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The Gumby Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Toy Crazy / Toy Joy / Lion Around

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Apr 20, 1957 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Toy Crazy / Toy Joy / Lion Around
Toy Crazy: Our story opens with Gumby morphing himself in his sleep as he dreams of what he'll get for his birthday. He wakes to discover that his parents will let him have any one toy he wants from the toy store! And so, he and Pokey quest off to find a toy. Gumby falls in love with a toy train, but the train won't go without a fight. They trap the reluctant gift in the back of a toy ambulance, but it escapes when Gumby helps Pokey escape from a load of sand that accidentally gets dumped on him. Gumby returns home, dismayed that his present got away, but his father promises to get him a new one tomorrow.

Toy Joy: In this excerpt from Toy Crazy, Gumby wanders around the toy shop like a child with attention deficit disorder, playing with any given object for perhaps two seconds while Pokey struggles to catch up with him. Why? He's trying to pick out a birthday present. When Pokey finally catches him, he agrees to help pick something out. After trying a giant rocking horse that rocks just a bit too much, he drives around in a toy car and eventually settles for the model train.

Lion Around: Gumby and Pokey frolic merrily through the cardboard cut-out bushes, unaware that a lion has escaped from the zoo across the street! Gumbo sees the news on TV and, after watching TV a little more, he goes to make sure the kids are okay. Meanwhile, Gumby and Pokey have indeed stumbled upon the escaped lion and, after some initial apprehensiveness, they find out he's a pretty nice guy and decide to help him see the world. Gumbo gets caught in one of the zookeeper's lion traps while searching for Gumby. He's subsequently mistaken for a lion and put in a cage in the zoo. The lion gets tired of seeing the world, so Gumby and Pokey take him back to the zoo and release Gumby's father.moreless

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      • As of 2006, Toy Crazy and Toy Joy have been beautifully restored, complete with their original soundtracks, and have been seamlessly combined into one cartoon, keeping the title Rain Toy Crazy.

      • "Toy Crazy" and "Toy Joy" are both available on the "Christmas with Gumby" VHS and DVD from Goodtimes. The two cartoons have been merged into one, and all times when a character says "birthday" and the opening titles have been cut out. Also cut was a scene with Gumby trying out the accordion, preparing to climb the shelf, and Gumby blowing out his birthday candles. The original soundtracks to these cartoons is intact on this DVD, however.

      • "Toy Crazy" marks the first time Gumby cries.

      • The train in Toy Crazy/Toy Joy is an actual HO-scale model train, being pulled by an 0-4-0 PRR steam locomotive produced by HObbyline. The ambulance Gumby uses to try and take the train home is a Tonka Rescue Squad van with the official Civil Defense logos on it.

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