-kart got away, it's a full moon, everyone's in the badlands, and I never should have got out of bed this morning. Shady Lemonade: It's a hot day, so Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo decide to go to the local ice cream shop, lured in by the promise of "All the lemonade you can drink" for ten cents. When they request their second round, the soda jerk refuses, insisting that one glass is all you can drink for ten cents. (Insert muted trumpets here.) They leave the store in a huff only to come across a gentleman whose cat has trapped itself at the top of a tree. When Gumby's fire engine ladder doesn't reach the top, Goo kills the tree with weed killer (since it's obviously too much trouble for her to just fly up there), and the tree wilts, placing the cat back in the gentleman's arms. The man is so happy to have his cat back that he gives Goo ten thousand dollars, which she uses to set up her own ice cream shop next door to the one they went to, and gives away unlimited lemonade for five cents, driving the soda jerk out of business and into abject poverty. Piano Rolling Blues: Previously on Gumby: Prickle narrowly escaped being captured by the evil Dr. Zveegee. Now, tonight's episode. It seems the evil doctor is having problems concentrating on his evil, what with how his neighbor plays the piano all day. So, being an evil brilliant mastermind, he devises a plan to have piano movers remove his neighbor's piano, and then, he will rule the world! The piano movers turn out to be Gumby, Pokey, and Prickle, who find nothing wrong with the fact that the caller asked the piano be given away to someone who wants it or that the owner of the piano isn't at home when they come to get it. Faced with the problem of how to get the piano out the front door, Gumby and friends decide the owner won't mind if they just rip a hole in the wall to get it out. The evil scientist sees that his plan is coming to fruition and notices that the dinosaur that once eluded him is one of the piano movers. So, being an evil brilliant mastermind, he devises a plan to run outside and grab Prickle in broad daylight with two of his friends there. Wackiness ensues as the evil doctor gets stuck on the piano and rolls down a hill. He's locked up for attempted dinosaur-grabbing. Gumby and friends fix Paul Pluck's house.moreless

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