The Gumby Show

Season 1 Episode 16

The Glob / Chicken Feed / Hidden Valley

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Jun 29, 1957 on NBC
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The Glob / Chicken Feed / Hidden Valley
The Glob: Pokey delivers some ice cream to Gumby, who has taken up clay sculpting. Of course, in Gumbyland, clay is genetic material, and before Gumby can finish his sculpture, it turns into a living monster head and attacks. Gumby realizes that he created the monster, so it's his responsibility to run the heck away from it. He tries firing some ineffective toy rockets at it, but he eventually falls back on his running away strategy. The monster chases them to the old western town where Pokey grew up for a showdown with Marshall Dill Pickle. Dill's quick draw proves to be useless against the monster, and it swallows him whole. It spits him out a moment later, and he cries like a baby because it ate his ice cream cone. Seems the thing just has a sweet tooth, so Gumby and Pokey feed it some ice cream and befriend it long enough for the cartoon to end. Chicken Feed: The store was out of Gumby's favorite chicken feed, so he has to settle for the special radiation-enhanced chicken feed for Tilly. Unfortunately, he leaves Pokey in charge of feeding his chicken, and she over-doses, becoming ridiculously large. Fortunately, she doesn't instantly become horrible and destructive like most animals would in that situation, though her wandering around and laying giant eggs all over the place is hazardous enough to warrant a visit from the fire department and the vet. The vet gives Tilly some antidote and she returns to her normal, happy self. Unfortunately, Pokey tasted some of the chicken food, so the results are the same. Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley is the name of a place which no one has ever been to, no one has ever come from, and no one can locate. But we know it exists, because Gumby and Pokey are determined to find it by driving around the forest in their car. When their car overheats, they cool it off with water from a magic spring, which makes it fly to a place which, for the sake of argument, we'll call Hidden Valley. Gumby starts taking some pictures to prove that he's been to a place which has trees in it, while Pokey notices a dinosaur playing with their jeep. Gumby tries to ignore Pokey as he insists there's a dinosaur nearby, but it's kind of hard to ignore a dinosaur when he sets your jeep down in front of you and asks you to take his picture. Gumby gets some good shots of the dinosaur and his friends, but alas, their stay comes to a close when a predator shows up, tearing a wheel off the jeep as Gumby flies away. Gumby and Pokey bemoan the loss of the wheel.moreless

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