The Halls of Ivy

CBS (ended 1955)


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  • An excellent series that was too smart for television.

    I've seen a grand total of one episode of this series in my lifetime, on a DVD that included episodes of two other classic series from that era. It should be shown in syndication, but I don't know if it ever has been. It was a bit high-brow for some viewers, which is why it didn't last long on television, although it did well as a radio series in the early 1950s with the same cast, at least Ronald Colman and the charming Benita Hume. They were husband and wife both on and off screen. Colman's character, Doctor William Todhunter Hall, was president of Ivy College, a small midwestern college, and Hume starred as his wife, Victoria, a former musical comedy star in her native Great Brirain. She often got involved in her husband's situations at the college. It was considered a sitcom, but was ahead of its time in that it dealt with serious topics, such as racial prejudice. I've heard several episodes on MP3, and many of these episodes were later adapted to the TV series. If it was too smart for TV audiences in the 50s, there is probably no chance for exposure to a wide audience now, considering the low standards of today's audiences, but I can hope.
  • Ivy College president Dr. William Todhunter Hall (Ronald Colman) and his charming wife Victoria (Benita Colman)-- known as Toddy and Vicky to each other -- use intelligence, humanity, and wit to deal with and solve the various problems brought to them by

    Broadcast History: CBS premiere: October 19, 1954 for a one-season run of 39 episodes, 20 of them without a laugh track as a commercial compromise. The final episode, a rerun, aired October 13, 1955. The series was briefly syndicated in the late 1950s and late 1960s. In Los Angeles, it aired on KWHY Channel 22 from 1966-67. 37 episodes were rewrites of episodes of the radio series, 2 episodes were original scripts.

    First season: Friday at 8 EST, 8:30 PST till May 5, 1950. Then Wednesday at 8 EST, 6 PST starting May 10, 1950.
    Second season: Wednesday at 8 EST, 6:30 PST.
    Third season: Wednesday at 8 EST, 7 PST. Time change to 6L30 PST starting February 6, 1952.

    Syndication source: ITC, Domestic Sales Dept., 12711 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. 818-760-2110.

    [As of 1997] Because no TV station in the U.S. has asked to lease this series since 1967, the prints on hand have not been transferred to tape. They are strewn over several ITC warehouses in London, according to Valerie Bisson-Goldberg of ITC.

    The rating of 10 is based on listening to the soundtracks of ten of the television episodes and to 81 existing episodes of the radio series.

    This series should be recovered from those scattered warehouses in London and made available on DVD, before the existing prints are irretrievably lost or damaged.