The Gumby Show

Season 1 Episode 31

Prickle's Problem / A Groobee Fight / The Gumby League

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Oct 12, 1957 on NBC
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Prickle's Problem / A Groobee Fight / The Gumby League
Prickle's Problem: Prickle is tired of being a common nobody and yearns to make a difference in the world and be loved by all. Fortunately, some woman was stupid enough to set her baby on the sidewalk and let it crawl out into traffic, giving Prickle the perfect opportunity to save it. The story makes newspapers worldwide, and Prickle is flooded with fan mail. Unfortunately, he attracts some undesired attention in the form of Dr. Zveegee, the maddest mad scientist to ever be the laughing stock of the academy. He's not as interested in Prickle's heroism. What with them being extinct and all, and he uses his robot cage to try and catch him. Its first run nets him nothing but a mailbox, but the second run does a bit better, and he catches Pokey. Rather than enjoy what little success he has, he yells at the machine, which prompts it to catch him and take him back to see Gumby and friends. Prickle decides he doesn't want to be famous anymore, which is a lucky thing, because no one cares about him anymore by this time. A Groobee Fight: A police officer offers to haul Gumby away for kidnapping people with his groobee, a giant insect that builds boxes around things. This never quite pans out, since the police officer is himself kidnapped, and it turns out that it was the Blockheads, who have a groobee of their own and who have taken to kidnapping people. They don't kidnap anyone in particular. Just, you know, whoever comes along. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess. When Gumby's groobee whistle doesn't subdue the Blockheads' bug, he tries to find another whistle that will, and ultimately fails. Eventually, Gumby pits his groobee against the evil groobee, fulfilling the title of the cartoon and winning the day. The Gumby League: Way back from the time when people cared about baseball comes this cartoon about Gumby's baseball team playing the Blockheads' baseball team. It's the bottom of the ninth inning, Gumby's team has scored the only run, and the Blockheads have come up to bat. The first one is out when Kapp catches his line drive in his mouth. The second one hits the ball straight through Gumby's stomach, only to be out when Pokey catches it. The third one hits a fly into the outfield. Everyone rushes to catch it, runs into each other, and gets molded into a sort of ramp that flings the ball back into the infield, where Gumby catches it with the hole that was punched in his stomach. I guess that means they win, 'cause everyone was happy about it.moreless

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