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  • My Favorite Clay Character

    I've watched some of Gumby's funniest episodes ever since I was little. He is like the first clay character to walk through books, skate on one foot when he moves, and rejuvenates himself no matter what dire conditions he suffered. When he first met Pokey, they appear together in almost every episode. Gumby does have other friends; Prickle and Goo. The Blockheads are the only two enemies Gumby and his pals had to face against. Most of the times, the Blockheads create mischief around the neighborhood, and they are usually foiled by Gumby.

    I like the early cartoons of Gumby better because it was very original. Gumby used to has red eyes until he was given black pupils. No matter how old I am becoming, I'll always like Gumby.
  • I wish a station would show Gumby re-runs

    'The Gumby Show' is a classic.

    I use to watch Gumby and his little clay friends everyday when I was a youngster. My parents even said they watched Gumby. Gumby is an awesome show for kids. I love Gumby and his little red horse, I still love it! I am constantly trying to find items that are of the Gumby 'nature'. I even have a little Gumby action figure. Gumby is show for every generation! I would love to see re-runs of Gumby on t.v. any station. It would bring back so many good memories of my childhood! I love gumby!

  • Original - Classic Gumby!

    When I think about this show now I can't stop laughing, it makes me wonder how I could have loved this when I was a kid.

    It was so incredibly corny! I saw pokey make a joke once that was very predictable and everyone cracked up with laughter - especially Gumby.

    It made me think that these characters were completely disturbed. I think the idea of Gumby and his gang being able to go into books and other dimensions really appealed to me and just the sight of the show is what I found so entertaining. The plot didn't even matter!
  • Amazing.

    Gumby was my favorite show on Cartoon Network back in the old days. It is no longer aired due to it being the future and all that. But, i still appreciate it for the action and humor that was loved by many. It is always a shame to see the classics go away.
  • My Favorite Clay Boy

    Gumby is one of my favorite childhood TV series ever. I really love to watch Gumby and his pals go through many experiences. He can walk through books like a ghost, skate on one foot, and rejuvenate himself every time he gets knocked down. Art Clokey has created the best clay animation ever.
  • The original.

    Gumby was a green clay figurine inspired by the talented mind of his creator Art Clokey.Gumby has always been a classic since he first took part of his own television short show on a classic kids show entilted Howdy Doody.When Gumby came out it was a huge craze and an excellent show being for the fact that clay stop motion animation wasn't really very popular.Gumby the original clay man.