The Gumby Show

Season 1 Episode 18

Ricochet Pete / Northland Follies / The Small Planets

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Jul 13, 1957 on NBC
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Ricochet Pete / Northland Follies / The Small Planets
Ricochet Pete: Gumby's the sheriff of an old west town. One day, the dangerous Ricochet Pete comes into town, firing his gun at anything with volume or mass, like Gumby's hat. Gumby nonchalantly orders him out of town, but Pete has a better idea. They'll go to a nearby valley and see who can be the first to scare the other person, and the loser leaves town. Since Pete is in no position to be making demands, Gumby accepts. Pete scares him off with some cheap Indian puppets, and Pokey scares Pete off with a rubber spider. It's sort of a draw, so Pete is merely sentenced to perform violent puppet shows. Northland Follies: Gumby and Pokey stow away in a box, thinking it's on its way to Hawaii. Surprise! They're dropped right on top of an igloo in the middle of Alaska. Unfortunately, the igloo belongs to a walrus and something that looks like Roger painted yellow. The fourth wall takes a bit of a beating when the now-homeless animals recognize Gumby and Pokey as television celebrities, but they still insist that Gumby and Pokey rebuild the igloo they indirectly ruined. We learn that Alaska is five hundred years behind in its news due to the fact that each year is one day up there, the igloo is rebuilt, and they celebrate with chocolate clam-dandy (chocolate sundaes served on clam shells). Their celebration is cut short when another box starts falling out of the sky, bent on destroying the new igloo, and Gumby and Pokey book it, lest they get asked to rebuild it again. The Small Planets: Gumby is sick of doing their chores, so he decides to run away from home. Running away from home means hopping in a space ship and colonizing a small planet. Pokey searched high and low for his friend, until he stumbled upon a book that states “The Small Planets”. Gumby recruits him to be a part of his adventure. Unfortunately, it seems all the good planets have been taken by previous run-aways. The first planet, Mars, has been turned into a giant railroad set by a spoiled little boy who won't share his planet with Gumby or Pokey. They're scared off the second planet by a little girl wearing various dinosaur costumes and who wonders why people won't stay and play with her. The third planet seems perfect, until they stumble upon a werewolf child who's terribly sensitive about people interrupting his piano recitals. Gumby and Pokey return to a life of servitude on Earth with bleak resolve.moreless

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